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Winter holiday and Christmas holiday: Travel with a short flight time and sun guarantee

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The winter can be long and dark in Denmark. But why not replace the gray and sad with sun and beach? Here you have to travel to get a sun guarantee.
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Winter holiday and Christmas holiday: Travel with a short flight time and sun guarantee is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs.

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Where is the sun and beach? Mediumhavet

The winter weather in Denmark often sets out to travel to more southern climes. Here is the editor's suggestion for a Christmas or winter holiday with a short flight time and sun guarantee.

One naturally thinks of the Mediterranean , but is it hot enough? The short answer is no. First of all, the eastern part of Middel workshavet not for winter holidays if you prefer sun and warmth. It snows occasionally Greece og Turkey in the winter and although you may be lucky on Malta, is the remainder of Middelhavet not really hot at that time of year.

Madeira in the Atlantichavet is one of the warmest places with up to 20 degrees, but there is not necessarily a guarantee of sun in our winter months. South coast of boats Tenerife og Gran Canaria can also be fine, but only the south coast.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other good places to travel to during the winter months, where there is both a sun guarantee and a short flight time from Denmark.

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Morocco - Agadir -paradise-valley

Agadir in Morocco – Christmas holidays and winter holidays in the heat

Marrakech in Morocco is an exciting city that attracts many tourists. However, the city may seem a little overwhelming. Instead, we recommend going to the coast, where you will find the cozy town of Agadir.

Here there are wide beaches, fantastic food and a peaceful bazaar with mint tea, Argan oil and spices ad libitum. From here you can go on an excursion to the Atlas Mountains, Essaouira - known from the series Game of Thrones – or the divinely beautiful place Paradise Valley, which is mostly visited by the locals.

You can usually fly directly to Agadir from both Billund and Copenhagen.

Christmas holidays in Aqaba in Jordan

Aqaba is Jordans answer to Israel's Eilat, which is just across the border, and Sharm El-Sheik in Egypt. They all share the dry climate and warm water from Rødehavet, and Aqaba is both a classic seaside resort and port city in one.

The advantage of Aqaba is that there are some excellent excursion options to both the desert of Wadi Rum and to the ancient city of Petra. Here the weather is not necessarily sunny and summer in our winter months, but the beautiful places outweigh the temperature.

Jordan also appears quite untouched by what else is happening in the Middle East, and Aqaba in Jordan is therefore a perfect destination for Christmas and winter holidays.

From time to time there are direct and cheap scheduled flights to Aqaba, and otherwise there are charter flights and package tours. For example, check out the trips with TUI, Apollo, Atlantis or Bravo Tours, or find a really good and easy trip with the best travel agencies.

Alternatively, you can search for flights to/via Amman and Eilat, both of which are close by, and where there are also direct flights from Denmark at times and thus shorter flight times. Royal Jordanian flies, for example, from Copenhagen to Aqaba via Amman.

Gambia - people forest nature - travel

Winter holiday in Gambia

The little West African country Gambia was selected by Simon Spies in the 70s to be where Danish charter tourism and African zest for life were to meet.

This means that there is a really nice infrastructure and it is easy and relatively cheap to get there. In addition, most of the population speaks English, so it is easy to order the delicious food at the beach restaurant.

You can stay by the wide beaches of the capital or take excursions from there, for example to the 'Crocodile pool'. Or combine with a few days in a hotel in the middle of it all - for example Lemon Creek by the peaceful part of the beach - and take a few days down south away from the city and the many tourists for example to the simple Nemasu Eco lodge, which is located directly on the beach.

You can get tips for activities in our travel community.

From time to time there are direct routes to The Gambia with charter flights, and otherwise there are flights with a stopover in, for example, Brussels. Check out our great guide to airline tickets and hotels here.

Egypt - Luxor, Karnak - travel

Short flight time to Luxor and Hurghada in Egypt

Many Danish charter agencies offer winter travel Egypt, and it is most often the two Red Sea cities of Sharm El-Sheik and Hurghada that are the destination of the trip. Both offer the possibility of sun and beach, and the weather is nice and warm most of the year.

Sharm El-Sheik houses more beautiful hotels and more luxury than Hurghada, which some love and others think is becoming too much mass tourism.

At first glance, it looks like exclusively resort areas consisting of hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops as far as the eye can see, but there is also something else to see in the area. If you go to Hurghada, you will come close to the ancient city of Luxor with the Valley of the Kings and the impressive temples of antiquity Egypt.

There are both organized tours from Hurghada that you can hop on and you can also arrange yourself. It is world history of the very highest carat almost just around the corner.

Luxor is located on the Nile, so of course there are also cruises and 'felucca' boat trips of various kinds if you want to experience life from the water side.

You can also choose to live in Luxor and go on excursions from there or possibly combine with a cruise up the Nile, which is a very great experience.

The desert around the cities also offers many opportunities for development, whether you are into adrenaline sports or something more relaxing. A stroll in the city of Hurghada itself can also be recommended to experience the life that is lived a bit away from the tourist areas.

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Cape Verde - Sal - Travel Winter Travel

Cape Verde - guaranteed sun and warmth during your Christmas holiday

Cape Verde is right on the edge in terms of travel time. On the other hand, you can be lucky to fly directly, and then the real travel time still makes sense with just over 6 hours from Copenhagen to the island of Sal. Cape Verde is made up of volcanic islands, so there is something for everyone, whether you are into gorgeous sandy beaches or trekking in lush mountain areas. 

There is primarily tourism on Sal Island and in part Boa Vista, where the long beaches can be enjoyed. However, be aware that bathing in havet often not advised due to strong current and the often strong wind. So check out the pool options if you are a beach lover.

Are you more into the original Cape Verde with the fascinating cultural mix of Africa og Portugal then sail or fly over to the islands Are Vicente and especially Santo Antão. Then you will experience the best of both worlds.

There are regularly good offers to Cape Verde from a number of Danish charter agencies with or without a hotel included.

books winter travel travel - Flight time - winter holiday - Christmas holiday

More ideas for Christmas holidays and winter holidays with sun and beach:

Closer to spring, more opportunities open up at Middelhavet. Here it is worth checking Tunisia out if you are into adventure. Here there is good infrastructure, beautiful beaches and exciting culture.

In the month of March is the divided island Cyprus an interesting destination. Here it is both very much developed southern part, and the more overlooked northern part.

If you have the courage for another type of holiday, look to the southeast. Here's another trip Dubai combined with the peaceful and exciting travel country Oman obvious. However, be aware that staying the night in Dubai can be expensive, and the flight time is 6,5 hours. Oman is a more overlooked travel country, and here you get a lot for your money.

If you are looking west, and maybe even have francophile tendencies, then is Senegal an enriching travel country where you get a lot for your money. Here you can also find nice tourist places on the coast close by Gambia.

If it's ok to fly a little further, there's very little time difference to a bead of destinations in Africa, e.g. Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia og Seychelles, all of which are worth experiencing, e.g. at safari. And both Asia og South America is amazing in our winter months.

Have a good trip, no matter where you choose to go.

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solar winter travel travel - Flight time

Here you will find sun and beach with a short flight time from Denmark

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