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It is obvious to travel in Europe if you want great cultural, historical and natural experiences. You can read more about traveling around Europe in the articles further down the page.

The continent around us offers countless opportunities for exciting travel. On footpaths, on asphalt, on the water, on rails, on the thumb, on a bike or on the beach. You can, for example, visit Spain and take to Málaga, which is truly the heart of Andalucia and which is really good to travel to if you dream of a combined city and beach holiday in the south Spain. You can also go to Portugal and experience the capital Lisbon. Experience Slovenia breathtaking nature or one of Europe's newest countries i Montenegro? Or how about another trip Austria, where you can explore, among other things Salzburg? You can also go on a city break to Paris, Vilnius or Berlin, or laze on the beach on Sardinia. We can also recommend Norway, which offers magnificent nature experiences.

Europe offers it all, there are still many overlooked destinations, and you'll never stop exploring.

Read the articles below, where you can find tips and tricks. If you sign up for the newsletter you will automatically be notified when there is news about the destination.

Travel articles about Europe

Holiday home abroad

Landmar Hotels Tenerife

Landmar Hotels has two great hotels on the coast in beautiful Tenerife: Landmar Costa Los Gigantes, which is perfect for families with children, and Landmar Playa La Arena...

Bureau Graphics 2023

The North is calling

Northern lights, safari and big cities The Nordic region is a fantastic travel destination that contains oceans of cultural gems, magnificent natural experiences and friendly people...

The travel favorites

Different Christmas trips

Here at the editorial office, we are in the Christmas mood, and we have therefore compiled a small Advent calendar that will take you on some of our editors' Christmas trips.

Holiday in the open air

Austria is a holiday favorite You probably already know this, but Austria is a fantastic travel country. The Danes have largely opened their eyes to this, and we have...

Tips for the autumn holidays

Autumn is knocking, and so is the desire to travel. Have you planned your autumn trip? Otherwise, we have collected a bouquet of our own good tips. If you are tempted...


Norway: 15 places to go

Norway is and will be a popular travel destination among Danes, as it is an impressive travel country and easy to get to.

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The newsletter is sent out several times a month. See our data policy here.