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Jens is a happy travel nerd who has traveled in over 60 countries from Kyrgyzstan and China to Australia and Albania. Jens is educated in China Studies, has lived in China for 1½ years and is a member of the Travel Club. He has extensive experience with the travel world as a tour guide, lecturer, advisor, author and photographer. And of course most important of all: As a traveler. Jens often goes to places where it is also possible to watch a good football match in the company of other incarnated fans and has a special fondness for Boldklubben FREM, where he sits on the board. For most people it is obvious to look up to Jens (he is barely two meters tall), and then he is a 14-time champion in the TV quiz Jeopardy and still single, so if you can not find him out in the world or on a football stadium, you can probably find him out touring in the Copenhagen quiz environment.


Paris - quite free

A big city like Paris can be an expensive pleasure. However, there are a number of experiences and sights that are completely free. Voila!

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South Africa

World Cup: In South Africa on your own

World Cup in football: In South Africa on my own is written by Jens Skovgaard Andersen. Come on! The time has come for the World Cup in football As an enthusiastic fan of both football...

South Korea

Signiel Seoul - hotel check-in

Heavenly luxury close to heaven. Signiel Seoul is housed in South Korea's tallest - and the world's sixth tallest - building, and the hotel experience is completely in the clouds.


Austria - cozy and eerie experiences

All countries have museums and sights for all tastes, but Austria still probably has a little more than most others - not least when it comes to the little ...


China: Traveling to the Middle World

The Chinese even call their country 'Zhongguo', which can be translated to the Middle Kingdom. And China is in many ways the center of the world these years. The country is at ...

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