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Central America and the Caribbean

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Aruba: American Mallorca

“Aruba, Jamaica, oooh, I wanna take ya to Bermuda, Bahama…“ Take Jacob to the little Caribbean island with the famous name and find out what Aruba has to offer.


To fals for Caribbean tropeidyl

When one thinks of the Caribbean, images of white sandy beaches and tropical idyll usually appear on the retina. There is also a lot of that when we take here ...

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Glamping in Costa Rica

Join C & C Travel on an adventure in Costa Rica and try glamping on the small isolated island, Isla Chiquita. Experience the world's exotic animals, sandy beaches in ...

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Round trip in Mexico and Belize

Take InterTravel to Mexico and Belize. Visit the giant city of Mexico City and explore the exciting Native American culture. You will also experience colonial cities and the ...

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Take me to western Cuba

Take InterTravel to lovely Cuba. Get introduced to the western part of the country and see exciting colonial cities, unique nature and much more. The trip can ...

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The big round trip in Cuba

Take InterTravel to Cuba. Experience the country's interesting colonial history and beautiful nature on this exciting round trip. 
Read much more about the journey right here

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Lush and colorful Costa Rica

Join on this journey to fantastic Costa Rica. With an English-speaking travel guide at the forefront, we experience foggy rainforests, active volcanoes, waterfalls ...