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Holidays in Europe: 15 overlooked travel destinations

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Europe is full of known places - but also full of unknown. Join 15 of the best overlooked destinations in Europe.
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Holidays in Europe: 15 overlooked destinations is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs.

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Holidays in Europe: Few visitors, great experiences

There are a lot of people who take to Paris, Mallorca or Barcelona, and although they are cool destinations, there are also many overlooked ones travel destinations i Europe.

A number of travel bloggers across Europe have been asked, and here is their overall take on 15 travel destinations in Europe where there are relatively few visitors and many great experiences.

Read along and be inspired for your next holiday in Europe.

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Asturias - covadonga monastery - holiday in Europe

Asturias – beautiful nature and fantastic hiking

Asturias offers unspoiled beaches with clear water, fantastic hiking routes in beautiful surroundings, delicious food and lots of culture. It is undoubtedly number 1 on the list.

While there, definitely visit the Covadonga Monastery, which also serves as the entrance to the Picos de Europa National Park.

Because Asturias is an overlooked tourist destination in the north Spain, the prices are affordable.

Malta - Mdina

Mdina, Zebbug and the most overlooked travel destination in Europe

Though Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world, it has a lot to offer and tons of attractions. The small country is just south of Sicily and benefit from the same fantastic climate.

In Malta, you will find everything from turquoise lagoons and spectacular cliffs to cultural medieval towns that bear the stamp of the Arab period.

Mdina boasts stunning baroque architecture, historic sites and various palaces, while the town of Zebbug is known for its 'festas' – meaning feasts. The festivities last 3 or more days and have thousands of visitors.

Malta has also previously been named the most overlooked travel destination in Europe by Lonely Planet.

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Austria - Hallstatt lake - holiday in Europe

Head to Lake Hallstatt and experience true idyll on your holiday in Europe

The idyllic lake Hallstatt is tucked away in the heart of the charming Salzkammergut region in the north Austria close Salzburg. It is without a doubt one of the most breathtaking alpine lakes in the country.

In addition to the beautiful surroundings, the area has a lot to offer in terms of activities and sports, regardless of whether you visit Hallstatt in the winter or summer period.

The area is fantastic for both a winter holiday or a summer holiday in central Europe. Take the tram to the dramatic Mammoth cave at Obertraun or the equally impressive ice caves of the Dachstein.

You can also take the train through the mountains and visit the historic salt mines and have a delicious lunch made with ingredients from the local area. Heavenly beautiful.

Hallstatt is no longer as overlooked as it used to be, so plan your visit well in advance.

The Azores - take a holiday in the far reaches of Europe and visit the Atlantichavets Hawaii

Azores is an independent region in Portugal, and consists of 9 islands in the Atlantichavet. The Azores are still fairly untouched by mass tourism, although you can easily get there.

The Azores offer volcanoes, waterfalls and picturesque fishing villages, and the landscape of this paradise is generally deeply fascinating.

The islands are often described as 'Atlanteshavets Hawaii', and is home to Ponta do Pico, which is the highest mountain in Portugal.

If your holiday in Europe goes to Portugal, the Azores are a great bid for a destination.

montenegro - perast - holiday in europe

Perast – Venetian architecture and crystal clear water on a budget

Montenegro is every budget traveler's dream because you can get an extravagant travel experience for a reasonable price.

The cozy and beautiful town of Perast is still relatively untouched by mass tourism, and the town is adorned with picture-perfect Venetian architecture and crystal clear water.

You can also go on an excursion to the Adriatichavets only artificial island, 'Our Lady of the Rocks' – Gospa od Škrpjela in Montenegrin – and the island of St. George/Sveti Đorđe.

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Czech Republic - Lednice castle - holiday in Europe

Lednice-Valtice: World Heritage and a huge garden

The Czech region Lednice-Valtice is close to the border with Austria and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It can best be described as a 200 square kilometer garden. It is Europe's largest man-made natural area and home to Lednice Castle; a very tall mansion that looks like something out of a fairy tale.

The building has a fascinating history. It was originally a Renaissance villa and has been extended many times and most recently in the Neo-Gothic style. There is everything from the ruins of a medieval castle to a 60 meter high minaret that you can climb up.

You can also take a boat trip on the river and be lucky to spot waders.

Croatia - Pag - Travel - holiday in Europe

Pag – fill your holiday in Southern Europe with local wine and goat cheese

Pag is an island in the south Croatia, and with its beautiful surroundings it is one of the most dramatic and unique places on the Adriatichavet.

Among other things, local wines and goat cheese are produced on the island, which are affordable, and the residents of the island warmly welcome visitors.

Here you can enjoy your holiday in Europe in peace and content.

Estonia - Øsel - holiday in Europe

Esel in Estonia: Meteors, myths and medieval castle

Saaremaa – with the Danish name Øsel – is Estonia's largest island located in the Baltic Sea.

The island is home to the fascinating Kaali Craters; a series of nine large craters, the result of a meteor impact 3500 years ago.

The largest crater today is the unique green-toned Lake Kaali; in fact, the locals consider the lake sacred, and many myths and legends still exist in the area.

The island's only town, Kuressaare, is located on the Gulf of Riga, where you can find the beautiful medieval castle, which also houses the local museum of Saaremaa.

Greece - Pelion - holiday in Europe

Volos and Pelion in Greece – follow in Mamma Mia's footsteps

With its location in Thessaly halfway between Athens and Thessaloniki on Greece east coast, Volos is a treasure trove of archaeological sites, bars and great places to eat when on holiday in Europe. There are also idyllic beaches with turquoise water on one side and Mount Pelion on the other.

The harbor town of Damouchari was the setting for the well-known film Mamma Mia, and the dramatic landscape in it Volos and Pelion- the region offers visitors an opportunity to escape mass tourism.


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7: Gourmet at an altitude of 3,000 meters at the Ice Q restaurant in Tyrol
6: Eat cheese on the cheese street in Bregenzerwald near Vorarlberg
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Slovenia - Velika Planina - Travel - holiday in Europe

Velika Planina - one of the oldest tribal villages in Europe

Though Slovenia is a small country, it is densely packed with beautiful places to visit.

In Velika Planina you will find mountain meadows only an hour from the capital Ljubljana. Here lies one of the oldest preserved tribal villages in Europe, and it looks like something from The Lord of the Rings.

Just south of it lies the Kamnik Alpe, where over 60 festivals are held a year, including sports events, flower shows and a beauty contest, where the national costumes from all over Slovenia is displayed.

Poland - Kashubia

Kashubia - Stonehenge in Polish

Kashubia is a beautiful region in the north Poland close to the big city Gdansk.

The region has several small traditional villages and, not least, stone circles known as the Polish Stonehenge. They are sacred ancient sites for religious rituals and burial grounds.

They were also used as an astronomical calendar sometime between the first and third centuries, and some believe they have healing powers. One must see on your holiday in Europe.

The nearby Lake Wdzydze is a paradise for water sports and outdoor activities, and prices for both food and accommodation are still reasonably low compared to other travel destinations in Europe.

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Europe Holland - Fortress - Naarden Travels

Naarden – a star-shaped fortress near Amsterdam

Naarden i The Netherlands is a remarkable star-shaped fortress town from the 16th century and it is only 30 kilometers from Amsterdam. It is the only fortress in Europe with double walls and moats.

The town has many cozy houses and is generally a really charming town to visit and explore.

You can, for example, walk along the fortresses, or take a boat trip around the moat. With a lot of historic architecture, large churches and exciting museums, Naarden is an obvious place to explore for anyone visiting the province of North Holland.

Europe Latvia Domesnæs Travel

Domesnæs: Soviet military base and Latvia's answer to Skagen

Domesnæs i Latvia is located right where the Gulf of Riga and The Baltic Sea meet in the national park Slitere – a perfect place for an outdoor holiday in Europe.

The headland is home to a fascinating natural phenomenon: it is where the two seas meet, and therefore fantastic patterns are formed when the different colored currents gather and intertwine; somewhat in the style of Skagen.

Domesnæs was a military base in the Soviet Union, and the area has therefore not been accessible to the public for decades. It has therefore not yet been discovered by the masses. This makes Domesnæs a quiet and unspoiled place with relatively low prices.

Europe Romania Flamingo Danube

Danube Delta: Local guesthouses and luxury spa hotels

The Danube is Europe's second largest river, and it divides into countless channels that run through forest, marshland and sandbanks in the delta. The area became a national park in 1938 and is home to a lot of different plants, birds and freshwater fish.

Part of the delta is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the many different and affordable accommodation options you will find here; ranging from luxurious spa hotels to cozy small guesthouses.

Romania is also an exciting country that offers many cheap experiences.

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Europe Hungary - Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton – a definite must see on your holiday in Europe

Balaton-felvidéki National Park is located just a few kilometers north of Central Europe's largest freshwater lake, Lake Balaton.

It is Hungary answer to Provence or Toscana.

It is an area with breathtaking views, underground lakes, ancient small villages with small white houses and a wealth of wonderful places to spend the night.

As such, Lake Balaton is a well-known tourist area, but it is also large and there is plenty of space around it, so you can easily find a peaceful corner in this area.

The Faroe Islands - Grønt Bjerg, travel destinations europe - travel

Travel destinations in Europe: Large, diverse and absolutely fantastic

It was a list of the 15 perhaps most overlooked travel destinations in Europe, but there are also really many other amazing places in Europe, which is just waiting to be visited.

If, for example, you have not yet been in Resins or Faroe Islands, you have great nature experiences to enjoy, and it's easy and cheap to get there.

So you can have some incredible experiences on a budget if you go on holiday to one of these overlooked travel destinations.

Good trip to the overlooked places in Europe.

Translated travel destinations in Europe:

  • Asturias
  • Malta
  • Hallstatt Lake
  • Azores
  • Perast
  • Lednice-Valtice
  • Pag
  • Saaremaa
  • Volos
  • Velika Planina
  • Kashubia
  • Naarden
  • Domesnæs
  • Danube Delta
  • Lake Balaton

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7: Nice in France – 342 hours/month
6: Valencia in Spain – 343 hours/month
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