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Læsø: Denmark's sunshine island

Læsø is a fantastic island, which is especially known for their fantastic salt - and in fact also lots of sun. Follow the discovery on the sunshine island in the Kattegat.
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Læsø: Denmark's sunshine island af Sarah Steinitz

Denmark - Læsø - travel

A small community that has it all

With miles of soft sandy beaches, high cliffs jutting straight up into the blue sky and 1.951 hours of sunshine providing the sunshine lake itself Bornholm rear wheels, Læsø is really high on the list above islands in Denmark, one really should put the trip past when you have to around in Denmark.

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We came to Læsø one late evening and rolled out to camp in the woods. The next morning we found ourselves among tall green spruces by a perfectly clear, royal blue lake that glistened in the sun and had not yet let go of the last remnant of frost. Wildly beautiful!

We jumped on the bikes and cruised down along of the island the east side, where high, sharp dunes rise almost vertically into the air, and where the elongated sandy beaches make one feel like one has it all to oneself.

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Denmark - Læsø, church - travel

In one with the beautiful island nature

It is especially recommended to go all the way to the eastern tip, where the larks sing, the reeds sway and the water is completely calm on both sides. The island tranquility is right there.

With 2000 people, Læsø is its own community with everything you need.

Fine little shops, a few restaurants and a hip beer bar have just opened on the harbor. In addition, some ingenious heads have got the idea to turn the old church into a spa with local sea salt, real southern salt (!), Which is said to be as healing as the salt in a Dead Sea. With saunas in the aisle, jacuzzi instead of an altar and rosé in the porch, going to church can quickly become addictive.

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Denmark - Læsø, small house - travel

A return visit calls

Although Læsø is a good ferry ride and a longer drive away for most people, the Sunshine Lake in the Kattegat is definitely worth the trip. We still have to taste the homemade ice cream on home-picked berries in Storhaven, where the farm animals roam free, so we luckily have to come back!

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You can watch the video from Læsø at the top of the page

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About the author

Sarah Steinitz

Sarah has a degree in sociology from the University of Copenhagen with a supplementary education in journalistic communication from the Danish Media and Journalism Academy.
From March to September 2018, she and Tine Tolstrup will explore the island kingdom and travel to 37 islands in Denmark. It's going to be an adventure. An adventure they call The Odyssey. They are part of a generation that flies around the world after the book "1000 places you must see before you die", but still have never been to Avernakø or driven over Storstrømsbroen. They will seek out the adventures that await around the corner - on Fejø, Fanø, Fur and the 34 other islands that they travel around on their Ødyssé.

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