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Restaurants in Copenhagen: Top-20 good places to eat

The selection of restaurants in Copenhagen can seem overwhelming, and it is difficult to find the best one. Here are our own local favorites.
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Restaurants in Copenhagen: Top-20 good places to eat is written by Ida Dreboldt Kofoed-Hansen.

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A city full of delicacies - visit these restaurants in Copenhagen

I am one of the many Danes who do not live in Copenhagen. For me, the city is a place I go on weekend getaways or vacations. My big challenge when I'm in Copenhagen - besides having to find my way around - is the food. For what should I eat and where can I eat on a budget?

The city is known for great gastronomy, and many travel to Copenhagen to taste the world-famous Nordic food. There are a wealth of cafes, restaurants and food stalls so you can quickly buy yourself poor in food. But that does not always mean that what you buy is good.

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I have many times spent money on lunch or dinner and have been disappointed with the quality I got. If I just want a delicious meal that is not part of the new gastronomic revolution (and then costs), where do I go then?

I have therefore asked our many wise readers from Copenhagen. They have given us an insight into which restaurants in Copenhagen the locals love to eat at - without the Dankort bleeding.

So here are the 20 favorites where we can plunge into a world of food without the budget crashing the next time Copenhagen calls. Welcome and good trip to Copenhagen.

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Restaurants in Copenhagen for the fast hungry

Below you will find the cafés and restaurants where you can quickly satisfy your hunger. The places are not the most obvious for long cozy meals, where you look each other deep in the eyes. The food, on the other hand, comes quickly, and much of it is of the type that you can easily take with you if you are heading further out into the city.

Kebab shish food

Kösk Kebab

If you are near Nørrebro, you see kebab places everywhere. However, the quality is fluctuating, even though they are all cheap. If you want good kebabs made over a real charcoal grill, then is Kösk Kebab a place to try.

The food is delicious, authentic and cheap. It is located on Frederikssundsvej close to Nørrebro Station, which has recently received both a metro station and a new high-rise building. It is an area where a lot of life has come in the last few years.

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Water Art Sandwich (Private photo)

Water Art Sandwich

If you want a good sturdy sandwich, then is Water Art Sandwich definitely there you need to go. They make delicious fresh sandwiches, and there are many exciting combinations. They are located on the corner of one of Copenhagen's nicest streets, Magstræde, which exudes a medieval city.

If the weather is good, you can trip around the corner, sit down on a bench along Frederiksholms Kanal and enjoy the view of Christiansborg Castle while you eat.

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District Tonkin - one of the Vietnamese restaurants in Copenhagen

If you crave crispy coriander and dishes that fire up the taste, visit Tonkin District - one of Copenhagen's best Vietnamese restaurants. The menu is packed with Vietnamese delicacies with everything from tasty snacks to delicious noodle dishes, and then even at affordable prices.

District Tonkin has three restaurants in Indre by - on Vesterbrogade, Store Kongensgade and Nytorv. And if the weather is good, it is obvious to take the food with you as a take away to the Lakes or the King's Garden.

Broens Street Kitchen

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Here you will find many various food stalls, which has everything from desserts to burgers and spicy Latin American dishes. It is not very cheap, but in return there are many different options. So if you are a group away, you are sure that there is something that everyone likes.

Broens Gadekøkken is located on Christianshavn, more specifically on Strandgade. If you are at Nyhavn, you can walk or cycle over the Inner Harbor Bridge to Christianshavn. It is all surrounded by water so you are guaranteed views while eating.

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Stefano's Pizzeria

If you fancy a really good standard pizza, then this is it Stefano's Pizzeria just the place. The food is straightforward without so many frills, and the price is then. The bottom is crisp and the cheese is soft; then one can hardly demand more. The restaurant is located on Stefansgade in Nørrebro, right by Assistens Cemetery and Nørrebroparken.

North Korea - food - good restaurants in Copenhagen

Scurry Hub

Very cheap and incredibly delicious Asian restaurant. They have a number of rice and noodle dishes as well as a simple sandwich. It is also possible to get vegetarian versions. The restaurant is located on Fiolstræde in the inner city close to Nørreport Station. 

Scurry Hub does not have as many seats, so if the weather is good, it is obvious to take the food with you to Ørstedparken, which is located nearby.

restaurant food

Café Globen

Café Globen is home to the Travelers' Club and holds a wealth of events and lectures on travel. Their café does not serve food, but in return you can do something else smart: Eat your own takeaway food. You can bring food from one of the many places nearby or bring your own food basket and settle down at the cafe.

There is a cozy atmosphere, the opportunity to buy good drinks and get wiser to exciting destinations. Café Globen is located on Turesensgade right by Ørstedsparken and close to Torvehallerne.

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Good restaurants in Copenhagen - for the cozy meal

We Danes love to have fun - especially over the food. If you have plenty of time for a cozy breakfast, lunch or dinner, then the restaurants and cafes below are some great places to try. The places have delicious food and relaxed atmosphere, which is why they are among my top 20 best restaurants in Copenhagen. Then you can easily spend a few hours over a good portion of food, this is where you should strike.

sushi food

Nozomi Sushi

Delicious all-you-can-eat sushi for cheap money. You get an order form, and then you can otherwise just order what you want. So you do not have to stand in line at a buffet or stress at the conveyor belt.

Nozomi Sushi is located on Store Kongensgade near Nyhavn. If you have spent the day in this cozy part of Copenhagen, but do not want to eat at one of the more touristy restaurants in Copenhagen, Nozomi Sushi is a good bet.


Cozy café with good coffee and delicious food. They focus on healthy dishes and preferably food that is gluten-free. Among other things, you can get a delicious gluten-free brunch plate or a highly plated healthy sandwich. The cafe is cosily furnished as a small living room and there is a very relaxed atmosphere.

Social is available at two different addresses. One is located in Sankt Gertruds Stræde, which is in the middle between Rundetårn and Kongens Have. It is only open until 14 pm. The other is located at Peblinge Dossering right by the Queen Louise Bridge. It is open until 19:XNUMX.

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Drinks restaurant - Top 20 best restaurants in Copenhagen


Neighborhood is a restaurant that specializes in gourmet pizzas and drinks. You might think it's a slightly weird mix, but it works surprisingly well. At first glance, 145 kroner for a pizza seems like a high price, but the food is incredibly delicious, organic and not reminiscent of the classic pizza from the grill bar.

They have two restaurants; one on Istedgade not so far from the Central Station and one on Frederiksborggade - almost directly opposite Torvehallerne.

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El meson

El meson is the perfect place if you need genuine Spanish tapas. It is the oldest Spanish restaurant in Denmark, and you feel the southern atmosphere as soon as you walk in the door. On the menu you will find all kinds of tapas dishes and many different Spanish wines.

You can easily dream away to Spain, even if you are in the middle of Copenhagen. The restaurant is located a few minutes from Nørreport, so it is easy to get to and from.

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Taiwan Sushi - Top 20 best restaurants in Copenhagen - good restaurants in Copenhagen


Like the name boathouse suggests, this restaurant is close to the water. The food focuses on two concepts; California barbecue and Asian favorites. There is everything from steaks on the grill to sushi, so it should be possible to find a dish you like.

If you have a hard time choosing between the many delicious options, they have a menu that the chef himself has put together - so you do not have to make the difficult choice. The restaurant is located at Christianshavn on Strandgade, close to Skuespilhuset and Christiania.

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The club - one of the classic Danish restaurants in Copenhagen

If you love good old-fashioned Danish food and can't stand Asian fusion cuisine or pizza with truffle oil and goat cheese, then Restaurant Club just you.

Every Monday you can mash yourself in fried pork ad libitum and a small draft beer for the neat price of 130 kroner. It's hard to resist. The restaurant is located on Enghavevej in Vesterbro. It is close to Carlsbergbyen, Enghave Plads and Vega.

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Byrani food - Top 20 best restaurants in Copenhagen - good restaurants in Copenhagen

Send More Spices

If you want to taste the world, then you have to go for it Send More Spices. Here they prepare dishes from Pakistan, Cambodia, Somalia, Morocco or a whole fifth place.

They have breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the dish of the day for only DKK 125. This exciting café can be found in two places, one in Nørrebrohallen by Den Røde Plads. The other on Nørre Allé right by Sankt Hans Torv.

Food rice - Top 20 best restaurants in Copenhagen - good restaurants in Copenhagen

Magasasa - one of the good Chinese restaurants in Copenhagen

This restaurant makes delicious Chinese food that is both affordable and sticks to some of the traditional dishes from China. They have four different restaurants, where two of them have a little more focus on cocktails and fusion food and the other two have more classic dishes.

One of those with the more classic dishes is located on Istedgade right next to Copenhagen Central Station. If you are interested in cocktails and fusion food then try their restaurant on Flæsketorvet in Kødbyen.

Smørrebrød - good restaurants in Copenhagen

Smör - one of the finer on the list of restaurants in Copenhagen

Now that you're on a trip and have taken some pocket money with you, so be it Butter a really good place to go. It is a breakfast restaurant with fantastic open sandwiches and hearty dishes. It may not be the cheapest solution when hunger strikes. But in return you get one of the best sandwich experiences Copenhagen has to offer, and then even the National Museum in the middle of Copenhagen.

The great focus on the ingredients means that Smör is actually a bit at the high end of the scale in relation to being on the list, because in this price range there are suddenly a lot of other restaurants that could come along. I have taken it with me anyway, because it is actually difficult to find delicious open sandwiches in Copenhagen. There are many places that do this, but they are often more targeted tourists.

We Danes know well what highly coated open sandwiches are, so it takes more than the combination of rye bread and cold cuts to impress us. And if we are to buy it for expensive money, it must be something out of the ordinary. It's Butter. And then they have something as unusual as a healthy menu for the kids.


Restaurants in Copenhagen for the vegetarian and vegan

Although Denmark is known for open sandwiches and pork, fortunately there are plenty of alternatives to meat. As a vegetarian or vegan, just go on an adventure in the culinary Copenhagen menu. Almost all Copenhagen restaurants have a really good vegetarian and vegan selection on the menu, and the city has to that extent joined the green wave. Below is a little to start with.

Tapas-food restaurant - Top 20 best restaurants in Copenhagen - good restaurants in Copenhagen


Souls is a vegan restaurant that won the award for most sustainable restaurant in 2018. They have breakfast, lunch and dinner at reasonable prices. A great place to eat if you prioritize both food and sustainability.

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They have two good restaurants in Copenhagen. One is located on Købkes Plads in Carlsbergbyen, which is a thriving neighborhood in Copenhagen V close to Enghave Plads. The other, Restaurant Ark, is located on Nørre Farimagsgade close to the Botanical Garden and Torvehallerne.

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This was the locals' top 20 of good restaurants in Copenhagen, when you want a really good dining experience in Copenhagen. Have a good trip and welcome!

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What to see in Copenhagen? Sights and attractions

  • Zoo
  • The blue Planet
  • Tivoli
  • Bakken
  • The National Museum
  • Round tower
  • The little Mermaid
  • Experimentarium
  • The Glyptotheque
  • The Open Air Museum
  • Rosenborg Slot
  • Christiansborg Castle
  • Amalienborg Castle
  • Kronborg castle - UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • the Kings Garden
  • Strøget

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