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Berlin: From Radio Tower to Friedrichshain along the River Spree

Berlin is full of cool cafes, atmospheric bars and cool places to hang out. Here are some of the best.
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Berlin: From Radio Tower to Friedrichshain along the River Spree is written by Ulrik Kristiansen.

Exotic atmosphere in Friedrichshain along the river Spree

When you pass the last remnants of the Berlin Wall, which forms the world's longest outdoor gallery - the 1,3 km long East Side Gallery - it becomes interesting here.

The beach bar YAAM is Berlin's first beach bar. Beach bar in the sense that you can see the water and feel the sand; the swim you have to think about. It is a Caribbean / African-inspired rastafari bar with music, food and drink. A large area with sun loungers and a fairly small bar. On Sunday, here is the Young African Art Market, which in abbreviated form is called YAAM.

YAAM is really nice in the afternoon sun and super cool in the evening.

Holzmarkt - homemade community in the middle of Berlin

If you continue a few hundred meters further, you will encounter recent shots on the trunk; the Holzmarkt cooperative, which offers urban creativity and community in the middle of the city.

The area is built as a village with various projects and companies within art, culture, restaurant, food - and there is even a kindergarten.

Holzmarkt buzzes all day

It is urban farming, live music - local bands are offered facilities to record live performances - beach bar, cafes, bakery, performances and training of artists, yoga, language courses and dance lessons. 

Down to the river there is even the opportunity to see beavers in their natural surroundings. In the evening there are campfires, outdoor bars and not least the unforgettable gourmet restaurant Katerschmaus.

Urban Nation in Schöneberg - experience Berlin's own art form street art

The Urban Contemporary Art Museum was to be the world's first street art-museum. The museum is sponsored by Berlin's largest non-profit housing association and displays a fantastic collection of street art.

That street art should not just be tried closed inside a museum, Urban Nation clearly shows by also showing the way to where in the city you can also see the real urban street art. Urban Nation opened in the fall of 2017, and there is free admission to the exhibition of the more than 150 international works of art.

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Klunkerkranich in Neukölln

The word of mouth Klunkercranich is German for 'wartetrane'. A not very old, but somewhat tired-looking shop arcade in the Neukölln district has got a city garden on the parking deck on the roof. From this roof terrace there are great views of Berlin.

A Klunkerkranich lives in green surroundings, and here it has 'built a nest' with a sustainable city garden on the roof with an organic café and a really cool atmosphere with a bar and music in the evening.

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Potsdamer Strasse in Schöneberg

Postdamer Strasse just south of Potsdamer Platz has long looked very worn. But suddenly here is renovation underway; in backyards and towards the street, fine galleries, expensive shops, wine and cocktail bars pop up.

This is where Danish Sticks'n'Sushi and Hotel Lulu Guldsmeden have chosen to place themselves. Postdamer Platz is one of the explanations, and another is probably the large concentration of newly built luxury apartments in the streets down to Gleisdreieckpark and the resulting purchasing power.

Potsdamer Strasse is turning from a dubious street into a main street.

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Gleisdreieckpark between Schöneberg and Kreuzberg

On the old railway terrain, freight traffic has been replaced by a park with a skating rink, training facilities and green planting. A true metropolitan oasis.

Two railway lines cross here, and the site was once reserved for train traffic. Now it has been transformed into a park that combines historical heritage with modern design and culture.

In this metropolitan oasis you will find both art installations, sports facilities, cafes and playgrounds. You can also enjoy the tranquility and relax by the lakes after a day of city walking.

On the Kreuzberg side of the park is the BRLO Brewhouse, which is temporarily - but at the same time very stylish - built in shipping containers. A fantastic restaurant with its own craft beers. BRLO is a local beer brand, which is “Handcrafted with Berlin Love”.

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Markthalle - the market halls in Berlin

I really like to experience Berlin through the city's many street foodmarkets. Here is atmosphere and sometimes entertainment, and I get both curiosity and delicious hunger. That's why I like to visit Berlin's Market Hall in Kreuzberg and Moabit.

The halls are from the end of the 1800th century, and the old halls exude atmosphere and nostalgia. Especially the monthly 'Breakfast & Vinyl' record market in Markthalle Neun can be recommended.

The historic Markethalle Neun is a meeting point for both locals and tourists and offers many gastronomic experiences. Here you will find both local produce, food stalls and a host of exciting events.

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Brunch boat trip through Berlin on the Spree

Sit back and enjoy a three-hour cruise around central Berlin while having plenty of time to enjoy brunch on board. Here is no guide talking, here no one is disturbing. Enjoy Berlin from the water side - it's actually a really nice experience. And the brunch is really good.

The trip goes along the Landwehrkanal through the Kreuzberg, Schöneberg, Tiergarten and Charlottenburg and out into the river Spree through the Mitte and along the Friedrichshain return to the Kreuzberg. Along the way, various locks are passed and there are nice views to many of the city's sights. A relaxing way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Berlin is a city full of contrasts, history and creativity. With its diversity, many experiences and attractions, Berlin offers a journey through history to modern innovation.

Explore museums, enjoy gastronomic delights, feel the pulse of the city's nightlife and discover some of Berlin's different experiences. There is plenty to see - and something for everyone.

Let yourself be seduced by Berlin's unique atmosphere while exploring historical monuments or enjoying the tranquility of one of the innovative urban oases.

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Have fun in Berlin!

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You must see this on your trip to Berlin

  • Visit Berlin's first beach bar Strandbaren YAAM
  • Make your way past the Urban Contemporary Art Museum, said to be the world's first street art-museum
  • Markthalle – One of Berlin's cool street-food markets
  • Take a Brunch cruise through Berlin
  • Go exploring in the big city oasis Gleisdreieckpark

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