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Travel lectures

Do you want to attend a travel lecture? It is an eminent way to learn more about a destination or way of travel, and to meet others who are also considering jumping into a new travel country themselves. On this page, we have therefore collected a long list travel lecture in Copenhagen and east of the Great Beltand  in Aarhus and west of the Great Belt.

The lectures on many different types of travel are planned and held by a number of different places and organisations, including travel cafes, travel agencies, evening schools, colleges, the folk university and travel clubs.

They are basically open to everyone. Some are free and others require a small payment. All detailed information and registration goes directly to the organiser, then RejsRejsRejs is not the organizer, and therefore cannot answer questions, or is responsible for any cancellations or changes.

You can tip a friend about a travel lecture by sending them a link to this page, so you can have a pleasant evening with good travel inspiration for your next trip. Enjoy.

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