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Spa stays in Denmark: Here are 12 spa places to try

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Are you looking for spa, wellness and pampering? Here are 12 offers for wonderful spa stays in Denmark.
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Spa stays in Denmark: Here are 12 spa places to try is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs.

Treat yourself to wellness on a spa stay in Denmark

The rain is drumming on the pane. The warm sandy beaches have become a distant memory that makes you sigh loudly. You look around; Your shower, the old tub, and a single face mask, which has probably gotten too old. Not just wellness. Your body and soul long for luxury. Hold on a little longer, because here we give you a list of 12 specials spa stay in Denmark, which should probably give you the feeling of pampering back.

There is something for every taste and every budget, whether you are for ultimate luxury or want to stay in shelters with wilderness baths. And whether you prefer a spa hotel or a place where you can be completely alone. 

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Skodsborg spa hotel Copenhagen Denmark travel

Kurhotel Skodsborg

Midway between Dyrehaven and Øresund lies the luxury Kurhotel Skodsborg. Stepping into this little piece of spa heaven feels like balm for the soul and the pulse immediately calms down.

It's as if time stands still when you walk around the hotel's exclusive spa department and try the countless spa experiences that Kurhotel Skodsborg offers. It's everything from classic spa experiences such as sauna gas and ice bath to infrared hot salt cave and Sensory Sky shower. For the brave, it is also possible to take a trip in the Øresund from the spa hotel's jetty.

You can book both a spa day and a spa stay at the spa hotel, so it doesn't matter whether you want to pause everyday life for a few hours or dream of a getaway, there is an option for both.

Kurhotel Skodsborg also has a wide range of face and body treatments, which nourish both the inside and the outside, as well as training teams and a fitness centre.

The hotel has two restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food in cozy surroundings. There is also a cozy breakfast restaurant where you can enjoy a luxury buffet with a view of Øresund.

If you need a well-deserved break from everyday life, where self-pampering, luxury and relaxation come together, then book a spa experience at Kurhotel Skodsborg. In any case, there is no doubt that you will leave with renewed energy and calm in both body and soul.

Spa hotel: Kurhotel Skodsborg
reviews: Kurhotel Skodsborg has received 4,4 reviews on Google.
Address: Skodsborg Strandvej 139, 2942 Skodsborg
Facilities: Large luxurious spa, gym with team training, two restaurants, wellness treatments

See more photos and book an overnight stay here:

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Alsik Hotel spa stay in Denmark - travel (Private photo)
Alsik Hotel

Alsik Hotel: Northern Lights, views and charm 

Do you want to completely unwind and slow down? Then you should take a trip to the beautiful, old waterfront in Sønderborg As a. Here you will find the luxurious Alsik Hotel og Alsik Nordisk Spa & Wellness.

Alsik's spa and wellness facilities are of the highest quality and range from therapeutic saunas and steam rooms to relaxing face and body masks. There is also the refreshing Ice Room, where you can cool off.

From Alsik's terrace you can enjoy the view All healthy, while floating around in the hotel's outdoor saltwater infinity pool. As something very special, you can experience the Northern Lights if you head into Aurora Cave.

When the day is over and you have slowed down completely, you can satisfy your hunger at one of Alsik's three fantastic restaurants. The three restaurants are developed and managed by the renowned chef, Jesper Koch, and here you are guaranteed a gastronomic experience beyond the usual. 

Alsik is the perfect setting for your spa stay in Denmark, if you are into luxury and a genuine sense of zen. 

Spa hotel: Alsik Hotel
reviews: Alsik Hotel has received 4,6 reviews on Google.
Address: Nørre Havnegade 21-25, 6400 Sønderborg
Facilities: Nice spa area, gym, wellness treatments, restaurant

See more photos and book an overnight stay here:

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Læsø kur spa stay in Denmark - travel (Private photo)
Læsø Kur

Læsø salt and spa stay in the island kingdom of Denmark

Læsø is known for its production of Læsø Salt, and it has also become the focal point of the beautiful health resort, Læsø Kur, in Vesterø Harbor.

Læsø Kur is located in a rebuilt church, where the preservation of the church's original structure has been paramount. Therefore, the church tower is preserved, and as a guest on the site you can walk all the way up to the top of the tower to be blown backwards by the unsurpassed view of both the Kattegat and Vesterø.

On the spa's terrace, you can enjoy a swim in the heated spa while listening to the lapping of the Kattegat's waves. The spa offers body scrubs, clay and algae wraps, massages and much more. All treatments are made with quality products from Læsø and other parts of Denmark.

Common to all the products is that their key ingredients are natural, and most often it is either salt, amber or willow. Put your legs up and your brain off on Læsø.

Spa hotel: Læsø Kur
reviews: Læsø Kur has received 4,1 reviews on Google.
Address: Vesterø Havnegade 28, 9940 Vesterø Havn

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spa stay in Denmark
Hotel Strandlyst, Samsø

Hotel Strandlyst on Samsø: Design, atmosphere and luxury

Samsø, Samsø, Samsø. One of Denmark's island gems - with a small, exclusive beach hotel, Strandlyst Hotel.

There is a pool and spa bath, and in addition, it is largely the hosts, the atmospheric surroundings and the exquisite gastronomic masterpieces that make your stay memorable.

The hotel is close to the beach and in the 1800th century provided shelter for weather-beaten fishermen and tourists from the mainland. Today it is a great place with great design and luxury - just for a romantic getaway or a girlfriend trip.  

Spa hotel: Hotel Strandlyst
reviews: Hotel Strandlyst has received 4,6 reviews on Google.
Address: Strandvejen 12, 8305 Samsø
Facilities: Outdoor pool, yoga class, restaurant, massage.

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Griffen Hotel, Rønne spa stay in Denmark (Private photo)
Griffen Spa Hotel, Rønne

Griffen Spahotel, Bornholm: Fabulous spa area 

It's not for nothing that Bornholm is one of Denmark's favorite holiday destinations. Sunshine Lake is famous for its authentic atmosphere and for the breathtaking nature.  

Griffen Spa Hotel in Rønne is named after a fabulous animal with a lion's body and eagle's head, guarding valuable treasures. And Griffen in Rønne is really a special place. With a location right on the water, close to the marina and a white sandy beach, beautiful rooms, good food and not least a fabulous spa area, you will quickly get right down to gear.  

The spa area is full of well-being. In addition to sauna, whirlpool, massage and wellness treatments, you can, for example, try the Diamond Spa, where you alternately pamper body and mind with hot steam and ice-cold water. This way, your immune system will be strengthened and you will feel the energy bubble. 

Whether it is the food or the view that is best is difficult to judge.

The restaurant faces west, which means that the classic gourmet dishes are accompanied by the ever-changing sunset with all its colors and nuances. We're guessing you don't want to go back home.  

Spa hotel: Griffen Spa Hotel
reviews: Griffen Spahotel has received 4,3 reviews on Google.
Address: Nordre Kystvej 34, 3700 Rønne
Facilities: Beautiful indoor and outdoor spa, restaurant, fitness room.

See more photos and book an overnight stay here:


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spa - ship
Femmasteren, Marstal, Ærø

Femmasteren and Sømandsbadet on Ærø - sailor tales, peace and quiet

On the cheaper end, we recommend Femmasteren and Sømandsbadet in Marstal on Ærø.

The island is on many Danes' list of favorite places because it exudes life and atmosphere. Among Ærø's many charming houses, which are extremely well preserved, you will find traces of a history full of sailors and enterprising traders.

In Marstal you will find the widely famous maritime museum and the fantastically cozy hotel Femmasteren. When you stay here, you have free access to Sømandsbadet, which is open from March to October.

The bath consists of two outdoor wilderness baths that are heated to 38 degrees. Additionally, you can enjoy the heat in the two indoor saunas and a shower area. After a long day exploring the charming island, you can relax in the cozy surroundings. There is a special atmosphere at Femmasteren, which just has to be experienced.

The bathrooms can also be used on an hourly basis, even if you do not live at Femmasteren.  

Spa hotel: Femmasteren and Sømandsbadet
reviews: Femmasteren and Sømandsbadet have received 4,5 reviews on Google.
Address: Havnegade 28a, 5960 Marstal
Facilities: Wilderness baths, sauna, communal kitchen, rental bicycles

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spa tub
Lübker spa and wellness, Djursland

Lübker Spa and Wellness - ultimate luxury in Djursland 

If you think of spa, wellness and sauna, you might also think of Finland, which is world famous for its ancient cure and health principles. On Djursland you can have a very special experience, which is lovingly developed with the Finnish traditions in mind.

Lübker Spa and Wellness In addition to the sauna, it also offers a spa cave, outdoor wilderness bath and Finnish fireplace lounge. On the large roof terrace you have a phenomenal view of the beautiful nature and the golf course, and you can at the same time enjoy both cold and hot facilities such as steam room and whirlpool, sauna and fountain.  

You'll love the smiling staff who offer a variety of body and facial treatments, hot stone massages, body scrubs and more. Um!

Then the rainy days can just arrive!     

Spa hotel: Lübker Spa and Wellness
reviews: Lübker Spat and Wellness has received 4,2 reviews on Google.
Address: Lübker Allé 123, 8581 Nimtofte
Facilities: Large area with spa facilities inspired by Finland, golf course, wellness treatments, restaurant

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beach sunset
Rømø Enjoy Wellness

Enjoy Resorts Rømø – a unique gem in the middle of Vadehavet

romø is a relatively young island. It is made of stone from the Ice Age and blown sand that is so fine it could be in an hourglass. Here the sun rises over Vadehavet and goes down over Vesterhavet. From Rømø, sailors went out on the world's oceans, among other things, for whaling Svalbard og Greenland

Apart from the fact that Rømø has a fascinating history and is right in the middle of the Vade National Parkhavet, surfers also flock here to try their hand at the huge North Sea. There are open spaces and a unique bird life all year round. You are always close to raw nature.

Rømø also houses the large wellness resort Enjoy Resorts Rømø, which is Denmark's largest. There is plenty of room for everyone here. In addition to a water park for the kids, there is a delicious spa for adults only. You can float in the large salt basin or try the Finnish sauna or one of the others.

As something special, you can also let a tropical rain wash down on you, or you can rejuvenate yourself in the cold water pool. Of course, there is also the possibility of a wealth of delicious treatments. Rømø is definitely worth a visit.

Spa hotel: Enjoy Resorts Rømø
reviews: Enjoy Resorts Rømø has received 4,3 reviews on Google.
Address: Vestergade 31, 6792 Rømø
Facilities: Large outdoor and indoor spa area, fitness facilities, spa treatments, golf course, bowling alleys

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spa - beach
Hotel Hesselet, Funen

Hotel Hesselet: Spa stay in the middle of Denmark 

By Fyn-the end of the Great Belt Bridge is the beautiful family-owned Hotel Hesselet, which invites you inside for pure pampering and relaxation. Hesselet was built in 1967 and was built as a prestigious design hotel with a focus on quality and details. The hotel's unrivaled views of the Great Belt are attractive enough in themselves, but the spa and wellness area should nonetheless be highlighted.

Hotel Hesselet offers everything from Japanese facials and meditation to relaxing body massages and gentle body massages. Are you in the mood for a dip in havet, you can head straight down to the beach and enjoy a dip with a view of the Storebæltsbroen. 

At the hotel you will also find the Hesselet restaurant, which serves both lunch and dinner. Here, quality and taste are paramount, and the focus is on giving you a fantastic overall experience, which includes both gastronomic impressions and atmosphere. 

Spa hotel: Hotel Hesselet
reviews: Hotel Hesselet has received 4,5 reviews on Google.
Address: Christianslundsvej 119, 5800 Nyborg
Facilities: Restaurant, bathing bridge, wellness treatments, spa facilities

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spa - pool - beach
Marienlyst Strandhotel, Elsinore

Marienlyst Strandhotel - luxury at the top of Zealand

On Marienlyst Beach Hotel in Elsinore awaits a spa experience in a class of its own. The level of detail and luxury is so high that it took a full 2 ​​years to develop their spa and wellness area. It has borne fruit, because Marienlyst has been named Spa of the Year in both 2019 and 2020.

The hotel was built in 1901 and was then associated with a spa and bathing establishment located at Marienlyst Castle.

Here you will find surroundings that exude luxury and where outside and inside merge. At Marienlyst Strandhotel you can relax in three different saunas. You can also experience yoga classes, salt therapy, hot pools and hot tubs. You get it all.

After a dip in .Resund you can rediscover the heat in the beach sauna. When hungry, you can enjoy delicious food in one of the beach hotel's two restaurants. Here the focus is on creating an unsurpassed gastronomic experience. End the evening with a glass of wine or a cocktail in the wine bar or in Nordlyst Brasserie and Bar. 

Spa hotel: Marienlyst Beach Hotel
reviews: Marienlyst Strandhotel has received 4,5 reviews on Google.
Address: Nordre Strandvej 2A, 3000 Helsingør
Facilities: Large indoor and outdoor spa area, restaurant, jetty, rental bicycles

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Karpenhøj Nature Center, Djursland

Untraditional spa experiences: Rustic wilderness life with a touch of luxury 

If you have been bitten by a mad wilderness man, and you prefer a rustic spa stay under the open sky, Karpenhøj Nature Center offers nearby Ebeltoft a wilderness experience with a touch of luxury.

Here you can rent a teepee, bring your own tent or sleep in a shelter. There are several fire pits, an outdoor kitchen and a covered long table for dining. As an extra luxury, renting the space includes access to a living room with a fireplace, an indoor kitchen and a toilet and shower. 

If you are up to 8 people, it is possible to book a trip in the so-called wilderness baths, where the water is heated to 38 degrees. Here you can be served a glass of wine and a delicious snack while enjoying the view of Fuglsø Vig. 

As a supplement to yours accommodation you can be inspired by a very special nature and food experience, in the form of wilderness gourmet. Here the guides take you out into nature to gather ingredients for a beautiful and tasty meal over a campfire, which consists of a minimum of four dishes. You can try your hand at ancient cooking methods such as oven, salt dough wrapping and food simmering in fire, smoke and embers.

The menu changes according to the season. It is the community and the meeting around the meal and the fire that is in focus, and you will come to love the large, Sami tent and the vast, open sky above you. 

Spa hotel: Karpenhøj Nature Center
reviews: Karpenhøj Nature Center has received 4,8 reviews on Google.
Address: Dragsmurvej 12, 8420 Knebel
Facilities: Wilderness baths, fire pits, both indoor and outdoor kitchen, wilderness gourmet

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The lighthouse on Møns Klint: Where the horizon meets the silence

On the border between heaven and earth - on the outer edge of the mountain Moens Klint – is the Lighthouse. During the Cold War, it was used as a vantage point. Here sat experienced captains, lighthouse keepers and officers from the navy and kept an eye on all vessels that crossed havet.

It's not hard to imagine the many (sea) robbery stories they have sat and told each other on the long evenings. About all the storms and waves that were as high as mountains. Today, Fyrhytten is furnished as a holiday home with room for two people and infinitely much peace and quiet. In fact, one can only hear the cries of the waves and seagulls, and at night the lighthouse lights up.

One of the most spectacular things about the house is the outdoor bathtub with the spectacular view. Here you can really enjoy the silence, the alluring whisper of the horizon and the impressive starry sky.

Møn and the neighboring island of Nyord have the honor of being the first Nordic 'Dark Sky' park, which means that nature is protected from light pollution.

It gives you a completely unique experience of being in the middle of infinity. 

Spa hotel: The lighthouse
Address: Klintholm Alle 1 B, 4791 Borre
Facilities: Outdoor bathtub with spectacular views, dark sky experiences, bathrobes, kitchen

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Hotel Vejlefjord Spa (Private photo)
Hotel Vejlefjord

The bubbles - our readers recommend their best spa stay in Denmark

The active members of our Facebook group also recommends a visit to Hotel Vejlefjord and Comwell Kellers Park by Vejle, Ribehøj between Brørup and Ribe, Mariager Saltcenter, Aire in Carlsberg Byen i København and Himmerland Spa close by The Limfjord.

The pampering and the unique experiences are waiting for you out there, because remember: You deserve lots of spa and wellness.

Really good pampering, no matter where your spa stay is Denmark walks to!

8 delicious spa hotels in Denmark:

  • Kurhotel Skodsborg
  • Alsik Hotel
  • Læsø Kur
  • Vejlefjord Hotel
  • Marienlyst Badehotel
  • Sophiebadet
  • Lübker Spa and Wellness
  • Mariager Salt Center
  • The lighthouse

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