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Islands for the dream trip: 15 of the world's most beautiful islands

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The world is full of fairytale islands and not all of them are full of tourists yet. Here are 15 super lovely islands you should visit.
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Islands for the dream trip: 15 of the world's most beautiful islands is written by Sascha Meineche.

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Dream islands around the world

When we talk about the world's most beautiful islands, is Bali eg with a guarantee high up on the list on most 'bucket list'. And preserved, there are many good reasons for that. But there are many other beautiful and unique islands in the world waiting to be visited and which may be a familiar one under the radar.

And that is whether you are into palm trees and deserted sandy beaches or something a little more adventure-like. The world's 15 most beautiful islands are definitely worth adding to your wish list, if they are not already there.

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Honduras, Beach, Beach

Utila in Honduras

This Caribbean island in Honduras is an extremely popular diving site with unique corals. You can swim with whale sharks - who are fortunately vegetarians, so you do not have to fear for your life in the meantime - or check out iguana breeding. Wild it is at least.

USA - sunset beach waikiki hawaii - travel

Discover one of Hawaii's unique islands, Kauai 

Kauai may not be the first thing that pops up in your mind when you think Hawaii. Nevertheless, this island is worth a visit. It is called Garden Isle - 'Garden Island' - due to the spectacular rainforest that covers much of the surface of the island.

Pamper yourself on the white sandy beaches of Kauai and swim among the sea turtles in the water. Or if you feel more adventurous, you can go on the Kalalau Trail, which is one of Hawaii's toughest, but it's clearly worth it. 

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Marettimo, Italy

Marettimo in Italy 

This must be said to be one of Italys best kept secrets. Marettimo; a small island that has been relatively well protected from the otherwise widespread tourism in the country.

Just an hour's boat ride west from Sicily and you are surrounded by peace and idyll. The perfect place for couples with romantic intentions, for here is an overwhelmingly cool Mediterranean vibe. 

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Philippines - Travel

One of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines: Palawan 

This sleeping fishing island with turquoise blue water resembles paradise on earth. And Palawan i Phillipines has also recently been named the most beautiful island in the world. Not completely incomprehensible.

On land you can enjoy the magnificent wildlife with wild and insanely beautiful butterflies, and in the water you can enjoy some of the best dive sites in the world. We consider it to be a pretty nice combo. 

Fiji - beach - travel - The world's most beautiful islands

Yasawa and Fiji

Until just 60 years ago, it was forbidden for outsiders to visit the island. Today, there are still quite a few restrictions on who is allowed to visit the island to protect the local areas and nature.

The lucky ones who come to visit the volcanic archipelago west of Fiji, is of course almost like Palle alone in the world and can enjoy exclusive accommodation on private beaches, unique diving and nature that will make you lose your temper.

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French Polynesia - bora bora - cruise - travel - The world's most beautiful islands

Bora Bora in French Polynesia 

Bora Bora is a paradise- and dream-like destination for many people. The island is in the middle of nowhere - almost as far away from Denmark as you can get. Specifically northeast of Tahiti in Stillehavet.

The island is guaranteed to be synonymous with paradisiacal beaches and afternoon cocktails while lounging in a hammock overlooking havet, which is of course completely turquoise blue with a crazy coral reef below the surface.

Of course, this also means that Bora Bora is a diving paradise like no other. But if you'd rather stay on land, you can stay at some of the most exclusive hotels in Stillehavet. It's not the worst either. 

Sant Angelo - Ischia - Italy - Travel - The world's most beautiful islands

Ischia in Italy 

The small volcanic island is off the coast of Naples and full of hot thermal springs; one of the things that has attracted visitors to the island since Roman times. Most recently, Elena Ferrantes' Neapolitan novels are spun on the protagonists' visit to the island, where they try to escape Naples' summer madness.

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Formentera, Italy

Formentera in Spain 

Another Mediterranean gem located in the middle of an extremely popular holiday paradise. Formentera i Spain is probably a bit overlooked, but nonetheless worth a visit. The atmosphere is more laid-back compared to the neighboring island of Ibiza, which is only 30 minutes sailing away.

The beaches are stunning and the atmosphere is superb with small beach houses and sleepy fishing villages mixed with luxurious villas. One must here is to rent a boat and sail around the island so you can mingle with rich yacht owners.

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Denmark, Bornholm - travel

Bornholm - Denmark's own paradise island 

Our own sunshine and rocky island Bornholm must of course also be mentioned, because Denmark is full of beautiful islands. Here you will find some of the harshest nature in Denmark as well as some of our very best chalk-white sandy beaches. Dueodde is perhaps the most popular, and it is not without reason.

Have lunch at one of the countless smokehouses on the island and visit four of the country's seven preserved round churches, all of which are worth a visit. And well, if you intend to settle down as a painter, then the light on Bornholm is invaluable in that context. And then of course you have to look for Curl Bully. Tell me if you find him. 

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Islands for the active traveler: Madeira is the best

The small volcanic island in the Atlantichavet off the coast of West Africa is an earlier one Portuguese colony. The population is therefore also a good mix of Europeans, Africans and South Americans.

Madeira invites to many things, but probably mostly an active holiday, and here you can find a little of everything within the adrenaline-fueled genre. But if you just want to enjoy nature without risking your life, there is of course plenty of opportunity for that.

Bahamas, South America, Travel islands

Andros in the Bahamas 

Although referred to as a single name, is Andros in fact, an archipelago of more than a hundred small islets connected by mangroves, estuaries and swamps.

These islands are also part of the world's third largest reef, and diving in particular is something the island is known for. It is surrounded by a large number of underwater caves, or so-called 'blue holes', which attract cave divers from all over the world and not without reason. 

Tierra del Fuego Islands, Argentina

Tierra del Fuego in Argentina

A visit to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina feels pretty much like you're on the edge of the world. Quite literally. It is the southernmost point on the American continent and it is also an absolutely stunning place with fascinating scenery that is a mix of glaciers, peat bogs and wild nature. It is without a doubt one of the most remarkable places in the world.

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Beach Mexico Islands -The world's most beautiful islands

Cozumel in Mexico - one of the Caribbean's best diving islands

Off the coast of the Yucatan in the Caribbean Sea lies this gem. It is home to a fantastic underwater life, where dolphins, manatees and sea turtles frolic, and Cozumel therefore also invites you to some of the best diving in the western hemisphere.

The only town on the island, San Miguel, is on the touristy side, but you are probably still so busy diving that you do not experience that part.

Beach, Beach, Brazil - The world's most beautiful islands

IIha Grande in Brazil is one of the most beautiful islands in South America

Off the coast of Rio de Janeiro is this island gem, which in the old days was known for something a little different. The island was home to pirates before it later became a prison for the worst criminal Brazilians - and therefore closed to the public.

As a result, it is therefore a fairly well-preserved island, and the wildlife on the island today is absolutely superb and very diverse. Cars are banned on the island and this helps nature on the road. It also makes it a paradise for hikers, and in addition, the island is home to one of the richest ecosystems in the world. Not a completely bad combination the former prison has become.

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Turks and Caicos Islands - The world's most beautiful islands

Paradise Islands in the Caribbean: Salt Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands

It may well be that Turks and Caicos Islands the last few years have been linked to tax havens and lavish lifestyles, but Salt Cay is the smallest of the islands and has lived slightly below the radar compared to the larger islands.

Therefore, Salt Cay boasts an insane wildlife on and around the island with, among other things, a rich bird life with eagles and humpback whales in the seas around the islands. So shit with tax havens if you are just there to experience nature and wildlife.

The choices are many, and fortunately the world is full of lovely, beautiful and unique islands, so there is a guarantee of great island experiences for many years to come.

Have a good trip to one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

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Here are the 15 most beautiful islands to visit

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