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Sustainable tourism - Thailand takes the lead

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Green is the new variety also for tourists. Thailand is at the forefront and lets you combine holidays in the Land of Smiles with sustainable tourism.
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Sponsored post. Sustainable tourism - Thailand takes the lead is written by Circle Colberg.

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A green itinerary through Thailand

Sustainability on the journey is important - especially for us Danes. So join us on a green itinerary through the Land of Smiles and get inspiration for a more sustainable travel pattern. Thailand is in fact on the green trend, and in the last period the focus has been on sustainability in the big ones tourist towns.

We give you our best tips for experiencing Thailand's culture, friendliness and attractions with a clear conscience.

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Phuket - green accountability and green a la carte

One of those places that is way ahead of the curve sustainable tourism in Thailand, is the Danes' favorite holiday Phuket. Here it is easy to find both environmentally conscious hotels, restaurants and attractions.

If you want to challenge the taste buds, do not deceive yourself for a dinner on Michelin-starred restaurants PRU. With a well-deserved 'MICHELIN Green Star', the restaurant offers an innovative style of food with special and local ingredients grown on the restaurant's organic farm. A top-class dining experience where you get the best of all corners of the world.

If you dream of experiencing exotic animals in Thailand, you need to be a little careful. Take a big arc around elephant rides and animal shows where monkeys, elephants and tigers appear. Instead, you can visit The Gibbon Project i Phuket, which rescues and rehabilitates the endangered gibbon monkeys so that they can be released into a safe habitat in the Thai jungle. You can also stop by Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, which helps retired elephants return to the wild.

Beautiful views, beautiful nature and adrenaline rush you can experience in the national park in Phuket. Here you can feel that the people behind the park have done everything to create sustainable tourism. You can, among other things zipline through the jungle, go on an excursion to the waterfalls and experience the world's tallest tree houses.

Are you into even more action, you can find plenty of activities at sea, on land and in the air that paddle board and kayaking. And afterwards you can relax on one of Phuket's beaches, which after last year's shutdown are cleaner than they have been for years.

Nature restoration is in full swing and both sharks and turtles have returned to the island and the waters around.

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Chiang Mai - Sustainable tourism in north

In Chiang Mai you will be greeted by cultural experiences, beautiful nature and royal history. The city in the north is an often overlooked travel destination as more people choose to travel down to the southern islands. Do you want a solid base for a while, is Chiang Mai a perfect place to settle down for an extended period of time.

Do you travel more sustainably, you can instead log on Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort. The resort is a green initiative where you live in sustainable wooden huts in the middle of the Thai forest, surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape with sounds from the rich wildlife. Here you live minimalistically, and the phrase "take only memories - leave only footprints" is appropriate for an experience in the beautiful cabins in the treetops.

You can also take part in one of the projects that support sustainable tourism. Elephant nature park was built in Chiang Mai, however also found in Cambodia. Visit the beautiful elephants, which have a safe and bright future. You have the opportunity to have a guided tour of elephant paradise, make yourself available as a volunteer and learn more about how the lives of Thais have been associated with the great beast through the ages.

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Eco-friendly accommodation in Bangkok

Bangkok is for many travelers the starting point and base for trips around Thailand. Although one is often only a short time in Bangkok, the hours of the day must be fully utilized.

You can also stay in the middle of the Thai jungle in Bangkok - yes, Bangkok is not just a city with attractions, noise and tall buildings. Get an experience out of the ordinary by staying with Bangkok Treehouse.

This property is committed to sustainable tourism. From minimizing CO2 emissions by recycling and sorting rubbish to being self-sufficient with their 'vertical vegetable garden'.

The city also offers countless shopping opportunities, food stalls and tuk-tuks. But if you want to challenge yourself and get a little green conscience, you can easily become a volunteer in Trash Hero. Then you can help collect garbage in Bangkok and experience the city at the same time - that way you get an alternative tour of Bangkok.

In addition, Bangkok is something of a shopping paradise. Support the locals and their wares by visiting the flea markets around the city. Remember to bring your own shopping bag, as plastic bags are no longer available in supermarkets and shops for reasons of the environment.

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These Thai islands create sustainable tourism together

Similan Islands, Koh Tao and Koh Kood all three have something in common: They are passionate about maintaining the coral reef so you can have a great experience when you dive in the turquoise sea.

The Similan Islands have set up 24 dive sites where they regenerate the dead corals havets bottom. New Heaven Reef Conservation at Koh Tao has created a program where you can help protect the reef and make underwater surveys of the Gulf of Thailand. You can make a difference while experiencing the wildlife below sea level.

If you are a 'luxury animal' then Koh Kood is yours go-to holiday island. While enjoying the private pool and butler at the eco-friendly hotel Soneva Kiri Resort, you support the local community and the re-creation of the coral reef. At this resort you can sleep safely and know that you support sustainable tourism and the beautiful natural surroundings.  

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Sustainable tourism in the remote villages and communities

When you visit less touristy cities and regions, you help to spread tourism and make it more sustainable. So why not pick some small villages that are not listed in the travel guide when you are planning your travel to Thailand?

Cities and communities such as Ban Laem just southwest of Bangkok, Laem Sak just north of Krabi and Phuket and Koh Klang just south of Krabi are often overlooked travel destinations where you can contribute locally with your visit as a tourist and then spread the word about these amazing eco-friendly places. to the rest of your travel-loving circle of friends.

You can read more about the sustainable destinations here

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Tips for a sustainable round trip in Thailand

Do you want to change your travel pattern good, here's a number of tips on how to travel sustainably in Thailand and the rest of the world.

Be sure to pack a recyclable bottle in your bag when you go on a trip. Then you do not have to throw out several plastic bottles.

You may know the cloth bags from your many trips to the supermarket at home. Why not also bring one to one of the many Thai markets? After all, you end up throwing out the thin plastic bags when you return to the hotel room.

Use public transport. You can get a little familiar with public transport from home, and often it is no more complicated than what we are used to at home. That way, you can both travel more sustainably and experience the country and the locals in a new way.

Combine your interests with doing a good deed. Urban walking and waste collection, diving and recovery of dead corals - you name it . There are lots of possible combinations of tourist attractions and sustainability.

Like everywhere else in the world, here too there is the simplest unwritten rule that you as a tourist always follow: Protect, maintain and preserve the place, the historical heritage, the culture and the local atmosphere.

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Green is the new variety - sustainable tourism is travel fashion

This inspiration guide has hopefully given you the courage to experience Thailand in a new and green way. You can experience new areas, attractions and eateries that you may have never considered before.

Whatever you choose, so really good green travel to Thailand next time you travel to the Land of Smiles!

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About the author

Circle Colberg

The suitcase is often packed and ready as soon as the winter period hits. The destination goes primarily to warm and cultural Thailand, as it has done for the past 5 years.

Her passion for experiences, travel and cultures started almost 10 years ago when she traveled to the United States as an exchange student.
Since then, the suitcase has been filled with memories such as road trips in the USA, backpacking trips in Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico, as well as lots of short trips to Berlin, Hamburg, London and Malmö, among others.

When she does not have the opportunity to travel, Cirkeline enjoys exploring beautiful natural areas and collecting further on her travel book collection, which is constantly growing.

After completing education in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management, the dream is to be able to travel with the family around the Southeast Asian countries for a longer period.



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