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Meet our travel writers

Suitcase - sand - travel is driven by the desire to travel and write, and we are many travel writers who have both in large quantities. Here you can meet us who write travel articles and see a little more about what else we do and where we travel to.

Adil Mirzakhanova

Adil was born in Russia, and came to Denmark when she was 3 years old. She has been to Russia over 15 times during her life and in 2018 she lived over there for 6 months. She speaks fluent Russian and loves to show a different side of Russia and Russian culture than what one typically sees as a regular tourist. Adil works as a tour guide for the travel company Above Borders, who make trips to some of the world's most isolated countries.

Alberte Munch Ekstrand

Alberta has especially experienced the world from the water side - including a year of long-distance sailing across the Atlantic to the Caribbean in the family's home-built boat.

Amanda Rico Abildskov

Amanda runs her own travel-related business Homepage and Facebook page. She is half Danish and half Spanish and grew up in an Andalusian village. She travels to Spain several times a year both on family visits but also to explore new exciting places. She is a trained tour guide and has worked in Spain, Turkey and Thailand.

Most of Amanda's travels go to the Spanish-speaking countries, and she has, among other things. been backpacking in Costa Rica, Cuba and Mexico. Amanda is, in addition to a tour guide, a trained school teacher and musician. Her approach to local life is often music, snorkeling and diving or mountain biking. She will be in Central America as well as South America until the end of 2019.

Ane Hess-Nielsen

I have a passion for travel, history, culture, religion and language and I am always in the process of planning my next trip. In 2018, the trip goes to Dakar, Senegal.
My desire for adventure - whether I travel as a writer, expat, travel guide, exchange student or tourist - has taken me to over 30 countries on four continents. Among other things, I have jumped in a bungee jump at Victoria Falls, been on trekking in Kashmir, visited the desert city of Yazd in Iran, walked on the Great Wall of China, visited underground churches in Ethiopia and been on safari in Botswana.

Anita Olsen

Anita is a happy and adventurous soul - incurably infected with travel fever. A secondment in the United States was the starting point: here the beautiful, idyllic New England and the nature parks in the west hit her feet away from under her. Since then, she has been addicted to great nature experiences, which in addition to the United States have led her to Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, Peru, Jordan, Norway and many other places in the world.
Do-it-yourself and active holidays are the preferred form of travel well helped by Lonely Planet, travel blogs and other online sources. In addition to nature, people are also a big part of the experience: "You often meet the most open, friendly and wonderful people along the way". Anita is a volunteer co-author RejsRejsRejs.

Anna le Dous

"He who says it is not possible should not interrupt the one who does it." It is a proverb that has followed Anna le Dous since Anna was carried up on the Great Wall sitting in her wheelchair. Anna has muscle wasting and is dependent on personal and practical help 24 hours a day. A staircase is as impossible for Anna to climb as Mount Everest is for many walkers. All of Anna's travels have taught her that a lot can be done if you are stubborn and keep your dreams. The more country borders she has crossed, the more she has moved her boundaries of what is possible. The excuses for not traveling can be many, but why not just drop them and throw yourself into the adventure? Anna is a member of De Berejstes Klub and has traveled in over 60 countries on 6 continents. She writes articles and lectures on traveling when you have a physical disability.

Anna Lohmann

Anna is originally from Birkerød, but has now lived in Vesterbro for a couple of years, where she enjoys the countless cafés and good coffee. Her joy of traveling started already as a child, and still leaves a few times a year when her studies and finances allow. Anna's best travel destinations are Amsterdam, Bali and Vietnam, but hope to one day have the opportunity to experience New Zealand.

Anne Marie Boye

Anne Marie loves to travel to different destinations, where it is possible to have great travel experiences and like to get out in nature and close to the animals. She is a member of De Berejstes Klub, and has been to more than 60 countries, and more are on the way. She travels with her boyfriend Rasmus, and together they sign

Anne Marie Simonsen

For Anne Marie, traveling is much more than a passion - it's a lifestyle. She grew up in a family that is spread all over the globe, so traveling and exploring the world has always been a natural part of her life. She has been afraid to fly and for a few years had to quench the urge to travel by traveling Europe thinly by train, but after traveling all over Bangladesh in small old local propeller planes, the horror is being cured.

Anne Marie has a very special fondness for Southeast Asia and West Africa, where she has lived and worked for a number of years, thereby getting very close to the locals. She always travels with her notebook and camera to capture local life in the best possible way.

Antonela Thoma

Antonela is an avid traveler, food lover and creative soul who loves nature and especially the sea.
She was born in a small port city in Albania, has lived in Athens and moved to exotic Denmark 5 years ago.
Antonela has recently thrown herself into developing a project called getULocal, which should make us all support and shop in the small independent shops on a daily basis, as we also do when we are on holiday.

Birgit Pedersen

I live in Hundested with my fiancé Henrik and my youngest son. I am a mother of 2 boys and a bonus mother of 3 boys.
To travel is to live, expand one’s horizon and knowledge. Which I like a lot. This applies both below and above the water. Love watching travel / nature shows and a good movie. Birgit participates in this year's travel article competition

Brian Hansen

Brian Hansen has worked as a tour guide in large parts of the world - mostly based in Thailand - since March 2000 and has lived in Chiang Mai since 2008. See more on his blog, where you can both find good tips and tricks to plan your next trip as well as usable expert knowledge about including Thailand.

Camilla Egeborg Møller

Camilla Egeborg suffers from constant exile, which has led her to over 50 countries in 28 years. She has a weakness for the unknown, the local and everything that is not in the guidebooks. That is why she uses Couchsurfing on her travels, among other things. Camilla participates in this year's travel article competition

Camilla Kornerup

Camilla Kornerup is a member of De Berejstes Klub and has traveled, lived and worked in 50 countries around the world with longer stays in Asia and South America. On a daily basis, Camilla runs the lecture company, where she gives lectures on culture, people and social conditions in some of the world's exciting countries. You can read more about Camilla here.

Camilla Liv Jensen

Camilla has been used to traveling since a young age, and must travel at least once a year - but the more, the better. So far, most trips have been within Europe, except for a single trip to Dubai and a trip to Florida as a child, but she hopes to visit more continents as soon as possible.

On a daily basis, she studies Leisure Management in Roskilde, which is a study that i.a. focuses on tourism and experience economy. The role as a student does not generate much money for travel, which is why most travel so far has been within Europe.

She loves to travel south, towards higher temperatures, but when the season says winter, she also loves to ski.

Cecilie Ballegaard Thuelund

For Cecilie, freedom is one of the values ​​she values ​​most. She feels best when she can feel free. That's why she's traveled most of her life. In 2020, Cecilie's travel style changed. Cecilie has most often traveled alone, but now she is exploring the world in her camper van, Fudde, with her boyfriend and their dog. Next big planned trip is road trip through Eastern Europe with final island hopping in Greece. Cecilie's biggest dream is to get the record full: She only needs to visit a single continent, so Antarctica is high on the list - along with the Mongolian Railway.

Cecilie Saustrup Kirk

For Cecilie, the world is her playground, and the more often she gets out there, the better.

She has traveled most of her life and experienced everything from the romantic streets of Paris to Tokyo's electronic neon signs and Accra's scenic game parks.

She loves to look for the hidden gems in culture, experiences and food, and always prefers the local food stall and the authentic performances, rather than the international chain stores.

She has lived in South Korea for half a year, and is determined to live in another country again sometime in the future.

Next targets on the list are Canada's magnificent waterfalls and Australia's colorful coral reefs

Celina Jarnit Petersen

Celina is a cand.comm. in Danish and communication and has a great interest in cultural communication and cultural experiences. She loves to pack her suitcase and travel on vacation to warmer skies.

Cirkeline Colberg

The suitcase is often packed and ready as soon as the winter period hits. The destination goes primarily to warm and cultural Thailand, as it has done for the past 5 years.

Her passion for experiences, travel and cultures started almost 10 years ago when she traveled to the United States as an exchange student.
Since then, the suitcase has been filled with memories such as road trips in the USA, backpacking trips in Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico, as well as lots of short trips to Berlin, Hamburg, London and Malmö, among others.

When she does not have the opportunity to travel, Cirkeline enjoys exploring beautiful natural areas and collecting further on her travel book collection, which is constantly growing.

After completing education in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management, the dream is to be able to travel with the family around the Southeast Asian countries for a longer period.

Claus Andersen

Claus Andersen has traveled most of his life and spirits and lives to travel and to be a world citizen.
He makes a living as a tour guide, lecturer, blogger and with tourism development in various countries. Claus is on the go most of the year and is fine with his restlessness and loves to be around the world and visit all the friends he has made over the years on all continents.
Claus Andersen is also a passionate long-distance cyclist and has cycled through more than 30 countries, just as he also loves hiking and climbing volcanoes in his spare time. The job as a tour guide can be stressful at times, and then it is good with fresh air and exercise in exotic surroundings when you have free time.
Claus has a fairly extensive blog in English about his travels, which is called, and a Danish version can be found at

Danny Salling Hansen

Danny has a master's degree. in tourism from Aalborg University Copenhagen. And yes, he really loves to travel! When he does not dream of surfing in Hawaii, hiking through lush Amazonas or scouting from the tops of the highest mountains, everyday sees his focus on digital communication and marketing. In addition, he loves gastronomy and meeting foreign cultures, and has previously worked as a chef in Copenhagen, for several years.

Emil Moe

Emil loves to travel and has traveled in large parts of the world.

Since it is important to know its foundation, the destinations were
the first many years in Europe. Later, it has expanded to all parts of the world, but especially Asia has captured his interest and he has lived in Asia several times. First Thailand and later Cambodia, where he has also had the pleasure of watching Angkor Wat several times.

On a daily basis, Emil is a software engineer and fully enjoys being able to take his work under his arm and go out into the world.
On the journeys, local culture, history and population are in focus. It is a pleasure to learn about other cultures and traditions and at times be challenged in his perception of how "things tend to be".

Emma Thiesen Nielsen

Emma is very adventurous and loves to experience new cultures. Since she was very young, her family has taken her on explorations around the world.

She has subsequently lived and worked in China, Corsica, the Cayman Islands and Brazil. She loves tasting local food and exotic drinks. Because of his time as a bartender at a beer bar, tasting local beers is always a must. For Emma, ​​it is important to understand the local culture and get to know the locals.

She is in the process of taking a professional bachelor's degree in International Hospitality Management and has been trained as a Divemaster along the way. She dreams of being able to open her own hostel in the future.

Some of the best memories from Emma's adventures are from carnival in Rio, helicopter ride in New York, Chinese New Year in Shanghai, diving on the Cayman Islands, New Year in Bangkok, jungle party in Cambodia and cliff diving in Corsica.

Eric Lang

Eric Lang lost his heart to New York immediately when he visited the city for the first time. He has taken New York life to heart with all that it entails and, along with his family, has called New York his home for 6 years. On and in the free app Eric's New York to iOS og Android he shares his great tips and tells everything there is to know about The Big Apple. Eric has made it his full-time job to help people plan the perfect trip to New York, and he can answer almost any question that may arise. Whether you're looking for New York's best burger, museums, rooftop bars, sights to visit with kids or something completely fifth, Eric has the answer!

Eva Jørgensen

In 2018, Eva and her husband Malthe sold their house in Copenhagen and exchanged it for a motorhome. Since then, they have lived out their dream and driven Europe thin as digital nomads full time. The main purpose of their new life is, in addition to waving goodbye to a stressful everyday life, to map Europe's unknown sights, fantastic natural areas, small beautiful restaurants and much more. In addition to writing articles, they also have their own blog and can be followed on Instagram og Facebook. In 2020, Eva published an e-book about their first two years as full-time travelers. The book is called Book of Dreams and is a narrative travel guide with lots of stories, tips & tricks, recommendations and beautiful pictures from their journey. If you think their story seems familiar, it may be because you saw them in Go'Morgen Denmark in the summer of 2020, where they told about breaking up with everyday life.

Henriette Krog-Andersen

Henriette loves to travel! She loves to go out and meet new cultures, see different places, and especially she is repeatedly overwhelmed by how amazing experiences you can have in nature.

She really opened her eyes to foreign countries when she lived in the United States as an exchange student. Later she lived for 2½ years in Greenland, but now enjoys everyday life in Denmark with her family. However, there should preferably be at least one holiday planned so that they always have new experiences in sight.

Henriette blogs about their travels on, among other things about how they travel as a family, and about how they best try to combine both children's experiences and adult experiences.

Henrik Lange

Henrik Lange knows the USA better than most.
Henrik is a trained journalist, has visited the USA and Canada more than 30 times and has been to most corners of the great continent. He loves the North American country roads, the classic motels with beautiful neon signs, the authentic diners and cafes, the many small towns and the vast open expanses and landscapes. And not least the unique national parks.
Henrik is an expert in self-drive holidays in the USA and has driven around the USA in rental cars and motorhomes. He is behind the USA portal and the member club, and then he advises Danish families who are planning a holiday on their own in the USA or Canada.
Well, by the way, he has also written 12 travel guides about different regions of the United States.
Henrik also started his career as an American expert by traveling around the American Midwest back in the 1990s with an American family, where he helped sell freshly squeezed lemonade to the thirsty Americans for town parties, animal shows, farmland, rodeo tournaments and air shows.
Henrik and Highways-USA can also be found at Facebook, Instagramand Youtube.

Iben Lindemark

Iben has traveled the world thin since she was young, and has been a member of the Travelers' Club for many years. Together with her husband, Christian, she has four children aged 2-11 years and is therefore an expert in child-friendly travel. The family always spends the summer sailing while traveling the world in the winter. 

Iben prefers to have plenty of time to experience the countries she visits, so the list of countries she has stayed in for more than a month includes China, Vietnam, Israel, Brazil, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Canada and the United States. In recent years, she and her family have primarily spent their travels exploring the Caribbean, which is an ideal area to travel in with young children.

Ida Dreboldt Kofoed-Hansen

Ida has a master's degree in communication and Danish literature. Her travels focus either on nature experiences or on cultural experiences. As a former scout, she has a penchant for hiking, backpacking and campfire food. In the family, a large 10-person tent with cabins has just been purchased, so that the future offers new exciting outdoor experiences.

When the journey needs to have a more cultural focus, Ida is happy with capitals. During the city break, she always has a long list of historical sights to experience, and not much time is spent in the hotel room. She has been to London, Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome and Reykjavik, among other places.

Inge Gustafsson

Inge loves everything that has to do with Italy. It all started with 3 years as a tour guide in Italy for Leisure Travel, and then the foundation was laid for a warm relationship with the colorful and charming country. Inge has recently lived in Italy for 4 years, and she passionately runs the travel agency Local Living A / S. In the travel agency they rent out holiday homes that bring all the guests as close as possible to authentic Italy. In addition to the personally and carefully selected homes, Local Living ensures that the experiences are spiced up with local food and wine experiences, night safaris, hiking on the Pilgrim Route or other dreams that must be fulfilled. Local Living are also experts in tailor-made group travel for businesses.

Inger-Marie Shiraishi Nielsen

Inger-Marie is a Danish lady living in Japan with her Japanese husband. From here she runs the blog Diary from Japan, which is also available on Facebook. She has lived out there since December 2010 and has since visited many areas and places in Japan. In the beginning, of course, she visited all the well-known tourist places, but now she gradually goes more for the more unknown places, which the tourists have not really found yet - and fortunately there are many of them yet.

She and her husband often go on small trips around, and it is especially on these trips that she has gained her gradually vast knowledge of Japan and Japanese culture, which she loves to share with others to teach people that Japan is more than temples. and Kyoto.

It also turns into trips outside Japan every now and then, and here it is the great nature experiences that draw the most, and the ones she remembers best. But no matter where she goes, she always has the camera within reach to be able to capture the many beautiful and amazing moments from the places the road leads to.

Jacob Jørgensen, editor

Jacob is a cheerful travel nerd who has traveled in almost 100 countries from Rwanda and Romania to Samoa and Samsø. Jacob is a member of De Berejstes Klub, where he has been a board member for five years, and he has extensive experience with the travel world as a lecturer, magazine editor, consultant, author and photographer. And of course most important of all: As a traveler. Jacob enjoys traveling traditionally such as car holidays to Norway, cruises in the Caribbean and city breaks in Vilnius, and more out-of-the-box trips such as solo trips to the highlands of Ethiopia, road trips to unknown national parks in Argentina and friends trips to Iran.

Jacob is a country expert in Argentina, where he has been 10 times so far. He has spent almost a year in total traveling through the many diverse provinces, from the penguin land in the south to deserts, mountains and waterfalls in the north, and has also lived in Buenos Aires for a few months. In addition, he has special travel knowledge of such diverse places as East Africa, Malta and the countries around Argentina.

In addition to traveling, Jacob is an honorable badminton player, Malbec fan and always fresh on a board game. Jacob has also had a career in the communications industry for a number of years, most recently with the title of Communication Lead in one of Denmark's largest companies, and has for a number of years also worked with the Danish and international meeting industry as a consultant, among others. for VisitDenmark and Meeting Professionals International (MPI). Jacob is currently also an external lecturer at CBS.

Jakob Harring

Jakob runs a travel company on a daily basis, Adventure Tours UK, which offers active travel / adventure travel to the incredibly beautiful North Wales. Having traveled large parts of the world with nature and the active in focus, his love has fallen on North Wales, which with its incredible nature and wide range of activities is Europe's adventure capital. In addition to his travel company, he has 20 years of experience from the Danish Police, where he is still employed.
Read more about Jakob, his partners and travel to Wales here.

Jakob Linaa Jensen

In addition to my work as head of research in social media at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, travel is my overriding interest in travel. I have been to 102 countries on 7 continents and am always dreaming of new places. I am the vice president of the Travelers' Club, where I have been a member for 11 years and met a number of my best friends.

I have probably thought more about life than most, which has made me make some very conscious choices. For example, I have chosen children to devote myself to career, travel and enjoyment of life. I love discussing everything between heaven and earth with other lovely people, very much like over good food with appropriate drinks to.

My blog:

Jens Skovgaard Andersen, editor

Jens is a happy travel nerd who has traveled in over 60 countries from Kyrgyzstan and China to Australia and Albania. Jens is educated in China Studies, has lived in China for 1½ years and is a member of the Travel Club. He has extensive experience with the travel world as a tour guide, lecturer, advisor, author and photographer. And of course most important of all: As a traveler. Jens often goes to places where it is also possible to watch a good football match in the company of other incarnated fans and has a special fondness for Boldklubben FREM, where he sits on the board. For most people it is obvious to look up to Jens (he is barely two meters tall), and then he is a 14-time champion in the TV quiz Jeopardy and still single, so if you can not find him out in the world or on a football stadium, you can probably find him out touring in the Copenhagen quiz environment.

Jesper Frank

The year says 2018 - age says 49 years - and 62 countries behind me - as well as a hell of a lot of cities.

I was 17 years old when I first traveled - a bus trip to Lake Garda - here I got lightning fast blood on my teeth for more and ended up in the travel industry 4 years later - where I was for almost 10 years.

The whims of charter hell became too much for me, I got tired of all the eternal questions and sought new heights for my working life. I therefore became a real estate agent, and today I work in the IT industry - which gives me financial benefits to constantly travel as I want.

Throughout my travels, I have always been preoccupied with taking pictures - I have not always had a common thread, but have gradually started to figure out what I would rather take pictures of than anything else.

In the last year I have tried to put words and pictures on my travels via a website where the idea started with just being travel in pictures - but have now started to make travel blogs as well - travel blogs that describe where we have traveled and how much it total travel has cost.

Why do I travel? Why not?

I love to travel, love to experience foreign cultures and experience a completely different world than the one I find myself in. Therefore, luxury travel is not the favorite either. We always only book the airline tickets, and then find out where we are going when we land - we typically stay at guest houses and hotels where this is not possible. Many people can probably overlook the small challenges associated with traveling that way - especially those with children. I myself have 4 children (14 years, 3 years, 1 year and 3 months) - so don't be intimidated by it - just do it. Because by doing so, you will also find that you can do more than you think on your own.

Jesper Handberg Nielsen

Jesper Handberg Nielsen holds a cand.scient.soc. in International Development Studies and Public Administration. He wrote a thesis on Cambodia - and has also studied business economics in Bangkok, where he lived for a number of years. In short, he is interested in Southeast Asia.

Jesper is at his best when both destinations and travel form break with the usual. Thus, he has cycled solo in India and Laos - and been on several motorcycle trips in Cambodia and Thailand. Some of his most memorable moments he has had on the roof of a train - or loaded by a crowded pickup truck.

In recent years, however, he has learned to appreciate comfort and has become fond of the European capitals, and especially Berlin. It is mostly history, culture and nature that pull when Jesper packs his bag, and especially Cold War history he finds exciting.

Also the beach holidays have started to drag on. Most recently, he has been to Albania and Croatia, where the beaches are beautiful - and the water is crystal clear. He is studying to become a professional journalist and has a small dream of one day working with journalism outside Denmark's borders.

On a daily basis, Jesper works as a copywriter and is the owner of Skrivekompagniet. Read more here: The writing company

Jesper Munk Hansen

Jesper lives in Kolding and has traveled a lot in his life. Especially in Southern Europe, where Italy and Spain are his favorites, where he has visited Spain about 10 times. Jesper speaks Spanish and is also learning Italian. He has been to Italy no less than 20 times so far and is an ambassador for Visit Italy. In addition, he has lived in Malaysia for 3 months and is also happy to travel in Thailand. Jesper is out traveling at least 3 times a year and in 2019 he was out traveling 4 times. His upcoming trips go to Norway, Italy and Turkey, while Rimini and San Marino are also on the travel drawing board in the near future when the opportunities present themselves.

Follow Jesper's page about Italy on Instagram, where he talks about his many trips to Italy:

Joan Juanita Andersen

Joan J. Andersen is heavily inspired by her years in Guatemala's contrasting society. In her lyrics, she describes the raw reality, added a touch of magic. Her debut Dream Landfill is a documentary depiction of her years among the slum dwellers around the large landfill in Guatemala City.
Her next work "One day we will get away from here" is expected to be published in 2018.

Johanne Iben Johansen

On a daily basis, Johanne studies politics and administration at Roskilde University. When she is not studying, she can be found in Øresund's sailing club Frem where she takes a certificate of competency. Johanne travels as much as her studies and finances allow, and it can be both by bus through Central America or by sailboat around the Caribbean and Scandinavia.

Jonas Bang Andersen

Jonas has been to North Korea several times since 2015. His first trip to North Korea was in connection with an exchange holiday in Seoul. Therefore, Jonas decided that he would travel again, and share these experiences with even more people. He now does this by acting as a tour guide for the travel company Above Borders, give lectures and tell about his experiences in radio and TV.

Julie Aloush

Julie has since a young age been very interested in learning new languages ​​and cultures. That explains the education in Intercultural Market Studies and French, which she completed in June 2019.

Julie has visited both the east and west coasts of the United States, but has a dream of a road trip where she also gets to see the southern states. In addition, she has lived for a year in the small French village, Biot, where she worked as an au pair. She has also visited Indonesia, Syria, Chile, Canada and a good handful of European charm cities. She loves chaotic big cities, and has a dream of trying to live in both Paris and New York. Mostly because she is very fascinated by the French and American culture and history.

Julie Andrea Andersen

With a bachelor's degree in Spanish language and culture as well as history from the University of Copenhagen, the South American countries have been high on the list of destinations. Julie has spent the last four years traveling around Spain and Central America, and it is usually the countries' historical development that catches her interest.

Katrine Øland Frandsen

A cheerful Jew, living in Copenhagen. On a daily basis, I am a curious extrovert with enthusiasm for travel, creativity and new experiences. I have been backpacking for a total of 19 months in resp. Asia, Oceania, South & Central America, I have had an exchange semester in Indonesia, and am now a communications intern at RejsRejsRejs. I am the type who is constantly looking for the next journey.

Kirsten Kester

Kirsten K. Kester is a Copenhagener living in Aarhus with her West Jutland husband.
Together they have traveled for more than 25 years.

Kirsten is also an artist and has exhibited both in Denmark and several places abroad, including Berlin, New York and Mexico. Kirsten writes about travel and art in his own way blog, on Facebook and Instagram.

Kirsten is on the unpredictable journey where she does not follow the other tourists on her heels. The Great Wall of China, for example, is only experienced in the far western corner of China and not in Beijing. As some of the first tourists, Kirsten and her husband traveled in 1992 by train through a Soviet Union that had just been disbanded and replaced by new independent republics.

Both Kirsten and her husband prefer to travel on land rather than in the air. They take time for whatever environment they may be in, and visit with equal joy new as well as already visited countries.

Since she was quite young, Kirsten has challenged herself and others on various journeys, especially because she is in a wheelchair. The challenge is probably greatest for others, as Kirsten has long since got used to a life in a wheelchair. For Kirsten, most things are ridiculous; it is for her about will spiced with a bit of imagination. Others often let doubt get in the way and see obstacles rather than opportunities.

Since May 2014, Kirsten has also struggled with prolonged concussions, which has posed greater challenges than she has ever experienced as a disabled person in a wheelchair. Travel during this period has been more limited, but travel - she wants to.

Kirstine Rask Lauridsen

Kirstine loves to travel, and loves to share her experiences and travel tips with others. In addition, she enjoys reading travel blogs and travel sites, which she uses to be inspired, become wiser in the places she wants to visit and not least to get answers to specific travel questions.

Kirstine is a backpacker, but as far as possible plans her travels in advance regarding destinations, accommodation, etc. to make the best use of the travel time. She is a fan of active holidays with hiking and diving, and in general likes to be in nature when she travels. In addition, she loves good food - and must always try the strange and exotic on my travels.

Read more here: Kirstine's blog

Kristian Bang Larsen

Kristian Bang Larsen is a communicator and trained journalist. He regularly visits Japan, and especially Tokyo, with his daughter and his Japanese wife.

Kristian Bräuner

I love to travel and I travel as often as the opportunity presents itself. I got my passion for travel already as a child, where my parents took my sister and I out into the big world.

My travel experience ranges from the classic city breaks in Europe, over road trips in the US, to backpacking in Asia and Australia.

Experiencing new cultures, unique nature and different societies, where people live very differently from life in Denmark, is what drives my desire to travel.

Kristoffer Føns

Kristoffer Føns loves traveling and trying, to provide you with the best guides for, among other things, accommodation, sights and transport in Europe's major cities.

In addition to the European cities, Kristoffer Føns is behind the site, which deals with Asian destinations.

Lau Holmelin

Lau is a graduate of cand.san. in public health science specializing in nature and health and also has an outdoor instructor education. He has several seasons of experience as a guide (hiking and skiing guide) and Lau's travel experiences focus especially on active travel in beautiful natural surroundings, such as hiking, kayaking and skiing, but he also loves to visit some exciting and cultural cities.
Lau is a co-founder of the travel agency GreenTravel, which focuses on climate-friendly train travel around Europe.

Lea Rose Nielsen Busch

Lea is an expert on the Hungarian city of Budapest. After her vacation abroad in the city, she knows all the unique attractions. Read Lea's article on Budapest and learn more about what Lea recommends you should experience in the charming and historic city.

Lene Kohlhoff Rasmussen

Lene Kohlhoff Rasmussen travels to meet new people and learn about other countries' culture, history and religion, but also to get some great personal challenges. Therefore, she travels on her own to places that are far away from the usual destinations. She will experience some of the few places in the world where mystery and adventure still exist. Read more about her adventures at

Line Hansen

Line started her travel life as a teenager by going on various charter holidays with her friends, which kick-started her desire to travel. Has always been driven by a great longing as well as urge to experience the world, and see what is hiding in other countries. After the teenage years, it has always been with a backpack around and preferably on a "low-budget".

Louise Laurenius

Maiken Ingstrup

Maiken is 59 years old and loves to travel, she has visited 83 countries on 6 continents and has her own little travel blog: and on facebook Gingit Travels. Next trip goes to Laos.

Maja Overgård

Maja loves to travel and be in nature.
Having traveled all over the world, her latest passion is to explore Danish nature - and that should preferably include an overnight stay in a tent, a trip on the water with the surfboard or in a hammock under a tree.
Maja is behind the website, which she has started to make it easy to find shelters, tent sites, teepees, flying tents (!) or other exciting accommodation options in the Danish nature.

Marcus Dalhauge

At a young age, Marcus Dalhauge has already traveled in about 20 countries. It's right from the US to Asia. He loves to experience different cultures, and explore places ranging from forest to beach. I have most recently been to France, Brittany to be exact. France is generally a favorite destination both in summer and in winter. However, I would add that the coolest place I have visited has without a doubt been Vietnam.

When I travel, I also love exploring the food culture of the different countries. I find eating food at restaurants / kitchens that you would not normally do, very interesting.

Maria-Leena Kerr

Maria-Leena Kerr loves New York and the United States. She does this so much that today she lives in the country and even runs the online concierge and sightseeing company, Turist i New York - The Danish Tour Guide. She is an authorized tour guide in New York, Washington DC and Las Vegas. In addition, she writes about the city on her blog. The desire that drives the work is a great passion for tourism, and to give tourists an insight into the local history, culture and not least their everyday life.

Marianne Nielsen

Marianne has lived and breathed for travel for more than 20 years.
The first travels made her curious, and this curiosity opened the door to 12 years abroad as a tour guide, where she was so privileged to be allowed to live and work in such magical places as, among others, India, Kenya, Bali, Thailand, Turkey, Portugal , Spain, and Italy.
Marianne loves her job as a travel consultant and being allowed to share experiences and knowledge about countries and places she herself is passionate about. Work has expanded the travel horizon further and provided unforgettable memories in the luggage from Ecuador and the Galapagos, Chile and Easter Island, Greenland, China, South Africa and much more. A stay in Nepal as a volunteer at an orphanage is also among the fondest travel memories.

Marie Meier

Marie is a solo traveler and blogger, and she started exploring the world as a 19-year-old and has so far traveled in over 40 countries. In 2015, her blog became Marie's Travels selected as one of the best travel blogs in Denmark.

Today she lives in Copenhagen, where in addition to studying she prepares for the next many trips out into the world. She has a special love for southern Africa and the continent's wildlife, diving and safari have a special place.

Mark Sinclair Fleeton

Mark Sinclair Fleeton is a graduate of Cand.comm. And today works as a freelance journalist and communicator. He's blah. supplier to and editor of the political news magazine RÆSON. Mark participates in this year's travel article competition.

Marlene Brix

Marlene Brix is ​​a travel journalist and freelance copywriter who blogs about life as a traveling luxury bohemian on BOHO TRAVEL.

She often practices yoga on her travels with the family, where they themselves put together small yoga retreats, so it is not only mother who comes into balance and feels zen. They have practiced yoga in the rice fields of Bali, on a sacred cliff in the United States and along the canals in Stockholm.

She loves the free life on her travels, where there should preferably be room for impulsive de tours and time to immerse yourself in urban art and cultural encounters with the locals - preferably with an ice cream in hand. She therefore also shares tips on where to find the best ice cream parlors in the world and the most colorful street art.

If you also prefer small, quirky and aesthetic accommodations, her blog posts and travel articles are worth a look.

Martin Bøgild

Martin is a traveling journalism student with a great love for Africa and South America. He is a former graduate of M.Sc., and the long summer vacations were spent exploring distant parts of the world.

Mette Fuglsang

I am a modern nomad who travels the world in my VW California Coach 'Turtle', together with my good friend / boyfriend / travel partner, Morten. Together we run the travel blog Turtle Time. We travel without fixed plans and stop to explore an area when we encounter an exciting place. We take things at our very own quiet and calm pace, and are not in a hurry to achieve anything particular.

We make a living by telling about our travel experiences (articles, lectures, etc.), by seasonal jobs around where we arrive, and by my company, where I help clients with a problematic relationship with food via telephone therapy sessions.

I write about big and small travel experiences, about everyday moments on the go, about the challenges of living two people in very little space, and yes, everything else. I hope you will read along and let yourself be inspired.

Mette Kristine Kjær Bach

Mette has a master's degree. mag. in French and history of ideas and has lived and studied in Paris. Mette and the family, which includes a husband and three children, have been traveling ever since the children were very young. Among other things, a two-month desert trip in Morocco with a Landrover and a tent on the roof still stands as one of the great experiences. The trip has been several times to Africa, the USA, the Baltics and Asia. Next trip is a backpacking trip to Myanmar, where only the youngest child is included. The other two are, of course, out traveling on their own. The eldest follows in the footsteps of the traveling family and travels in the spring to South America, a trip that goes along the west side, from Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Columbia. As a family, we hope for a total trip to Canada in 2020, where the middle one is on an exchange stay this school year.

Michael Bo Christensen

Michael Bo Christensen owns the travel site
Michael has a special love for small unknown natural gems, which probably do not remain unknown. He is accustomed to the Indian reservations and has a great knowledge of these.

With his travel site as a back catalog, Michael likes to give lectures on his almost 20 trips to the USA. Over the last 40 years, he has developed a close and loving relationship with the Americans and greatly appreciates their immediate and accommodating manner.

Many self-drive travelers get a hand out of Michael when their itinerary needs to be knitted together, and so do several travel agencies when product developing their travels.

Michael works on a daily basis as a school educator, and in his spare time he swings the sticks in jazz and swing bands and enjoys his family.

Michelle Nykjær Fisher

I quit my 8 to 4 job as an IT consultant in January 2019, and have since started a career as a freelance writer and translator.

This has made it possible for me at the moment. can travel around as a digital nomad in Central and South America as well as the rest of the world indefinitely.

I love surfing, yoga and scubadiving.

Michelle Rødgaard-Jessen

Michelle works independently of geography and has traveled the world for the last almost three years while starting her company,, where she helps Danish companies with their online marketing together with two employees who also work wherever in the world they want. She has worked from all corners of the world such as Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Chamonix, Dhaka and Nairobi.

Mikkel Bechshøft

Mikkel became infected with travel fever when he met his better half 15 years ago. Since then, the two have traveled across Australia, southern Africa, the American west coast, Asia and Europe, where France in particular has a large place in the hearts of both. And so this year's summer holiday goes once again to Lac d'Annecy, but this time with night trains from Hamburg, which none of them have tried before.

Naja Mammen Nielsen

Naja has travel blood in her veins and has a penchant for islands. She has traveled on five continents and has a great knowledge of the African continent, where she has traveled in 11 countries. In addition to countless trips to the region, she has started a development project for former girl soldiers in Sierra Leone, worked two years in Tanzania, been on island hopping in Cape Verde, crossed Zambia and Zimbabwe by train and moved in the footsteps of genocide in Rwanda.

The destinations are carefully planned on their own, targeted at the locals, the less touristy places and the preferred means of transport is by train and bus.

Naja Thorsmark Madsen

Naja is an adventurous North Jutlander who loves spontaneity. On a daily basis, she lives in a collective in the middle of Aalborg. Here she spends her time studying, working and hanging out with her friends. Naja enjoys planning trips and experiences to new destinations, she reads travel books and listens to podcasts to expand her horizons and learn about other cultures.
A large part of Naja's time abroad, she has combined with either work or education, which has given her a good insight into local cultures.
Naja has, among other things, been on a language trip in Brighton, an exchange student in Wisconsin, and a receptionist on the sunny coast of Malaga.
Naja's exchange stay in the USA is clearly the experience that has left its mark on her and thus also drawn her back to the states year after year. Naja is inspired by the country's cultural history and nature.
There are still many places Naja has not explored yet, but it is on her list.

Nana Kristine Mark Christensen

Nana Kristine Mark Christensen has lived under the hot sun of Africa as a child, and she has Africa in her DNA. At 14 days old, her parents took her to West Africa, where they lived for a number of years. Since then, Nana has visited the continent countless times on holiday trips and she has been an intern in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Together with her brother and father, Nana is the owner of the travel agency Rickshaw Tours & Travel, which specializes in travel to large parts of the African continent. Nana and her team of experienced Africa enthusiasts offer both bespoke travel and group travel to Africa.

Nicoline Berthy

Nicoline is an adventurous journalist and photographer who has a great passion for travel. At a young age, she has seen amazing places all over the world and, among other things, experienced the wildlife in Borneo's rainforest and in the Galapagos, wild nature on road trips in New Zealand and in the USA and magnificent waterfalls in both Brazil and Zimbabwe. In addition, Nicoline has previously lived in Sydney, Australia, and also runs the travel blog Nicoline is at her best when there are a few trips in the calendar to look forward to and especially road trips and adventure trips are of great importance. She currently dreams of visiting Greenland, Japan and Nepal but does not say no if other travel options arise. Nicoline is employed as a travel writer and co-editor at RejsRejsRejs.

Ole Balslev

Ole is 75 years old and a trained teacher. Ole has mostly worked in the border area between teaching and social pedagogy. In OBS classes, social pedagogical residences, family care. Mostly with teenagers with various problems. Ole traveled in his youth 3 years around the world as a hippie and vagabond. For the last 18 years he has traveled in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Ole travels to experience foreign cultures and meet people. But also to get to know oneself better - an inner journey.

Ole Pedersen

Ole lives in Madrid for 15 years. He has traveled in more than 146 countries, both privately but also with his work as a freelance cameraman. At the moment, however, he spends more time experiencing the world than working. Ole also often plays tourist in his own city of Madrid as well as in the rest of Spain. He likes to share all the experiences via his many photos on instagram or facebook, as well as quite a few times in the form of travel articles.

Paloma Fjord

Paloma's desire to travel started early, as her parents did not wait long to take her on countless trips to Brazil. The passion for the country's amazing nature and huge cultural diversity remains great and has made Paloma educated in Portuguese and Brazilian studies. Since then, it has been several years in Lisbon, and the rest of the Portuguese-speaking world is high on her wish list.
Paloma is also not pale for admitting that she loves chaotic big cities. Whether it's called New Delhi, New York or Mexico City does not really make much of a difference - as long as there are plenty of people to look at, small neighborhoods to get lost in and freshly prepared street food to taste, Paloma is beyond happy.

Per Sommer

Per Sommer loves to travel. This feeling of longing shows up especially in the cold winter months, where he spends much of his time making long lists of all the destinations that are either to be visited or in need of a reunion. Here, travel dreams are at their highest.

In addition, Per runs his own travel blog Taste the World, where he writes and makes podcasts to inspire others to travel differently. At the same time, he is also passionate about food, and believes that through food and meals you can get really close to other cultures.

Per Wium

Per Wium is 65 years old. He grew up in Aarhus and today lives in Copenhagen. Per loves to travel. His favorite destinations are Poland and Spain.
In Poland he has an apartment in the coastal town of Swinoujscie, and in Spain Per likes to travel to the Costa del Sol as well as to the Canary Islands. Per is on Gran Canaria and Tenerife for a total of about four weeks every winter.
He has a facebook page about Spain Tourist on Spanish shores and one about Swinoujscie and the area nearby Experiences in Svinoujscie. On these pages, he posts photos and short texts to inspire other travelers.

On a daily basis, Per Wium deals with music. He is a musician in the band "Something" and he gives a large number of music lectures all over the country, in fact also occasionally in Poland and Spain.
His specialty is The Beatles and their music. But also names like Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix and ABBA are on Per's lecture list.

(Portrait photographer: Alex Nyborg Madsen)

Pernille Smidt-Kjærby

Traveling is Pernille's great passion. She writes about her experiences on her blog, and also works in the travel industry. Her husband shares the same passion for traveling and going on adventures, just as her two children are already globetrotters, and have e.g. participated in Uzbekistan, Indonesia and Colombia.

Peter Christiansen

Peter Christiansen has for 25 years written travel articles for newspapers such as Politiken, Jyllands Posten and Berlingske. The desire to travel was really aroused on trips to Japan, where Peter has been several times to practice judo. Since then, there have been lots of articles about active holidays, and Peter has tried everything from
marathon running in New York and ice climbing in Chamonix for bobsledding in Lillehammer and bridge climbing in Sydney. Peter covers a wide range and has recently written about such diverse topics as interrail in the Balkans, river sailing in Russia and cultural holidays in the Loire Valley.

The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs's regular editorial staff shares both their own personal tips and tricks and tells about everything that happens in the travel world.
We write articles and guides, do competitions and give you the best travel deals, travel lectures and travel fun.

Rikke Bank Egeberg

Rikke, who studies intercultural market studies on a daily basis and with a bachelor's degree in Spanish language and culture from the University of Copenhagen, has always been very inquisitive in the world. Meeting new cultures and traveling to Spanish-speaking countries is always at the top of the wish list. In addition to local bus trips through banana plantations, where the door is always open and half farms are included as passengers, sailing is also one of her favorite modes of travel with an expectation of exploring the Caribbean by boat after graduation. Rikke has also lived in Costa Rica, Barcelona and Colombia.

Sara Peuron-Berg

Sara Peuron-Berg aka The Traveling Dane. Travel writer with a focus on culture. Works at a World Heritage Site. Has visited 43 countries on 4 continents. Gets motion sickness and seasickness. Runs the travel guide on cultural travel around the world and participates in this year's travel article competition.

Sarah Green

Sarah Green is a graphic designer, nature photographer and blogger about her travels on og

Sarah has a special love for the Nordic countries and happily trudges around in snow in Greenland or rain in the Faroe Islands to experience the unique nature. Precisely nature is the focal point of Sarah's travels, where she captures wild animals and beautiful landscapes with her camera.

Sarah Steinitz

Sarah has a degree in sociology from the University of Copenhagen with a supplementary education in journalistic communication from the Danish Media and Journalism Academy.
From March to September 2018, she and Tine Tolstrup will explore the island kingdom and travel to 37 islands in Denmark. It's going to be an adventure. An adventure they call The Odyssey. They are part of a generation that flies around the world after the book "1000 places you must see before you die", but still have never been to Avernakø or driven over Storstrømsbroen. They will seek out the adventures that await around the corner - on Fejø, Fanø, Fur and the 34 other islands that they travel around on their Ødyssé.

Sarah-Ann Hunt

Sarah-Ann Hunt is half Danish / half English, has visited the Earth's seven continents and traveled in more than 48 different countries around the world. She has traveled in many ways both alone and in groups, as a volunteer and volunteer, guest and long-distance sailor, language school student and student, and traveled privately and professionally.
Sarah-Ann has been a travel guide, hiking guide and researcher over several seasons for both Danish and foreign travel companies, including the world's largest adventure company; the British-Canadian G Adventures.
She is an ambassador for Svendborg Maritime Academy and currently works as a ship officer for Maersk Line. Therefore, the next adventure takes place at sea and the trip goes i.a. through the Suez Canal, across the Indian Ocean and towards the Far East.

In 2020, Sarah-Ann has released debut book YOLO, which is a travel novel that takes the reader around the globe on breathtaking, action-packed, fun and subtle adventures. The book has been almost 3 years in the making and hits the spot at a time when most people unfortunately have to content themselves with dreaming far away from the sofa and the four walls of the home.

Alongside the journey and the work of writing, Sarah-Ann Hunt also holds exciting travel lectures.

Sascha Meineche

Sascha is a Jew with his legs planted firmly in the relatively green Frederiksberg soil. As a child, it was on camping trips in Denmark in the summer spiced with slightly more exotic winter destinations. Today, Sascha is bitten by a crazy trip, and can neither collect enough stamps in the passport nor have booked enough trips. There are always at least two trips planned.
Sascha's favorite places in the world count everything from Canada to New York, Botswana and Munich. To put it mildly, there are few places in the world that Sascha does not dream of going to.

Saskia Lawson Gern

When Saskia was 3 years old, she was put alone on a plane from Sweden to France, and she has been bitten by traveling ever since. Saskia loves to discover new countries through their food and music culture. Therefore, she always has at least one pair of dancing shoes in her bag, and it is more likely that it is her nose that guides her around than that it is a city map.

Stefan Slothuus

Stefan has traveled a lot since childhood - often in France with his Francophile parents. After the student cap was secured, the typical European cultures were replaced with a major excursion with 16 different country visits in just under 5 months, which included Western Europe and Southeast Asia.

Since then, most of the savings next to the study are spent on travel - often to more foreign cultures for cheap money, such as Eastern European destinations can offer. The travel bucket list is almost endless, but travel to Latin America and distant Pacific islands is particularly highly valued.

In addition, Stefan studies Media Science in Odense, loves sports and has probably seen a little more movies and TV series than what is healthy.

Sune Thuesen

Sune Rahbek Thuesen, who studies African studies at the University of Copenhagen on a daily basis, lived in Namibia as a little boy and has since traveled to 65 countries. With a special affiliation with the African continent, he has traveled in 27 African countries, among other things on a bicycle trip from Denmark to South Africa. But it is not only Africa that is interested - it is the doctrine of foreign cultures, living conditions in developing countries and magical nature experiences that drives Sune around all corners of the world. He has a special fondness for pristine destinations and always has a great adventure ready on the drawing board that he wants to live out. The publisher Mellemgaard publishes a book about Sune's cycling journey from Denmark to South Africa 'No food for the lazy man'. The book offers detailed anecdotes from the cycling journey and at the same time tries to depict African living conditions and rules of the game based on the people Sune met on his journey.

Søren Bonde

Søren is an adventurer, founder of the lecture site “” and director and partner in Panorama Travel. In addition, he is a passionate photographer and author of a book (about Peru) and several articles. Søren has a master's degree. in music technology with studies in theology and medieval history and has over 10 years of experience from the travel industry. He has traveled the world since he was 21 years old and has visited many places where the fewest tourists reach out. That is why he received the De Berejstes Klub's honorary award - the Folkersen Award - in 2015.

Although it has become a comprehensive travel CV with visits to over 85 countries, Søren prefers to go in depth with the destinations. Iran and the countries along the Silk Road, with their exciting cultural history and difficult geography, have always been some of his favorite destinations. Thus, he annually visits Iran and the countries of Central Asia, but also the Horn of Africa and Central and South America are areas that Søren has great knowledge of and constantly returns to.

Søren is a country expert on Iran and the Silk Road (Central Asia and Xinjiang). He has traveled on the Silk Road since 1995 and in Iran since 2004. In total, he has spent many months at the destinations, both solo and as a tour guide and in many remote corners of the region. He has given numerous lectures across the country and also teaches cultural history about Iran and about the Silk Road at the universities (FU) in Copenhagen, Odense, Kolding and Aalborg.

Tania Karpatschof

Tina Hansen

Tina has a Master's degree in International Business Communication and has a passion for travel - and is always looking for the next adventure. When she can not travel, she is passionate about working with digital marketing and communication.

Tine Tolstrup

Tine has a degree in geography from the University of Copenhagen with a focus on environmental management and has a solid knowledge of the Danish natural and cultural landscape, urban development and settlement patterns.
From March to September 2018, she and Sarah Steinitz will explore the island kingdom and travel around to 37 islands in Denmark. It's going to be an adventure. An adventure they call The Odyssey. They are part of a generation that flies around the world after the book "1000 places you must see before you die", but still have never been to Avernakø or driven over Storstrømsbroen. They will seek out the adventures that await around the corner - on Fejø, Fanø, Fur and the 34 other islands that they travel around on their Ødyssé.

Trine Glovemaker

Web designer and travel blogger, Trine Handskemager's work simply requires a camera, a computer and an internet connection. This allows her to live life as a digital nomad and to work while on the go.

Many of Trine's trips are solo trips that are booked spontaneously a few days before departure. The backpack is packed quickly, because she only travels with hand luggage. Also on the long trips. The family comes along as often as possible when permanent work and education need to be taken care of. The destinations are many, and they may provide experiences that go deeper than a beach holiday.

Sri Lanka has so far become the country she has traveled the most in. It is a country with mountains, rainforest and beaches, culture, nature and wildlife. And then it's a country that keeps surprising. On Trine's blog has she i.a. a big theme about Sri Lanka and an associated Facebook group, for Danes, Swedes and Norwegians who are going to Sri Lanka on holiday or who are permanent residents down there. But it is certainly not the only country on the blog that is filled with pictures of wildlife, beautiful nature and a lot of palm trees.

You can follow Trine's travels on her facebook page:

Trine Søgaard, co-editor

Trine is a travel-loving student who is studying marketing and communication at Aalborg University. Her passion for travel is evident in the length of the list of visited countries, where she has even lived in Australia and on Zanzibar. In her spare time, Trine is creative, and spends a lot of energy on photography. Her joy of documenting her experiences has since paid off, as a publication in i.a. Lonely Planet became the springboard to the desire to work in the travel industry.

Ulrik Kristiansen

Ulrik Kristiansen drives, where he shares his experiences with Berlin and his views on the city.

Victoria Glovemaker Wagner

My name is Victoria and with Alexander I am behind the travel website Nordombord. Since we met in 2010, we have traveled the world and we enjoy experiencing magnificent landscapes and different cultures together. At Nordombord, we share our experiences in the form of destination guides, travel advice and lots of inspiring pictures. Among other things, we have been on a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles on Highway 1.

Victoria Vengsgaard

Victoria loves to talk (and hear!) About travel, and is particularly fond of Ireland and Spain. She has a master's degree. in tourism, has lived near Madrid for 5 months as part of his bachelor's education and enjoyed every moment - the sun shone (almost) every day, the food was fantastic and there was generally a very special relaxed atmosphere. She has traveled mostly in Europe, but has also been on a 2 week study trip to the USA (North Carolina and Washington DC) and is looking forward to all the future trips she goes and dreams of. Japan and New Zealand in particular are high on the list.

Winnie Sørensen

Winnie Sørensen is a country expert RejsRejsRejs for Australia, to which she lost her heart 20 years ago. She has been back more than 10 times, and has traveled all over most of Australia. Winnie writes on, lectures about the country, and generally likes to share her travel experiences with others who have a penchant for marsupials and all the other goodies from downunder. Winnie is an active traveler and works in the travel industry, so she gets to travel a lot, i.a. to Africa.


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