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Sydney: Everything your neighbor has not experienced

Australia - Sydney

Sydney: Everything your neighbor has not experienced written by Winnie Sorensen

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Sydney is possibly one of the most beautiful cities on earth. The city is built around the world's largest natural harbor and flanked by a myriad of national parks, which are only a few kilometers from the city's absolute center. Here are all shades of blue and green. There is air and life everywhere and the city takes the breath away from most visitors. Most tourists naturally stay around Utzon's beautiful Opera House and the old quarter "The Rocks", but Sydney offers much more. Here are 10 tips for experiencing places that many others overlook.

Take a ferry to one of the islands in the harbor

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Australia - Iceland

Did you know that there are 7 islands in Sydney's huge natural harbor? Some of them are even open to the public. What about e.g. to gain weight camping trip in the middle of Sydney Harbor?

Hike from Spit Bridge to Manly

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The many national parks invite for hiking. One of the most famous walks in Sydney is the walk between the two beaches, Coogee and Bondi. And it IS beautiful. You walk along the cliff edge with a view of surfers who are looking for the perfect wave and come past beautiful beaches and small cozy suburbs. But the hike is not a hidden gem. There are many tourists here, and at some times of the year you almost walk on the path between the two beaches.

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Sydney harbor

If you would rather have a path to yourself, you can instead choose to hike a walk from Spit Bridge to Manly. The tour does not offer the unique view of Stillehavet. On the other hand, it is green, calm and with great views of Sydney Harbour. End the trip with fish & chips in cozy Manly.

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Enjoy the sunset from the Manly ferry

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Australia - Sydney

After the walk, fish & chips and a dip in havet at Manly, you can conveniently take the ferry back to town. At sunset you may be lucky enough to get some great camera shots of the sun setting behind the Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge.

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Today's catch from havet around Sydney

Australia - Near Fish market

Start the day with an early morning walk behind the facade Sydney's bustling fish market. The tours start at 06.40 and last 1-2 hours. Take the light rail to get here. By the end of 2018, a new fish market will open right next to the old one - and the architects are Danish!

Paddington Reservoir Garden

Australia - Sydney - Paddington Reservoir Gardens

In the suburb of Paddington there is an old one water reservoir. It has been converted into a garden and looks almost like a piece of Rome - right in the middle of Sydney.

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Aboriginal art - in Bondi

Australia - Sydney - Bondi Beach

Bondi is probably one of the world's most famous beaches. And it's hard not to be impressed. Chalk-white sand, perfect waves, lifeguards in red-yellow clothes and beautiful young, well-trained people. Go out here - see and be seen. And when you get bored, take Walangari Karntawarra around and look at aboriginal art in Bondi.

On a ghost ride at Q station

Australia - Sydney - Q Station

The quarantine station on Sydney's "North Head" (head towards Manly and turn right) was used in the 1800th century to isolate people who arrived in Sydney and who could possibly have a contagious disease. If you showed signs of plague, yellow fever, etc., you quarantined until the danger of infection was over. More than 500 people died here - and it is said that some of the dead never really left the place…. Take a ghost ride and look for yourself.

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Out in the suburbs

Australia - Sydney - City skyline

Sydney is huge! In fact, it is one of the world's largest cities when you look at the area. The city's demographic center is 25 km west of the CBD (Central Business District), which is where most tourists stop. There are more than 600 suburbs in the city, so the possibilities are many!

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Immerse yourself in the museums of Sydney

Museum of Sydney

It may not sound so inventive, but Sydney has so much to offer that most tourists never get to some of the museums. And that's a shame, too Sydney has some absolutely amazing museums. The Museum of Sydney is among my favorites. It is built on top of the city's first government building. A lot has happened since then….

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“Roar and snore” in Sydney

Australia - Taronga Zoo

Wake up among giraffes and zebras in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In Taronga Zoo you can spend the night in a tent in true “glamping” style.

About the author

Winnie Sorensen

Winnie Sørensen is a country expert RejsRejsRejs for Australia, to which she lost her heart 20 years ago. She has been back more than 10 times, and has traveled all over most of Australia. Winnie writes on, lectures about the country, and generally likes to share her travel experiences with others who have a penchant for marsupials and all the other goodies from downunder. Winnie is an active traveler and works in the travel industry, so she gets to travel a lot, i.a. to Africa.



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