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Our data policy includes that this site uses cookies. This means that small text files are displayed to help us give you a better experience when you visit us. Generally, cookies are used to recognize you when you visit us again. It helps in remembering content and providing completely anonymous data to 3rd party applications like Google Analytics.

Cookies will make your browsing experience better. If you do not want to receive cookies, you can turn them off. The most effective way to do this is to turn off cookies in your browser. You can read more about the Danish legislation on cookies at The Danish Business Authority.


RejsRejsRejs does not pass on data to a third party, but is used exclusively internally to send out the newsletter. We use the Mailchimp program for our newsletter, and it is an established and widely used mail provider. Their data policy, like ours, means that they do not pass on data. We do not register name, birthday or other personal data together with the email address.

RejsRejsRejsThe data controller is the founders Jacob Gowland Jørgensen and Jens Skovgaard Andersen, both of whom can be contacted by email:

Personal data protection

We have regular personal data on our newsletter recipients in the form of e-mail, and we have e-mail, name and in some cases telephone numbers of our external writers. In all cases, these are only used to be able to contact the individual persons in relevant editorial contexts.

We retain the CPR number of employees and founders, which are kept for up to one year after the termination of employment. In connection with recruitment processes, we have the name, contact information and in some cases the birthday and / or CPR number of applicants, and these are deleted immediately after the recruitment process is completed unless clear written consent is given otherwise.

Email addresses are stored by our email provider Google / and web provider

Should we suspect leaks, hacking or otherwise data compromising situations, we will immediately contact our IT support, web providers as well as all involved persons to resolve the situation immediately.

It is always possible to have information corrected or deleted from, and all inquiries can be made to


The newsletter is sent out several times a month. See our data policy here.


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The newsletter is sent out several times a month. See our data policy here.