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Skanør and Falsterbo: Two Swedish pearls in Scania

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Take the Øresund across and to the right to what Maiken calls her Swedish paradise: The two small charming Scanian towns of Skanør and Falsterbo.

Skanør and Falsterbo: Two Swedish pearls in Scania is written by Maiken Ingstrup

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Øresund's Swedish paradise

'My little Swedish paradise' I call the two small twin towns Falsterbo and Skanør - or Skanör, as the Swedes write it. They are located in Skåne.

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If you also want to visit this paradise, you must drive over the Øresund Bridge to Sweden. When you turn off towards Trelleborg, you land at a T-junction, where the choice is between Skanør on the right and Falsterbo on the left. You start in Skanør.

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Bike ride in beautiful Skanør

Park the car in Skanør by the local petrol tank and rent some good bikes with a basket for 60 kroner for a day. You can cycle along the main street towards the local supermarket, ICA. Behind this you will find Café Stationen, which is a small cozy café with excellent food at modest prices.

If you continue instead 200-300 meters down the main street, you will meet at your right hand Hotell Spelabäcken, where you can get a simple but delicious breakfast buffet for 70 kroner.

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The main street in Skanør consists of charming old pastel-colored houses. At the end of the main street you will meet the beautiful Skanør Church, which was built in the 1300th century and is definitely worth a visit. Next door is another hotel, Hotell Gäslingen, which serves food for non-resident guests.

We like to sit outside by the pool and enjoy the weather and the peace. Dogs are welcome in the outdoor area. In general, it is my experience that Sweden is very dog-friendly.

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Restaurant and smokehouse at the harbor in Skanør

A short distance from the main street, Mellangatan, comes Skanør's marina. It is always busy here with several small cafes and restaurants, as well as a single smokehouse.

The long seaweed next to the harbor is surrounded by the nature reserve Flommen, which is a protected area with many breeding birds and rare frogs. On the cycle path you can cycle along Flommen, which ends at Flommen Golf Club. In the golf club you are welcome to sit down and enjoy both food and drink.

After 3 more minutes by bike you reach the city sign for Falsterbo itself.

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Beautiful Falsterbo has it all

Falsterbo has it all; both utility, a small hotel, church, museum, the outdoor Café Kust - which serves the most delicious shrimp snacks on butter-fried bread - and Sweden's third oldest golf course, which is famous among golfers. At the golf course there is a wide path which leads out to the old lighthouse from the 1700th century. The lighthouse is open on different dates throughout the year.

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Beaches and cabins in Falsterbo

Skanør and Falsterbo both have some beautiful beaches - especially Falsterbo's sandy beach. In both places you will find the beautiful bathing cabins in beautiful colors of 2 × 2 meters.

In Falsterbo, the cabins are hidden partly behind the dunes 100 meters from the beach and partly inside the small forest near the beach. In Skanør, the cabins are closer to the beach with a beautiful view directly over the sea.

There is a very rich bird life in the area and bird lovers make pilgrimages to Falsterbo in particular twice a year to observe the many migratory birds. If you are lucky, you can spot the kestrel when they lie on their nests.

The afternoon can end at Hotell Spelabäckan in Skanør in the associated beautiful backyard. Here, life is made extra comfortable in the shady hammock or in the sun in the large lounge furniture.

The restaurant has a good selection of small delicious cakes, and here too you can enjoy delicious shrimp snacks, which seem to be a specialty in the area.

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From this year, it is no longer possible to rent bicycles at the petrol tank, as you could before. Instead, you can through Hirenhoj rent a bicycle for a sum of 100 Swedish kroner a day. You will find the bikes in front of Hotell Gäslingen.

Have a good trip to Skanør and Falsterbo in Sweden - just over the bridge and to the right!

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