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Madrid - terrific food and diversity

Madrid is a food city with 18.000 restaurants to choose from. Here you get insider tips for tapas, gourmet and all the best from Spain's menu.
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Madrid - terrific food and diversity is written by Ole Pedersen.

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Fresh fish and Michelin - culinary holiday in Madrid

Madrid is not the first choice for very many Danes when it comes to travel Spain. Most people come to the country to holiday by the beach and water, and that does not speak in Madrid's favor - there are about 250 km to the nearest beach.

The city also does not have the world famous attractions, which Rome, Paris or London have. Still, Madrid is a great tourist destination. And those who choose to visit the Spanish capital quickly discover that Madrid has a lot to offer. Especially the many tapas bars and restaurants, of which there are 18.000, makes the city worth a visit.

In terms of food, Madrid is a culinary crossroads. The city has restaurants from every region and region Spain. And although the city is located over 250 kilometers from the nearest coast, Madrid is one of the best places in Spain to eat fresh fish. It may sound strange, but the explanation is that almost all freshly caught fish come a trip past Madrid, from where they are sold on to markets in the rest of Spain.

Therefore, fresh catches arrive every morning and the selection is so huge that Madrid's fish market is the second largest in the world. Only surpassed by Tokyo Tsukiji Market. Unfortunately, the large fish market is not open to visitors.

The Spaniards occupy the second place on the list of the most fish-eating peoples in the world. A ranking you especially notice when you visit one of the city's supermarkets, which all have a fishmonger who is dedicated to filleting and cleaning seafood for customers.

On the whole, the Madrilenians are incredibly into food. And in addition to the thousands of local bars and eateries located throughout the city, Madrid can also boast of being home to a single three-star Michelin restaurant and a full five with two stars. Here's really something for connoisseurs.

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About the travel writer

Ole Pedersen

Ole lives in Madrid for 15 years. He has traveled in more than 146 countries, both privately but also with his work as a freelance cameraman. At the moment, however, he spends more time experiencing the world than working. Ole also often plays tourist in his own city of Madrid as well as in the rest of Spain. He likes to share all the experiences via his many photos on instagram or facebook, as well as quite a few times in the form of travel articles.




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