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Troll hunt: Here you will find Thomas Dambo's trolls in Denmark and abroad

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The tree trolls have become so popular that they are now found both in Denmark and abroad.

Troll hunt: Here you will find Thomas Dambo's trolls in Denmark and abroad is written by Mia Helt.

  • Australia-Thomas Dambo's Troll Hunt- Travels
  • USA-Portland-Thomas Dambo's Troll Hunt- Travels
  • USA-Miami-Thomas Dambo's Troll Hunt- Travels

Denmark on the troll map: Here you will find Dambo's trolls!

Have you been on a troll hunt to look for the giant tree trolls?

Then you are not alone.

If you search for the word troll, you will find many references to cool Danes.

The lucky troll, which became popular in the 60s, was invented by Thomas Dam, and the latest addition to the troll tribe is Thomas Dambo and his giant wooden troll.  

And there are many who are out looking for the trolls.

The trolls have become so popular that you can no longer only find them Denmark, but actually also in USA, China, Australia and several other countries.

The trolls have broken several visitor records all over the world, and media such as National Geographic, Lonely Planet and the BBC have told about Thomas Dambo's work with the trolls.

According to Thomas Dambo, the purpose of the trolls is to get people out of the cities and into nature, as well as tell the story of the importance of protecting Mother Nature.

So far he has built over 100 trolls, and aims to create 1000 trolls worldwide!

In February I will travel to Miami with my children, and we are already talking about visiting Joen, Terje and Bertha.

The Wynwood neighborhood in Miami is known for its beautiful street art and the place to take Instagram-friendly photos. But did you know that you can also find Thomas Dambo's wooden trolls there? Not so far from there you will find Pinecrest gardens, a green oasis where you will find the tree fighters Tergen and Bertha.

That a man like Thomas Dambo has invented a concept where he pays tribute to nature, uses recycled materials in his troll sculptures, and at the same time puts Denmark on the world map, one cannot but be proud of.

Take the children on a troll hunt and practice The troll alphabet

To find the giant trolls, you can use the troll map, which you can find here:

The troll map gives you an overview of where in the world the many trolls are located. However, it cannot indicate exactly where they are, since you have to go out and look for the troll yourself on your next adventure.

You can turn on your GPS on your phone and your position will appear on the phone as a blue dot approaching its target, a troll.

When you stand next to a troll, you will find some troll letters on a bronze plate that you can key in on your mobile to find clues to where the next troll is hiding. You can see Thomas Dambo's troll alphabet above, and you can also find the alphabet in Thomas Dambo's books about the trolls.

Have you become curious about going troll hunting? For now we go out and look at some of the trolls.

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The troll Captain Winnie the Pooh

Out among large industrial buildings lies the old Nordhavn, 3 km on foot from Nordhavn station.

The area is raw, large and with graffiti all over, but suddenly a fence appears and a small, almost invisible sign appears, which says: Troll that way. I follow the path with my children, and enter a huge fenced lot with wild nature, a place I have never seen before.

Suddenly we see Captain Winnie. My children instinctively run to the giant troll and start climbing up on him and the fish cutter he's towing.

If you're looking for Captain Winnie, you shouldn't fool yourself to pass by the new Nordhavn and go up to Lüder's gym roof on top of a parking garage. Here is a good playground and a beautiful view over most of Copenhagen, and maybe you can even spot Captain Winnie's location from up there.

Troll hunting in the beautiful nature in Allerød

Troll hunting is a fun and different way to explore nature, regardless of whether you are in Denmark, USA or China.

In Ravnholt forest near Allerød you will find the tree troll Hanna Halerød. Hanna Halerød's tail is 125 meters long and is fun to climb on. Hanna is a hit with the kids!

Not far from Hanna Halerød is the Vestre Hus Children's Nature Center, which was open on the Sunday we visited. Here, my children and I made bread under the shelters, learned about nature and looked at their live animals (in a cage), including a live king python!

Thomas Dambo is known for building his wooden trolls well hidden in nature and in "a secret place". I wouldn't have even found this forest myself if he hadn't built a troll right there.

Can you find the troll Moon Mother?

Troll number 100 is called Måne Mor, and according to Thomas Dambo is the mother of all the giant trolls.

Måne Mor is a pregnant tree troll, seven meters tall, and is well hidden out in nature around Hedehusene, not far from the troll Happy Donald.

The reason why she hides deep in the forest is, according to Thomas Dambo, that when you are pregnant as a troll, you go deep, deep into the forest, so that the newborn troll child cannot find out about the forest until it is old enough.

Måne Mor cannot yet be found on the troll map, but as a clue to Måne Mor's location, Thomas Dambo has written a poem in troll language. Look at the troll alphabet above where the poem is written on the left and see if you can translate it.

Going troll hunting is pure adventure, and a great way to take your children or grandchildren out into nature. Maybe you - like me - find new places in nature that you didn't know existed? In any case, it's a nice side benefit of the troll hunt.

USA-Portland-Thomas Dambo's Troll Hunt- Travels

The troll hunt has entered the United States

It has become popular to go troll hunting in the USA and there are also a lot of trolls over there - from Portland to Miami, Chicago and Puerto Rico.

Here you will find Dambo's trolls in the USA:

  • Maine: Røskva
  • Maine: Soren
  • Maine: Gro
  • Maine: Lily
  • Maine: Birch
  • Vermont: Lost Finn
  • New Jersey: Big Rusty
  • Michigan: Benny The Beard Fisher
  • Chicago: Niels Bragger
  • Chicago: Little Arthur's
  • Chicago: Joe the Guardian
  • Chicago: Fury Emma
  • Chicago: Rocky Bardur
  • Allwood Audubon, Ohio: Bodil
  • Aullwood Audubon, Ohio: Bibbi
  • Aullwood Audubon, Ohio: Bo
  • Bernheim, Kentucky: Little Elina
  • Bernheim, Kentucky: Little Nis
  • Bernheim, Kentucky: Mama Lou
  • Tennessee: Leo The Enlightened
  • Atlanta: Basse Bulder
  • Atlanta: Rosa Sunfinger
  • Atlanta: Sofus Lofus
  • Atlanta: Ibbi Pip
  • Atlanta: Ronja Redeye
  • Miami: Joen and the Giant Beetle
  • Miami: Bertha
  • Miami: Terje
  • Florida: Zack the Shaman
  • Florida: Runes Tree
  • Florida: Sly the Spy
  • Colorado: Rita the Rock Planter
  • Colorado: Isaac Heartstone
  • Jackson hole, Wyoming: Mama Mimi
  • Portland, Oregon: Ole-Boll
  • Seattle: Bruun Idun
  • Seattle: Oscar the Bird King
  • Seattle: Frankie Feetsplinter
  • Issaquah, Washington: Jacob the Two Trees
  • Bainbridge Island, Washington: Pia the Peacekeeper
  • Puerto Rico: Wilson's Car
  • Puerto Rico: Luna
  • Puerto Rico: Hector El Protector

You can see an overview of the trolls in Denmark and abroad further down, you can also get help finding them the trolls here. I now dream of going troll hunting abroad with my children.

Happy troll hunting, regardless of whether it goes to Denmark, Australia or the USA!

Troll hunt: Here you will find all Thomas Dambo's trolls outside of Denmark

  • USA, incl. Puerto Rico: For example the Troll Jakob Two Trees
  • South Korea: Fx Troll Old Wise Woo
  • China: For example the Trolls Kjeld and Marit
  • Singapore: Fx Skattjagten Explores of Sentosa
  • Australia: Fx Troll Santi Itko
  • Chile: For example Ulla the Troll
  • Belgium: For example Little Nora the Troll
  • Luxembourg: Fx the Troll Stenenenen
  • Germany: Fx the Troll Little Lisa
  • France: For example the Troll Waldemar the Rollator
  • Northern Ireland: For example Darach the Troll

Troll hunt: Here you will find all Thomas Dambo's trolls in Denmark

  • Høje-Taastrup: Teddy Friendly
  • Vallensbæk: Little Tilde
  • Albertslund: Thomas on the Mountain
  • Ishøj: Oscar Under the Bridge
  • Rødovre: Sleeping Louis
  • Hvidovre: Hill Top Trine
  • Nordhavn: Captain Winnie the Pooh
  • Mariager: Ivan Evigvår
  • Amager- Remiseparken: Sanka Suttetrold
  • Amager – Kongelund: Bjarke Cirkelsten
  • Aalborg: Pil Thousand Tongue
  • Christiania: Green George
  • Horsens: Laura & Julian
  • Aarhus, Tilst: Simon & Anine
  • Darkness: Sigurd and the dark man Ben Chiller
  • Silkeborg: Strong Storm
  • Fanø: Anker Dream Catcher
  • Skrædderholmen: Long Life
  • Roskilde: Runde Rie
  • Hurup Thy: Troll Ash
  • Odense: Hans Hulehånd
  • Maribo: Free Will
  • Allerød: Hanna Halerød
  • Børkop: Ene Ojesten
  • Holstebro: Wild Emil
  • Viborg: Elles Helle
  • Hedehusene: Glade Anders and Mother Moon
  • Brædstrup: JensNo

About the author

Mia Helt

Mia is a mother of two and wants to show her children the big world.

That it is not only gloomy and what the media often portrays, but that it is much more than that. The world must be experienced, the people must meet and the local food must be eaten. Mia has traveled a lot to the USA and Brazil, which she has visited 6 times.

In February, Mia will take 3,5 months of leave with her family.

Here the trip goes to Florida, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas islands.



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