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The best countries to travel to each month – from January to December

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Where are you going in February? And what about in November? You will get the answer to that here.
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The best countries to travel to each month – from January to December is written by Anna Christensen.

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Where are you traveling to?

Where to travel to be sure of sun in February? How do you avoid ending up in the middle of the rainy season at your dream destination? And when is the best time to experience the wild natural phenomena around the world?

We have put together a guide that helps you get a handle on rainy seasons, sun and winter. When to experience the northern lights, tulip festivals and lavender fields.

You will find answers to that and much more here, where we guide you to the best countries to travel to in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December respectively.

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The best countries to travel to in January

The first month of the year can either offer biting cold or scorching heat, depending on which direction you choose to point the compass in. Below you will find a bit of both when we give our take on the best countries to travel to in January:


If ski slopes and the northern lights are high on your list of things you would happily travel for, then there is probably no more obvious country to travel to in January than Norway. You can get both and much more in the neighboring country to the north.

Norway offers some of Europe's most popular ski areas for skiers of all ages. If nature's most spectacular light show northern Light – or 'aurora borealis' – is on the list of things you just have to experience, then January is also the perfect month for it.


We go from one extreme to the other, both in terms of the January temperature and the distance from it Denmark. Since the 'Land Down Under' is on the other side of the globe compared to little Denmark - and yes, little is the right word to use here, since Australia is 180 times larger – they have summer when we have winter.

It is absolutely perfect if you are getting a little tired of the cold and darkness in January.

Australia is a huge country, and there is therefore also a great deal to see and experience. You can, for example snorkel or dive by the iconic Great Barrier Reef, go on an adventure at Uluru, which is the very symbol of the Australian wilderness – or 'outback' as it is called locally.

Sydney is almost inevitable. Here, of course, you must see the iconic opera house, which was designed by the Danish architect Jørn Utzon. There are also very good opportunities for a car holiday or an active holiday in the huge country - you may even be lucky enough to come across a kangaroo. In fact, it is hard to avoid.

South Africa

Another hot January destination is South Africa. If it's not northern lights, but the big five, which is at the top of the 'bucket list', South Africa is an obvious choice in January. January and February are the least rainy months in Cape Town in southwestern South Africa, and at the same time the country also experiences the warmest temperatures.

You will find some of the world's best safari sites in South Africa, among other things, the world-renowned Kruger National Park, which is the national park that has the greatest variety of large mammals in Africa.

Here in the north-eastern part of the country, there is more rain in January than in Cape Town, but this also means fewer visitors and better temperatures, so it is definitely a good reason to visit the safari park. You can also easily combine South Africa with Swaziland/eSwatini, Namibia or one of the other neighboring countries.

There are also many other good countries to travel to in January, e.g Uganda, Laos. og Cape Verde, if you miss warmth and sun. It is also an obvious time to go to the wildest destination – Antarctica.

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The best countries to travel to in February

For many, February is synonymous with winter holidays, and fortunately there are many wonderful places to travel to, regardless of whether you want to ski or sunbathe. Here are our suggestions for the best countries to travel to in February:


Most Danes probably think of skiing when you say Austria, and there is a very good reason for that. Because although Austria is also fantastic and somewhat overlooked in the summer, the country has some of Europe's best ski areas.

If the winter holiday is all about skiing, then there are plenty of options to choose from in Austria. Let the trip go SalzburgerLand or Brixental, if you are going on family skiing holiday. If you are instead looking for top-class après-ski, go for it Arlberg. If you dream of a more relaxing skiing holiday, combine the trip with wellness i Bad Gastein. We can safely say that there is something for all ages, needs and levels in Austria when it comes to fun in the snow.


In recent years, a fairly certain winner has crept into the list of Danes' favorite winter holiday destinations - namely Thailand. With guaranteed heat, some of the world's best beaches and food and scenery that gets your heart beating a little faster, it's no surprise that Thailand is a popular winter travel destination.

With average temperatures of around 30 degrees and bounty beaches og lush islands, which looks like something out of a movie, Thailand is an obvious choice in February. It is also the month of the whole year when the country experiences the least rainfall.

However, Thailand is much more than a beach holiday. There is also plenty of opportunity to trek in the jungle, dive and snorkel, see temples and go exploring in big cities, that takes your breath away - yes, it's going fast Bangkok.

New Zealand

It's hard to say what the best part is New Zealand is, because the country contains such a great diversity in terms of nature and experiences. The nature experiences are really lined up from the desert and volcanoes on The North Island to glaciers and waterfalls on The South Island.

New Zealand is also a perfect destination for those who like to feel the adrenaline pumping. The town of Queenstown on the South Island in particular is known for attracting adrenaline-seeking guests. Here you can both bungy-jump, parachute and river rafting.

New Zealand's climate is somewhat milder than that of neighboring Australia, and therefore it is also best to visit New Zealand, when they have summer. February is the hottest month of the year with an average temperature of 23 degrees. These are perfect conditions for a car holiday around this beautiful country, which is often mentioned as one of the world's best travel countries.

There are also many other good countries to travel to in February, e.g Brazil and whole Caribbean is also obvious there. If you dream of sun and warmth, but would like to stay in Europe, then the Algarve is in the south Portugal og The Canary Islands good possibilities. If you want to get down to gear in luxurious surroundings, February is also the perfect month to visit Maldives. Finland is also obvious if you dream of the northern lights and dog sledding.

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The best countries to travel to in March

Cherry trees, clover and huge ruins - yes, March can have a bit of everything if you know where to travel to. Therefore, here are our suggestions for the best countries to travel to in March:


Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you are walking through a sea of ​​pink clouds floating elegantly around you. This is how you can quickly feel it when you walk through Japan's thousands of cherry trees. If you ever dreamed of walking through the clouds as a child, this might be the closest you'll get.

Sakura, which means cherry blossom in Japanese, is celebrated in Japan at the end of March and the beginning of April. It is a natural experience beyond the ordinary when the beautiful flowers bathe the land in gentle shades of color. It's one of those attractions in Japan, you just have to experience it.

Japan is home to over a hundred varieties of cherry trees, both wild and planted, so there is ample opportunity to experience the breathtaking phenomenon if you travel to Japan in March or April. And of course it is obvious to combine the trip with a few days in Japan's wild capital Tokyo.


Ireland with its breathtaking hill landscapes, 3000 kilometers of coastline and unique dramatic landscapes is a land shrouded in mystery. However, it is not the country's magnificent nature that should draw you to Ireland in March. If it's nature you're after, wait visit Ireland until July, when the otherwise changing weather is somewhat more tolerable.

If, on the other hand, you want to Ireland to experience the country's unique culture, and the at least equally famous – or perhaps rather infamous – pubs, you must go to the green island in March. Here you get a unique opportunity to experience the country's national day, Saint Patrick's Day, which is celebrated on 17 March.

The day is celebrated with parades, green clothes, music and not least beer. Ireland's capital Dublin is a perfect place to experience this day. If you go and sigh after craic and a Guinness, there is no doubt where the journey will go in March.


Mexico is a country that has a bit of everything. Exciting history, beautiful beaches, wild nature and good food. If you are looking for a travel destination in March that has both heat, surfing, beautiful beaches and exciting historical experiences, are Mexico an obvious choice.

March is the perfect month for a visit. It gives you the opportunity to see the mayan ruins, before the rain comes and at the same time escape the cold here at home with one of Mexico's lovely beaches.

There are also many other good countries to travel to in March, e.g Panama and the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard. It is also obvious to go to The South Island of New Zealand og Myanmar. If you want to ski is Canada og Austria obvious destinations in March.

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The best countries to travel to in April

Whether you're into sun or flowers, you can get it in April, depending on where the flight goes. This spring month is also suitable for hiking before the summer heat really hits Europe.

Here are our suggestions for the best countries to travel to in April:


If Cuba is on your wish list of travel destinations, you won't find a much better time to visit the colorful country than in April. This month the weather is still great with very warm temperatures and few rainy days. In return, you avoid the largest tourist crowds, which visiting Cuba in the high season from December to March.

If you're looking for a place where the music is seductive, the dancing is wild, and the rum flows in long lanes, there's no doubt where to go in April. However, Cuba is also suitable for a family holiday, and the beautiful island can easily do so experienced at the height of children without rum and cigars.


In April, the sun really starts to gain strength Europe, and you don't have to travel to the other side of the world for a happy reunion with the heat. Although the temperature hasn't quite reached the ringing mark yet, the weather is still good in several places Spain in e.g Málaga or Gran Canaria. And then there are far fewer people than when the tourist season really begins.

April is also an obvious time to hike Camino, before the high season starts in May. The weather is pleasant and you can walk the well-known pilgrimage route in peace without a multitude of people around you. If you really want to let the spiritual peace descend upon you on the Camino, April is therefore the obvious choice.

The Netherlands

Now, earlier we mentioned the beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan in March. But if you love flowers, you don't actually have to travel that far to experience a floral phenomenon that will take your breath away.

In fact, you don't have to go any further than to The Netherlands. Here they celebrate the country's national flower, the tulip, every year in April. The history of the flower in the country goes back hundreds of years and has throughout time been associated with status and wealth. That is why you will also find a multitude of tulip fields in the Netherlands.

April is the obvious month to see Holland's national flower, as the tulip festival is held across the country this month.

There are also many other good countries to travel to in April, e.g Iran, Jordan og Samoa. It is also a good time to visit Nepal og Turkey.

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The best countries to travel to in May

Mild temperatures, lush landscapes and cultural festivals make May the ideal time to explore and experience new as well as classic destinations.

Here are our suggestions for the best countries to travel to in May:


Italy is one of the Danes' absolute favorite summer holiday destinations. And with good reason. Who wouldn't want to enjoy authentic Italian gelato in the southern sun or drink an Aperol while the sun goes down the Mediterranean ? Fortunately, you can also do it in the month of May. There you even avoid the many tourists and the extra high prices.

There are usually few rainy days and the weather is mild and warm. There are no better circumstances to enjoy everything that Italy has to offer.

Italy is a treasure trove of history and culture, and cities like Rome og Venice are obvious to visit in May. The summer months can be incredibly hot, so May is ideal for exploring some of the country's regions amazing cities. Alternatively, look at October.


Greece is at least as popular a summer destination as Italy. This means that the Greek islands are full to the brim during the summer holidays. So if you want to enjoy The beautiful islands of Greece, before all the tourists come, go to Greece in May.

Here you can take pictures of the unique houses on Santorini without thousands of people in the background, go exploring Athens or enjoy the breathtaking beaches on the small Greek islands almost entirely to yourself.

In May, you don't have to be on the beach at seven in the morning to secure a sunbed, and the temperatures are also a bit more tolerable compared to what they reach in July and especially in August.


China is a large country with very varied nature and climate, which means that it can be difficult to find the perfect month to visit the whole country. In the month of May, however, the weather is good in almost all of them regions of China. It is a perfect month to experience the country's spectacular nature and many attractions such as the Great Wall of China and the pandas in Sichuan.

May is also considered the best month for flowering meadows in Yunnan Province, which are covered by a carpet of flowers of all colors. However, it's worth noting that the first few days of May are public holidays in China, with millions of people traveling by train, bus and plane, so it's a good idea to plan outside of those days.

There are also many other good countries to travel to in May, e.g Georgia, Lithuania og Peru. May is also a good travel month if you want to hike Scotland, experience Reunion or Morocco.

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The best countries to travel to in June

June is a bit like the calm before the storm when it comes to summer holidays. In many places in Europe you will find nice weather, but fewer tourists. It is also an obvious month to experience beautiful nature in the northern part of the globe, before the weather gets too hot.

Therefore, here are our suggestions for the best countries to travel to in June:


There are many good reasons to attend France: Excellent food and wine, culture, idyllic landscapes and beautiful cities are just some of them. There are no fewer reasons if you visit France in June.

The sun is starting to take hold, making it a perfect time to experience the French Riviera and the azure Mediterranean coast – it's called the Cote d'Azur for a reason, after all – without too many tourists. But the big reason is that you can see the lavender fields in the month of June Southern France bloom in sparkling purple colors.

You can even schedule one drive yourself vacation down through France starting in romantic Paris and down through the great country until you come to Provence and the fragrant lavender fields. You can see the beautiful fields in several places, but Valensol is a good place to see lavender fields in June, before they are harvested later in the summer.


Croatia has become a popular destination after parts of the worldwide hit series Game of Thrones was recorded in the coastal city of Dubrovnik. The series has made many travelers open their eyes to the otherwise somewhat hidden gem.

Croatia has it all, whether you are a water dog, for culture or for an active holiday with hiking magnificent nature. It also means that cities like Split og Dubrovnik during the summer holidays, but if you go in June, you will avoid the biggest tourist crowds. Then you can have the azure sea and the cultural sights almost to yourself.


Canada is home to some of the world's most breathtaking and spectacular natural landscapes, and the month of June is the perfect month to experience them. It is before the high season sets in, and you can therefore enjoy the magnificent nature and the popular destinations such as Lake Louise, before too many tourists arrive.

In the month of June, all nature is in full bloom, and it is also an obvious time to see baby animals. There is ample opportunity to see bears – both large and small. June also offers many festivals in the giant country, including the Montreal Film Festival and the International Jazz Festival.

There are also many other good countries to travel to in June, e.g Germany, Albania og Kyrgyzstan. It is also obvious to travel to Borneo or Rwanda.

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The best countries to travel to in July

The month of July is the summer holiday month for many. It is both obvious to stay at home in Europe or travel out and experience the big world far from Denmark's borders. Fortunately, you can find good weather and great experiences in many places.

Therefore, here are our suggestions for the best countries to travel to in July:


Do you dream away to rice fields and 'buddha bowls' on Bali, then do it in the month of July. Indonesia has a rainy season in the Danish winter, so summer is the best time to visit the country. And there is plenty to experience, because Indonesia consists of more than 18.000 islands.

The most popular island among travelers is probably Bali, which offers both volcanoes, cascading waterfalls and a relaxed lifestyle. But you can also go to the Komodo Islands, where you can get up close to the large Komodo dragons, or experience bounty beaches on the Gili Islands.


If the month of July is to be launched with a bang in blue, red and white colours, then the journey must go to 'God's own country'. On the 4th of July, the Americans celebrate their Independence Day, and it does not go smoothly. The day marks the day USA officially became independent, and it is celebrated with parades, fireworks, and whatever else you can think of that is big and festive.

In addition, summer is also an obvious time to explore America's many national parks. Put on road trip through the USA, where nature experiences are lined up in national parks such as Yosemite og Death Valley.

to Iceland

If you're not looking for hot and scorching sun in the month of July, you are to Iceland the perfect destination. Summer is the hottest time in Iceland and therefore ideal for exploring the country's wild nature and the beautiful capital Reykjavik. Go exploring in The Golden Circle, which hides some of the volcano country's absolute greatest natural experiences.

Here you can see geysers, the national park Thingvellir – or Þingvellir in Icelandic – and narrow deep canyons. At this time of year, you can also experience the midnight sun, where the sun never sets.

Summer is also the best time for whale watching. So if an encounter with a blue whale is at the top of your dream list, go for it to Iceland in July.


Good outside, but best at home. It's nice out there in the world, but summer in Denmark can now also do something very special. For example, you can put on weight island hopping on some of Denmark's many islands, or how about that sleep somewhere that's a little out of the ordinary?

Yes, Denmark can do anything in the summer, and if the Danish holiday destinations are not enough, then fresh strawberries, new potatoes and the kilometer-long Danish beaches can perhaps make the summer perfect without having a trip abroad in the calendar.

There are also many other good countries to travel to in July, e.g Montenegro, Ireland the eastern part of Malaysia og Botswana. It is also an obvious time to travel to Italy or experience summer in Austria.

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The best countries to travel to in August

Regardless of whether your trip in August is to take place in Europe or overseas, there is plenty to experience. For example, you can go to the world's biggest cultural festival or watch hot air balloons cover the sky like a painting.

Here are our suggestions for the best countries to travel to in August:


If you have to safari for the first time, is Tanzania an obvious choice. The country offers unique nature experiences and wildlife that will take your breath away. IN Serengeti National Park you can, for example, experience the big five. August is perfect for safari in Tanzania, as the month is a good time to spot wildlife. And the weather is also lovely at this time of year.

If you dream of climbing Africa's highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, August is also an ideal month. Here you can watch the sun rise over Africa's highest point and the world's highest free-standing mountain with a rush in your stomach, while patting yourself on the back for the hardships you have gone through on your way up.

It is of course obvious to combine such an experience-packed trip with a few days in the exotic paradise Zanzibar, where you can relax on chalky white sandy beaches, jump in the azure sea and let the calm sink in.


If you are looking for something completely different, which most likely no one in your circle of friends has visited, then you should take a trip to Turkmenistan at the end of August.

Turkmenistan – which can perhaps be described as the world's strangest country – is not that easy to get into, but that only makes the experience that much wilder when it happens. In fact, Turkmenistan is one of the world's least visited countries with around 7000 visitors per year.

You can experience both the 'gate to hell', which is a burning gas crater in the middle of the desert, the city of world records Ashgabat, and a desert that most resembles no man's land.

Experiences unlike anything you've ever experienced before are guaranteed. August is an obvious month to visit the strange country, and here the end of August is clearly preferable because of the temperature.


If the Scottish Highlands call, answer its call this August. This is where the Highland Games - 'Highland Games' - are underway. It involves competitions such as log throwing, tug of war, dance competitions and bagpipe music. Here, the fascinating Scottish nature is combined with Scottish traditions that can be dated all the way back to the 1100th century.

When you've had enough of the Highlands' fresh air and tug-of-war, take a detour to the atmospheric old capital of Edinburgh, where Festival Fringe in August. It is the world's largest art festival, which extends over more than 20 days. The festival is not least known for its many comedy performances.

If you want the Highlands and Scotland's capital to yourself, you should probably not go to the land of the bagpipes in August. Here it is better to visit Scotland in May, where there are also perfect conditions for a hike.

There are also many other good countries to travel to in August, e.g Ghana, Madagascar og Finland. August is also the perfect month to visit Ecuador, to Iceland og Wales.

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The best countries to travel to in September

In September we enter the first autumn month. The heat has not yet let go of its hold throughout Europe, so the beach holiday can still be held close to Denmark. But if you are looking for adventure in a slightly different climate, then September is an obvious month to travel overseas.

Here are our suggestions for the best countries to travel to in September:


September is one of the driest months in Peru, and there are therefore perfect conditions if you want draw to iconic places like Machu Picchu. There are also far fewer people, as the summer holidays are over in many parts of the world. And then September is the best month to spot wildlife Amazon.

September is the end of the dry period in Peru and therefore many trekking routes are perfect at this time of year due to the low water level in the jungle.


Seychelles is a bit of a dream destination. The turquoise sea and the chalk-white sandy beaches evoke associations with paradise on earth, and there is no doubt that if you are looking for luxury, bounty beaches and relaxation, the Seychelles is a destination right by the book.

You can either take another trip one of the big islands or enjoy life in the shade of a palm tree on one of the smaller islands. With 115 islands, there is plenty to choose from.

If you are lucky enough to have to travel to the beautiful island kingdom, so let it be in September. This month offers pleasant temperatures and less wind, and then there is not so much precipitation. In short, it's the perfect month to spend lazy days in a hammock on the beautiful beaches and snorkel in the crystal clear waters.


Portugal is paradise for surfers in Europe, and in September the conditions are still fantastic - even if you just want to enjoy the kilometers of Portugal's beautiful coast without jumping on the surfboard.

The weather is still mild with an average temperature of a couple of twenty degrees, so you can easily go on a beach holiday. September is also ideal if you want to explore some of the Portugal beautiful cities like Lisbon or Porto, as there are fewer tourists and the temperatures are more pleasant.

There are also many other good countries to travel to in September, e.g Uzbekistan, Italy og Morocco. Other wonderful places to travel to in September are USA, Georgia og China.

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The best countries to travel to in October

October offers both beautiful autumn colors and fun autumn traditions. Here are our suggestions for the best countries to travel to in October:


Imagine thousands of hot air balloons in all the colors of the rainbow covering the sky like a colored carpet. You can experience that view if you pass by Cappadocia i Turkey in the month of October. The unique landscape of rock formations and caves create ideal conditions for hot air ballooning, and this spectacular sight attracts thousands of visitors annually, making Cappadocia one of the world's most popular hot air ballooning locations.

In addition to hot air balloons, the scenic area is i Turkey also known for its 5000-year cultural history and great hospitality. The wonderfully surreal landscape around Cappadocia also hides rock caves and rock churches that you can explore.


Can you say October without adding party? You probably can, but if the word Oktoberfest sneaks up on you this month, your thoughts will probably immediately turn to Germany and more precisely Munich.

Munich is world famous for its Oktoberfest Wiesn, which actually already starts in September. Every year, the southern German city is filled with frothy beer and brass bands when more than six million people make their way past the beer festival to drink more than seven million liters of beer.

The atmosphere is definitely at its best in the big beer tents, so if you want to spice up the autumn a bit, let the trip go to Munich in Germany.


Do you dream of exploring the enchanting island Madagascar, then October is the perfect month to explore the island's wild nature. The temperature is warm, and October is also the month with the least rainfall. The lush nature is also in full bloom after a rainy summer.

The sunny days and mild temperatures make it optimal for exploring Madagascar amazing national parks, beaches and cultural heritage. October is also the perfect month to spot Madagascar's unique animal species. For example, you can see lemurs, chameleons and countless bird species.

South Korea

If you love world-class food and nature on at least the same level, then let the trip go to South Korea in October. Here the country bursts into a cavalcade of breathtaking autumn colours, which stand in beautiful contrast to the country's colorful temples.

Imagine a billowing carpet of reds, yellows and oranges covering the landscape and knocking your legs away from under you. Perfect for the autumn holidays.

Autumn also offers drier and milder weather after the monsoon season in July and August. And October is also fantastic for exploring South Korea's capital Seoul, where the past and the future meet. The city offers a wealth of sights - and of course world-class food.

There are also many other good countries to travel to in October, e.g Malta, Namibia og Cyprus. It is also an ideal time to travel Slovakia, Vietnam or Spain.

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The best countries to travel to in November

November is both dark and cold here in Denmark. Go on an adventure far from the borders of Europe and get both warm and wild experiences home. Therefore, here are our suggestions for the best countries to travel to in November:


Argentina is a country that has it all. You can experience the wildest nature in Patagonia, visit the world's southernmost city Ushuaia and the world's largest penguin colony.

If you are not traveling for nature, but food and culture are Argentina also world-renowned for both food and wine. You can even end the dinner with an Argentinian tango. And of course the country has one football culture, which does not find its fair share in many places. In short, there really is something for everyone.

Argentina has summer when we have winter here at home, but if you don't need the summer heat, the big country is obvious to visit in November, when they have spring. At this time of year the weather is mild and with fewer tourists. Especially the capital Buenos Aires is beautiful in November, when the flowers burst out on the jacaranda trees. Alternatively, consider March.

Sri Lanka

Although the driest period in large parts of Sri Lanka only starts in December, then November is still an obvious month to visit the beautiful country. It is one of the months when there are the best opportunities to spot wildlife.

So if you dream of seeing wild elephants in Sri Lanka or other wild animals in the country's fantastic nature, then November is a perfect month to travel to beautiful Sri Lanka. The country is also lush after the monsoon season over the summer and the subsequent rainy season in the autumn.

Costa Rica

En travel to Costa Rica most reminiscent of a journey into a magical adventure in the deep jungle. Imagine lush nature and rare jungle wildlife that, with its special sounds, is completely unique and special.

If you want to experience beautiful Costa Rica from its most lush side, but still want to avoid too much rain, you should travel to the country in November. It is the end of the 'green season', as the rainy season is also called, before the drought begins in December.

This means that the rainy season just as quietly subsides in November, but the land is green and there is power on the waterfalls and rivers. In addition, the prices are lower and you don't have to share it with so many tourists.

It is also an obvious time to enjoy it Caribbean coast with kilometers of fantastic beaches where you can relax after the many adventure in Costa Rica jungle.

There are also many others good travel countries in autumn. For example, some of the best countries to travel to in November are Egypt, Australia og Oman. It is also a good time to visit Mauritius, as the temperatures are high and the rainy season has not really started yet. Other places where the weather is lovely at this time of year Mexico og Nepal. Thailand is also obvious just before the high season starts in December.

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The best countries to travel to in December

December brings Christmas and cold here in Europe. But if you miss the heat, you can also find it out in the world this month. Therefore, here are our suggestions for the best countries to travel to in December:


For many, December is synonymous with Christmas and coziness, and what better way to ring in Christmas than with some of them Europe's nicest Christmas markets?

If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit, don't cheat yourself for another trip Poland's most enchanting Christmas markets. Visiting one of Poland's Christmas markets is like stepping into a real Christmas adventure. You can even combine your Christmas adventure with an estimate spa experience, so you are ready for the busy Christmas season.


If you are getting tired of the cold and darkness, it may be that your trip in December will be far from Denmark. IN Vietnam you can both be refueled with sun, warmth, experiences and good food. And so December is a perfect month to visit Vietnam in, as the weather is generally good throughout the country.

However, Vietnam is a country with very varied nature and therefore also varying weather. It is therefore difficult to achieve perfect weather conditions throughout the country at the same time. However, December is a good bet. It's a good month to explore the country's beautiful nature, exciting culture, dramatic history, wonderful beaches and everything in between.


Why travel out into the big world in December when you can stay at home and experience real Danish Christmas cheer? If there is a time when the special Danish hygge really comes into its own, it must be in the last month of the year. Therefore is Denmark also one of the best countries to be in December.

Eat your fill of Christmas goodies while you enjoy them cozy Christmas markets around the country with those you care about. It doesn't get much more Christmassy than that. If you want to completely relax, you can also go on a nice one spa stay in Denmark, before Christmas really approaches.

There are also many other good countries to travel to in December, e.g Germany, Cambodia og Chile. It is also a good time to visit Laos. or Finland.

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The best countries to travel to - month by month

No matter what month you travel, the world is full of amazing destinations waiting to be explored. From the sun-drenched beaches and beautiful nature experiences to skiing and the northern lights. So whether a month is good to travel in naturally mostly depends on, what you are looking for.

As the calendar changes, the world opens its doors to countless unique experiences. Take this guide in hand when you plan your next trip and go on an adventure.

Really good trip out into the world!

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