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RejsRejsRejs er Denmark's largest travel magazine and an active travel community. We are based in the heart of Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, and we sit in a vibrant office community.

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Every month around 150.000 travel-loving people read along. We have more than 70.000 followers on social media, including 30.000 active members in our travel community.

Our 12 channels include, the newsletter, 8 social media and 2 apps as well as a high visibility on Google. Read more about RejsRejsRejs as media here.

We have one total range of over 3 million / month across all channels and Google.


We have worked together with RejsRejsRejs since 2018 to market our unique trips, and we have always had a good and constructive collaboration.

Trine Boesen
SEO & Content Specialist

The newsletter is sent out several times a month. See our data policy here.


RejsRejsRejs has been the voice of Thailand, spreading the word within their highly engaging travel community. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with them, as they are great at driving the traffic and converting readers into loyal customers.

Kantara S. Olofsson
Public relations & Communication Coordinator
Tourism Authority of Thailand


With Panorama Travel We are happy to cooperate with RejsRejsRejs, which allows us to reach a wider audience. The agreement is flexible and budget-friendly, and communication and execution have been effective throughout.

Soren Bonde
Panorama Travel

We want to make a difference - also for you is set in the world to collaborate. Our purpose is to spread the joy of travel and the desire to travel, and we make it easy for our readers to get on well - no matter where and how they want to travel. 

By cooperating with us, you can therefore gain direct and reliable access to an attractive target group that is often in the decision-making phase.

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We want to set a high standard for advertising and commercial cooperation. We really want to collaborate with partners who have something on their minds and who have a product that appeals to our readers.

We work based on some high quality requirements, which in practice differentiate us from other travel media.

In our travel magazine, you will only find quality content written by real people, which also strengthens your messages, products and campaigns.

We are happy to provide a guarantee for the range, and can – not least – document this range. Our range of channels means that we can always find a combination that can deliver what you focus on.

See our core products further down.

Because our readers have sought out our travel knowledge themselves and are often in the planning process, you are the readers you reach via RejsRejsRejs significantly more relevant than those that can be reached, for example, with general ads on social media.


I have always been greeted by a competent team who are passionate about communicating and who show great flexibility and professionalism in our multi-year collaboration. Looking forward to a continued good partnership.

Anders Stilling Olesen
Marketing Manager
Austrian Tourist Office


We are very happy about collaborating with The magazine gave a great contribution in order to promote the province of Brescia, Lake Idro and Sabbia Valley to their Danish audience.

Chiara Ceresoli
Destination Marketing Manager
Visit Brescia

Our core products

We have four core products: Articles, travel marketing, promotions and partnership agreements.

Find our media kit here

The opportunities for collaboration are many, and we are always open to the suggestions of our partners.

As you know, the travel industry is a fickle world, and we are very aware of that.

Thanks to our flexible set-up, we can quickly incorporate special requests from partners who, for example, need changed or nuanced information about destinations.

It can also be new products and services that need special attention to get off to a good start.

Our network of partners consists of destination partners, agencies, hotels, airlines and other actors with travel in their blood, and as mentioned, it is important to us that the collaboration makes sense for all parties – especially for our readers.

Therefore, it also happens that we say no thanks to collaborations, and for example we only market Danish travel agencies.

We have already had 100+ business partners – from Thailand to Thisted – and therefore also know what it takes to succeed.

Contact us to hear more. See further down.


We can highly recommend for advertising. We have a good collaboration with the magazine about advertising our products, and we are always greeted by a professional and committed staff. also holds a lot of exciting events.

Michael Carstensen
Sinex Travel
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It was a great pleasure to work with the highly professional and committed team from With the combination of the city of Dresden and the Elbland region, we are a destination that more and more Danes go to, now also thanks to

Michał Rydz
Tourism Marketing Manager
Dresden Marketing GmbH
That's what our readers say

Our Africa

At Our Africa (formerly Rickshaw Tours & Travel), with our niche within tailor-made quality trips to Africa, we are happy to collaborate with We are experiencing as a serious, responsive and committed partner who has proven flexible and has tailored an individual marketing plan for us. Thereby we have achieved very satisfactory results for relatively small funds.

Nana Kristine Mark
Our Africa


Great and quick work from RejsRejsRejs- the team.
From the first newsletter, we got completely new customers - it was quite impressive.

Lasse Finderup

Media: & selected other channels

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We ran an autumn and winter campaign at, and we experienced a quick response and great flexibility in our collaboration.

Helle Mogensen
Press officer
Destination Bornholm


Many thanks for the collaboration in promoting local flavors of Cappadocia and Turkey. Also we appreciate the determination, enthusiasm and insatiable desire for discovery. do exactly what they say.

Sadettin Taşci
Counselor for Cultural and Information Affairs
Turkish Cultural and Tourism Office in Stockholm


Contact us on, if you have an idea for a possible collaboration.

Jens Skovgaard Andersen - RejsRejsRejs. Dk

Editor-in-Chief and Founder

Jens Skovgaard Andersen

CEO and founder

Jacob Gowland Jørgensen


I would highly recommend for a personal and in-depth story to be told of your company.

Emma Sköldekrans
Sales Manager


Here are some of our many partners and you can find travel agencies' travel offers here:

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The newsletter is sent out several times a month. See our data policy here.


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The newsletter is sent out several times a month. See our data policy here.