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Denmark Zealand and islands

Guide: 24-hour adventure with magnificent scenery and accommodation in tipi

Denmark - Hejcamp, tipi, entrance - travel
Get cheap on a delicious adventure in South Zealand.
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Af Maja Overgård

Denmark - Hejcamp, Møns Klint, beach - travel

Exotic South Zealand and Møns Klint

Do you also dream of the azure sea of ​​the Caribbean, of hiking on high mountains and of falling asleep to the sound of bonfires? All that you can experience in a single day. It is an obvious trip if you live on Zealand and want a cheap adventure over a weekend.

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Denmark - Hejcamp, Faxe Kalkbrud - travel

First stop: Faxe Kalkbrud in South Zealand

What do you think of when you think of lime? I immediately thought of electric kettles to be descaled and was therefore not particularly excited about spending a Saturday at a lime quarry. However, that thought was quickly replaced with a "WOW" when we arrived Faxe Lime Quarry.

From the edge of the limestone quarry you have a view of three lakes with azure blue and clear water. The lakes are located in Denmark's largest man-made hole, and everything around the lakes is lime. With the white lime, blue lakes and glorious sunshine, the thoughts are directed to the exotic Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Once you have enjoyed the view, you can walk the 45 meters down into the limestone quarry itself via a fine wooden staircase. When you hit the bottom, you are on a 63 million year old sea, where crocodiles, sharks and squid once swam around between beautiful corals.

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Archaeologist for a day

We spent an hour just walking around among the three lakes, admiring the landscape and understanding how the water can be so blue. The clear blue color is actually the water's own color when viewed on the white lime background. You see the water's own color so clearly because the water in the lakes is hero clean groundwater with very few planktonic algae and nutrients.

If you want to live out your inner archaeologist, you can bring a hammer and chisel - or rent at Geomuseum Faxe - and look for fossils in the limestone. Access to the limestone quarry is free.

From Faxe Kalkbrud we drove on to Møns Klint. We set the GPS for GeoCenter Møns Klint; a drive of about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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Denmark - Hejcamp, Møns Klint - travel

Second stop: Møns Klint

Møns Klint is a fantastic natural area on the eastern side of Møn. Møns Klint is a completely unique combination of beech forest on one side and a steep chalk cliff facing havet to the other side.

There are countless outdoor activities: You can, for example, hike, ride or cycle through the forest while looking for rare mushrooms and wild peregrine falcons, or simply observe the many historical formations in the cliff.

We chose to walk one of the marked hiking trails all the way out by the cliff and once again had to pinch our arm to understand that we were actually still in Denmark - which is simply indescribably beautiful.

Based on GeoCenter Møns Klint, it is obvious to follow route 4 or 5, which takes you on a tour through the forest - all the time along the cliff - and back along the beach - see below or full version here . Route 4 is 2,7 km. And route 5 is 2,3 km. You can easily combine the two trips.

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Denmark - Hejcamp, Map of Møns Klint - travel

Up and down Møns Klint with impressive views

The walk through the forest takes place partly on a wooden staircase and partly on the marked paths. Along the way, you will constantly find vantage points where you can enjoy the view over the cliff and havet. Allow plenty of time to walk the route – one vantage point is better than the other, and everywhere you see the landscape from new angles.

The highest point of the route is on route 4, where at one point you have a vertical drop down to the beach of a full 128 meters. A long wooden staircase takes you down to the beach, where you walk back towards the GeoCenter on deposited flint stones. It is a beautiful experience now to see the cliffs and the forest from below.

On the beach you can be lucky to find sea urchins and beautiful rocks before you finally take Denmark's longest staircase with 497 steps back up to the GeoCenter.

After now seeing Denmark's largest man-made hole with azure water and then burning off lots of energy at Møns Klint, it's time for the trip's last destination: Dinner by the fire and overnight in tipi on Lolland.

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Third stop: Accommodation in Native American tipi on Lolland

We arrived in the late afternoon to the finest orchard on the east side of Lolland. Here we had a single accommodation in a Native American tipi, and it can really be recommended if you want the experience of sleeping in nature without completely sacrificing comfort.

The tipi is located in a cozy space between rows of fruit trees, and it is hard not to feel relaxed when you sit in front of the fire and watch the sun go down over the field behind. There is plenty of space in the tipi and it is extra luxury to have a wooden bench to sleep on, so you are raised above the ground - we slept really well!

Tip: Do the extra luxury for yourself: Bring a fold-out mattress, duvet and pillow - you can park close by.

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Denmark - Hejcamp, field - travel

Everything you need - at your fingertips

We made dinner on our trangia, but there is also a large campfire hut where you can easily make dinner. In general, it is a very easy place to be on a camping trip. There are the necessary facilities; toilet, fire pit, drinking water plus electricity - really nice to get your phone charged.

On top of that, the owner, Peter, also runs a small fruit stall where we bought fresh strawberries and peas. You can also buy onions, tomatoes, etc. for dinner there, if you have not brought it from home. Firewood can also be purchased on site.

You can book the tipi here at

As darkness began to fall, we lit bonfires inside the tipi. It was really nice to fall asleep to the sound of bonfires after a nice day with lots of activity in the Danish nature.

Hope you can find inspiration in our trip to embark on a little everyday adventure in Denmark.

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Maja Overgård

Maja loves to travel and be in nature.
Having traveled all over the world, her latest passion is to explore Danish nature - and that should preferably include an overnight stay in a tent, a trip on the water with the surfboard or in a hammock under a tree.
Maja is behind the website, which she has started to make it easy to find shelters, tent sites, teepees, flying tents (!) or other exciting accommodation options in the Danish nature.



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