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Travel offers - Asia

Travel deals

Explore fascinating Vietnam

Take Risskov Travel on a round trip in Vietnam from Sapa in the north to the Mekong in the south. Meet the hospitable Vietnamese and experience nature and culture up close.

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Malaysia Cameron Highlands Landscape Travel
Travel deals

Stomachless Malaysia

Come along Stjernegaard Rejser to the Malacca Peninsula in Malasiya and get a big bite of big city, world heritage and wild nature all at the same time

Thailand, temple, travel
Travel deals

Beautiful Thailand for 15 days

Come along Stjernegaard Rejser to Thailand, and get everything from beautiful nature, exciting history, luxurious beach holiday and vibrant city in one and the same trip.

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Travel deals

Adventure tour in Bali

Take U. to Bali on a round trip, where you have stops in Lovina, Canggu and Ubud, among other places. The journey lasts 15 days. See what is included in the tour here.

Indonesia Bali Kelingking beach travel
Travel deals

Breathtaking Bali

Come along Stjernegaard Rejser to breathtaking Bali – first with a Danish tour guide and afterwards with the opportunity to explore the island on your own.

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Travel deals

Adventure trip to Vietnam

Join U. on an adventure to Vietnam for 12 days. Among other things, you will spend the night on boats, home-stays, in bungalows, in small villages, by rivers and...

Rice fields - Bali - Travel
Travel deals

Cultural tour of Bali

Join TourCompass on this journey to scenic Bali. With an English-speaking guide at the helm, we will experience magnificent nature and exciting culture on...

Bhutan - temple - travel
Travel deals

Visit mountainous Bhutan

Above Borders opens the doors to the Himalayas and to the closed mountainous kingdom of Bhutan. The country is best known for being the only country in the world that...

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Travel deals

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