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Aarhus: 6 world-class experiences in the City of Smiles

Aarhus, Denmark
Aarhus calls itself both Jutland's capital and 'The World's Smallest City'. It is quite appropriate in a city with so many world class attractions. Welcome to the City of Smiles.
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Af Christian Brauner

Aarhus, Aarhus Denmark

A recognized holiday destination

In recent years, Aarhus has gained more and more international recognition as a travel destination. Both as the whole of Europe's cultural city in 2017 and most recently in 2019, when an international travel media named the city one of the world's new hot favorite destinations to visit in 2020.

As a city of culture, Aarhus included the entire region around the city, and in general, Aarhus is blessed with a really exciting catchment area in the form of Silkeborg, Viborg, Djursland and many other excellent resorts.

There are many exciting and colorful experiences in Aarhus, where some are naturally better known than others. Here we come up with a number of recommendations for wonderful experiences that you should definitely not miss when you visit the city - regardless of whether you call it Aarhus or Aarhus!

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The Old Town, Aarhus, Aarhus, Jutland

The game by

If you have said Aarhus, you have also said Den Gamle By. So let's take a trip back in time.

At Vesterbro in Aarhus Midtby is Denmark's market town museum Den Gamle By. An open-air museum with old buildings and houses, which have been moved here from 24 different Danish cities. In total, there are more than 75 historic buildings, where the oldest house takes you all the way back to the 1500th century.

Enjoy the time travel as you stroll around the cobbled streets between the many old buildings. And if you feel hungry, you can at Winekes Kælder enjoy a good lunch in a cozy atmosphere from the 1700th century. If it's more the sweet things that entice, you can visit Konditoriet Café Bonnich from 1974.

Every year for Christmas, the Christmas mood is turned up, where it is especially the annual Christmas exhibition about the history of Christmas in Denmark, which attracts many visitors.

The Old Town in Aarhus is a completely unique attraction for the whole family.

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Tivoli Friheden, Aarhus, ÅRhus Denmark

Tivoli Freedom

If you are into adrenaline kicks and wheezing in your stomach, you should visit Tivoli Friheden - or just Friheden, as it is called in everyday speech.

A lively amusement park on the southern outskirts of Midtbyen with more than 40 rides. With everything from the traditional carousel Freedom Carousel, to the Sky Tower with real free fall for the most adrenaline-hungry.

In addition to the many rides, you can experience theater performances, revues and concerts. You can also have a delicious meal at one of the many eateries. There is something for all age groups in Freedom, so just bring all generations in the family.

During the summer, every Friday there is 'Fed Fredag' in Tivoli Friheden, where some of the best Danish musicians give a concert. During the schools' autumn holidays, Halloween is celebrated, while Christmas in Freedom opens in December.

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Aarhus, Denmark, Jutland

ARoS art museum

As a landmark for Aarhus and as one of Northern Europe's largest art museums, ARoS is self-written on any list of the best experiences in the city.

The unique museum invites guests inside to a 10-storey house full of experiences for all ages. At the museum, art dates back to the Danish Golden Age to international contemporary art.

The museum is probably best known for the large eye-catching work of art Your Rainbow Panorama at the top of the building. From here you can experience the ultimate view of the city, where both the day and evening views are completely unique.

At level 4 you will find ARoS Market, which contains a cozy café with light dishes and an orangery. This is also where you will find the ARoS Shop, which sells Nordic design and art books.

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Aarhus, Jutland, Denmark

The Greenhouses in the Botanical Garden

In the Botanical Garden, located in Midtbyen, you will find two large greenhouses. Here you can embark on an extraordinary and educational journey through four climate zones.

When you go exploring in the Greenhouses, you walk around a sea of ​​beautiful flowers and whimsical plants that do not grow freely in the Danish nature.

In Tropehuset you will experience a humid heat, smells and sounds, as you stood in the middle of the rainforest in Amazon in South America. Here you will encounter everything from vines and giant water lilies to beautiful butterflies. From the lookout tower in the middle you can see the forest from above.

Take your phone with you and get your fingers in the Greenhouses' very own plant guide by downloading the app USEEUM.

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Aarhus, Denmark

Salling Rooftop

One of the newest - and very popular - ways to see the city can be found at the top of the department store Salling, where Salling Rooftop is located.

In 2017, Salling was expanded with two new floors, which created a kind of city park on top of the building. Here you can have a good lunch in the café, enjoy a few delicious cocktails in the bar, or just relax in the lounge area - all with a good panoramic view of the city.

If you do not suffer from any fear of heights in any way, you can go for a walk on the viewing ramp, which is a glass plate that protrudes beyond Strøget. Here you can look directly down on the pedestrian street 27 meters below you.

It is quite free to visit Salling Rooftop if you just want to see the great views.

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Aarhus, Denmark, animals

Marselisborg Deer Park

If you love wildlife, nature and fresh air, you should definitely take a trip to Marselisborg Deer Park.

In Dyrehaven, which is located just south of Aarhus, and which is part of the Marselisborg forests, you can get very close to the animals. Deer, fallow deer, wild boar and ducks live here.

As you walk along the trails, you will quickly be able to spot the fallow deer and deer inside between the trees. And it is possible to feed them when they get close. They especially love apples and carrots, but can not tolerate bread and pasta, so pack a good pet-friendly packed lunch.

The zoo is an experience for especially all animal lovers and is well suited for families with children. There are several buses from Midtbyen to Dyrehaven. And if you come by car, there is free parking.

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Aarhus, Denmark

Eat your way through Aarhus

Along the river in the heart of Aarhus are a number of cafés and restaurants. It is a real Aarhus thing to have lunch here. Prices can be on the expensive end here for a classic café lunch - but the atmosphere and views are clearly top notch.

Food markets with real street food is also found in Aarhus. At the bus station is Aarhus Street Food, which has more than 30 different stalls. Aarhus Central Food Market is located on Skt Knuds Torv by Strøget. In both places you can eat your fill of delicious street food dishes from all corners of the world.

In Mejlgade in the Latin Quarter, restaurants, cafés and delicatessens are located side by side. The area is known for a slightly more urban environment and has several budget-friendly eateries.

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Just go exploring around the Cathedral - you will definitely find something you can not stand.

There are good opportunities for food and drink on many of the streets in Aarhus. And luckily for all food lovers, the selection of eateries is huge.

Really good trip to Aarhus!

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