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It is obvious to travel to Asia because the continent contains a myriad of different cultures and travel opportunities. You can read more about the good travel countries in the articles further down the page.

It is the world's largest continent, and much more than just Southeast Asia. The continent has everything from Arab cultures, e.g. overlooked and well-travelled Oman, to the ancient cultural nations along the Silk Road, e.g IranUzbekistan og Turkmenistan. There are wonderful beaches, paradise islands and big cities. Take, for example, Tokyo in Japan and experience a big city with an emphasis on big. You can also do something completely different and laze on the most beautiful beaches, for example on some of Islands of Thailand or overlooked Phillipines. You can also go to Southeast Asia's most beautiful city located in Laos, walk in cozy Hanoi i Vietnam or walk the town in the French Quarter of Phnom Penh i Cambodia. The beautiful Middle Eastern country Jordan, is also on the Asian continent and there you will find experiences for young and old. Or take to Taiwan – the country that is not China, and diverse India .

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