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Rome: 8 places to experience in the Eternal City

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Here are 8 places you should at least experience in Italy's beautiful capital, Rome.
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Rome: 8 places to experience in the Eternal City is written by Jesper Munk Hansen.

Rome, the eternal city

Italian beautiful and historic capital is full of life and full of highlights. Not only geographical highlights in the form of the seven hills on which the city is built, but to a large extent also highlights of a cultural, historical and modern nature.

Rome is impossible to finish, and there is always something new - or old - to see. Here are some things to keep in mind when visiting the Eternal City of Rome.

Italy - Colosseum, section - travel

Colosseum - ancient Rome is still alive

When it was built in the years 70-80, the Colosseum was the world's largest amphitheater with room for 80.000 spectators.

The original name of the Colosseum was Amphitheater flavium in Latin and has been the scene of many great gladiatorial battles over time. There were originally 76 public entrances to the large stadium, but now only the northern part is intact.

The world-famous edifice is of course and with good reason designated for World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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Italy - Pantheon, sunbeam - travel


The Pantheon is one of the few ancient buildings in the world that has been in use since its construction until now. Built in the year 120 and was used as a church from around the year 600.

Inside the church you can see the open light source at the top of the dome with a diameter of 9 meters. Many universities and libraries around the world are inspired by the Pantheon.

Italy - Rome, Trevi Fountain, fountains, tourists, dusk - travel

The Trevi Fountain

Perhaps the world's most famous fountain is located in the center of Rome.

The large marble figure depicts the titan Okeanos riding with his horses through the bodies of water from the fountain. The fountain gets its water from the source Acqua Vergine. It took about 30 years from the beginning until the final fountain was completed in 1762.

Throw a coin in Trevi and then, according to legend, it is guaranteed that you will return to Rome again another time. It is worth a try.

The Vatican and the Vatican Museum - a foreign land in the middle of Rome

Whether you are a Catholic or not, the Vatican is well worth a visit.

Take a walk through Piazza San Pietro - St. Peter's Square - and experience one of the largest museums in the world, the Vatican Museum. It is full of cultural treasures and probably especially known for the Sistine Chapel, which is connected to the museum.

The Vatican City State is the world's smallest country in terms of both area and population.

Italy - Rome, Roman Forum, ruins, blue sky - travel

Roman Forum

The Roman market square was the central square in ancient Rome and has also been used as a burial ground.

At the beginning of the 1900th century, a burial site 6 meters below the Romanesque Forum was paved, and coffins and urns from around 800-600 BC were found here.

Today, the Roman Forum is a somewhat confusing collection of temple ruins, columns, and historic buildings from several centuries. But definitely a must when visiting Rome.

Italy - Rome, Piazza Navona, fountain - travel

Navona Square

Piazza Navona is an elongated square in central Rome a few minutes' walk from the Pantheon.

Previously, the space was used for, among other things, sporting events. Now there is a large fountain in the middle of the square, and you can sit at restaurants and enjoy the sun and the atmosphere of the square.

The name Navona probably comes from the Italian "in agone" which means "long ago". The Church of Sant'Agnese in Agone is located on one side of Piazza Navona.

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Italy - Rome, Villa Borghese - travel

Villa Borghese - seek refuge from the big city without leaving Rome

Villa Borghese is a cozy garden and park close to the Spanish Steps, where you are in the middle of the city, but far away from Rome's big city life. Here you can enjoy the tranquility, even if you are in a vibrant million city.

It's clearly one of my personal favorites.

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Italy - Rome, Stadio Olimpico, football - travel

Olympic Stadium

Of course, we do not get around the Olympic Stadium - especially not if you are interested in football.

Experiencing a match at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome is second to none. I have heard people say that the Stadio Olimpico has given them one of the greatest football experiences ever, even though they have seen football in Germany, England and Spain.

I myself have seen two matches at this fantastic stadium - both times AS Roma against Juventus.

Whether you're into antiquity or football, today's answer to gladiatorial combat, Rome has just what you need.

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Rome is Italy, and Italy is much more than Rome

So good trip to eternal and classic Rome. And good travel to Italy, which as always tempts with beautiful cities, beautiful nature and beautiful people. And then the food and wine are of course in a class of their own and a joy for both big and small.

Take for example the Italian classics Venice, Florence or Sicily, or go to the lesser known places like Sardinia, Calabria or Brescia.

Whatever you choose, Italy is a blast of a travel country that is so popular that you have to consider when you visit the country and which places you choose. For example, there can be many people in Toscana in high season. But don’t worry: there’s always a great place in boot country waiting.

Good trip.

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This is what you should see in Rome

  • Colosseum
  • Pantheon
  • The Trevi Fountain
  • Vatican
  • Vatican Museum
  • Roman Forum
  • Navona Square
  • Villa Borghese
  • Olympic Stadium

About the author

Jesper Munk Hansen

Jesper lives in Kolding and has traveled a lot in his life. Especially in Southern Europe, where Italy and Spain are his favourites. He has visited Spain 12 times and Italy 24 times.

He speaks Spanish and is also learning Italian and has also been Brand Ambassador for Visit Italy for a little more than 2 years from 2020 to 2022.

In addition, he has lived in Malaysia for 3 months.

Jesper travels 4-6 times a year and in 2023 he went on 6 trips. In 2024, he has so far planned trips to Sicily, Thailand and to the European Football Championship in Germany.

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