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Travel destinations 2024: The trip goes all over the world for the editors

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How to look RejsRejsRejs' own travel plans for 2024? This year we have again asked the editors what their travel plans are.
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Travel destinations 2024: The trip goes all over the world for the editors is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs.

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Here are the travel plans of the editors

We naturally love to travel. That is why the calendar for 2024 is also filled to the brim with trips to the world - and there will probably be more. We share our travel plans and travel destinations for the coming year, along with what we're most looking forward to when traveling the world.

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Travel destinations 2024 for Jacob: The trip goes to the heat

Jacob Gowland Jørgensen, Manager

Jacob is unusually early in his planning, and the travel calendar for 2024 is already well filled. It is on journeys to the warmth - and to slightly wilder places than he usually does. One of the trips in that category is the trip to DR Congo, Rwanda og Burundi, which he will visit in August.

He is also planning a family trip to the Malaysian part of Borneo, mostly Sarawak. It has been a dream destination that he has been eyeing for many years.

Jacob is bitten by what nature i Africa can, and he has continued to look for something that can do some of the same elsewhere, and he hopes Borneo can.

Before he goes to Borneo, there is just another trip on the calendar, namely one more trip Oman, Thailand og Bangladesh, where the new year is ushered in. This is Jacob's first visit to Bangladesh and it will be country no 102 he is visiting.

He doesn't quite know what to expect from Bangladesh, but the joy of anticipation is great.

There are no more trips planned yet, but I wonder if there will be more trips in the calendar when we enter 2024, for example to West Africa, where Senegal og Gambia lures.

China - wall - the 7 wonders - travel - the trip goes to China

The year is about Asia and sports

Jens Skovgaard Andersen, editor-in-chief

Jens currently has three fixed trips in the calendar, but there are already several places out in the world that are tempting, so I wonder if there will be more ticks in the travel calendar.

First the trip goes to India to January, but what Jens is most looking forward to in the new year is coming 'home' to China, where he has both studied and lived for a period, after not having been there for a few years. The trip goes to China in April, and that is what Jens is most looking forward to in the new year.

Summer is all about football. This is where the tour goes Germany to watch EC football – one way or another. Perhaps the trip down through Europe will be extended to more travel destinations such as to Austria og France, but it is not fixed yet.

Autumn is not planned either, but there will definitely be something in the travel calendar. Time will tell where the trip goes.

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Travel destinations 2024 for Trine: Dreams of Japan

Trine Søgaard, co-editor

Trine has no fixed travel plans in the calendar right now, but there is one country in particular which is at the very top of the wish list of countries she would like to visit in 2024. Japan has long been a dream destination, and Trine hopes that 2024 will finally be the year she gets to visit the country.

Trine also dreams of warmer climes here in the winter cold, and therefore has Morocco also crept onto the travel wish list.

She has both friends and family who have visited Morocco and spoke highly of the country, which is why the country has also risen high on the list of travel destinations she would like to visit in 2024.

After Trine visited Värmland in Sweden in November, she also fell in love with our neighboring countries to the north, which she wants to explore more in the new year.

The year 2024 therefore also stands for the Nordics, as she hopes to see more boats Sweden, Norway og Finland.

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The year is on a big journey with the family

Mia Helt Mathiesen, co-editor

The year 2024 is in of the family trip sign for Mia – and one of the really big ones. She is packing her bags with her two boys and husband and setting off on a 3,5-month-long trip in February to a multitude of travel destinations.

Mia and the family are going far and wide. The tour starts in Florida in USA and continues on to Central America and the Caribbean, where they will visit Costa Rica og Panama.

Then they travel to The Dominican Republic. From here they set off on adventures on havet, as they must be guests on a ship for five weeks. The sailing trip ends at Bahamas, where the great journey also ends, before the trip goes back home to Denmark.

It is not entirely easy to point out what Mia is most looking forward to, because the great travel experiences are lined up. However, Mia's husband has no doubts about what is at the top of his list: He is most looking forward to being a guest.

Although Mia starts the year out far from it Denmark, however, there are also adventures in the calendar that are somewhat closer to home. The summer stands for the Nordics, where the trip either goes to the Scandinavian countries or to Iceland og Faroe Islands.

Lake Bled - church - mountains - lake - the trip goes to Slovenia

2024 stands for hiking and nature

Anna-Sophie Christensen, journalist and co-editor

Anna-Sophie's travel plans for 2024 are currently centered around Europe. The first trip goes to Slovenia in the spring, where she will, among other things, go hiking around Slovenia's iconic mountain Triglav and experience the country's magnificent nature.

Perhaps the trip to Slovenia expands to also go a little further Italian border, as the Triglav area borders right on Italy – an obvious little sidestep when you are now on those edges.

Autumn is here Portugal characters, specifically Porto. Here it is on a journey of a slightly different kind; namely city walking. And I wonder if there will also be time for a small glass of port when you visit the capital of port.

Right now there are no more ticks in the travel calendar, but there are more travel destinations that are enticing. In any case, the wish list is long. Some of those that stand at the top of the list are New Zealand og Vietnam , but so far the travel plans remain within the borders of Europe.

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Travel destinations 2024 for Kristian: The trip goes to Europe and North America

Christian Brauner, co-editor

Kristian hopes to escape the somewhat cold and boring Danish winter weather by planning a trip to the warmth. This time the travel plans are for another trip Mexico at the end of winter.

The trip to Mexico is primarily to dive and get far away from the cold. However, the travel calendar has not yet been ticked off, as the trip has not yet been decided.

Summer is in the south when Kristian takes a break Southern France with the family. Here they will enjoy all that the French Riviera has to offer in the popular southern French cities of Nice and Cannes.

Otherwise, there are no more travel destinations in the calendar at this time. But I wonder if the trip will go well Los Angeles for next autumn in connection with Halloween – it has gradually become a tradition.

Countries in Asia -Rice fields - volcano - morning - sunshine - bali - indonesia - travel destinations in Bali

A one-way ticket to Bali

Laura Graf , co-editor

There are several travel destinations on the wallpaper at Laura, but what they all have in common is that they are located in Southeast Asia.

Laura's travel plans are not quite traditional, because it is not a holiday that Laura travels on when she slips away at the end of January Bali on a one-way ticket. She takes the work with her.

The trip to Southeast Asia is therefore not just relaxation and sunbathing, as she will also spend some time working abroad as a digital nomad.

Right now, only the trip to Bali is fixed. The rest she will find out when she gets there - it will be whatever the desire calls for. Vietnam og Sri Lanka are, however, good suggestions for places she will probably pass by on the journey.

Of course, the trip also goes to Germany – Laura's home country.

The entire editorial team wishes you a very good 2024 – regardless of where the travels take you.

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