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Football trips, European Championship 2024 and the Nations League - good tips for football on your holiday

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We love to travel and we love football - preferably at the same time. Here are good tips for football on holiday.
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Football trips, European Championship 2024 and the Nations League - good tips for football on your holiday is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs.

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There are many good reasons to go on football trips - even if you are not completely crazy about football. Football travel can easily contain many other elements than the match itself.

You must of course experience the city and the country where the match is played, and there is always the opportunity for shopping, good food and cultural experiences. And then you can hopefully witness a good game of football with the unique community of other fans who belong. 

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Many travel out to see certain clubs, and others get a great experience by supporting the national team to the big ones international matches abroad. You can also just ask around when you are on holiday anyway, if there is no football nearby; it is usually there. That way, your vacations easily turn into spontaneous football trips.

The great football experiences on the trip often come in the small local matches, which have great significance for the locals where you are. This is where you meet something you did not expect and where culture lives in its purest form.

Here at the editorial office, we are happy to help you with how you prepare to go on football trips - for example to the European Football Championship in Germany in the summer of 2024, and we also have others guides, blogs and tips here.

Travel on your own or get help with your football travels

There is football all over the world, and almost no matter how you travel, you will probably encounter a match - or even be invited to a little game on the street. Therefore, you do not have to plan the whole world from home. Buy a train or flight ticket, go out and see what happens - it does not hurt to check the match calendar in advance.

It can be difficult to get a ticket to the big clubs and the big matches. Therefore, it can sometimes make very good sense to let a travel agent help with the practicalities. It's a shame to go on football trips without football if it's sold out when you get to the box office.

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We have also gathered a number of travel offers to various major cities in Europe with even larger football clubs.

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Football unites tourists and locals

When you are on holiday and are a tourist, it can be difficult to get out of the tourist role and the 'bubble' you sometimes live in when you are surrounded by other tourists. Here, football is a really good way to break the bubble and reach out to the locals.

At a football match, everyone shares the experience. No one knows how it will turn out and everyone hopes for the best. We are part of an event that is happening right now and here. It is a very special situation, which gives the opportunity to show feelings and form connections with otherwise strange people.

When something happens on the field, we react together. Joy, amusement, frustration and anticipation are universal emotions, and when the ball is rolling in the stadium, we have something in common.

Have a chat with the person next to you along the way, exchange a few words with the others in the beer or sausage queue, smile at the local fans and clap along when something good happens. Football opens doors – also for the locals when you are on holiday.

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Editor Jens travels with the national team

We can not even dare to tell about the great experiences that these journeys give us. RejsRejsRejs' editor Jens himself goes on football trips many times a year, and he witnessed, for example, at close range the Danes beat the Irish a football lesson at their home ground in Dublin.

Jens himself recommends traveling to a final round in a place where many fans from different countries gather for football, fun and going at it. And then you can often find a local match around the corner.

He himself has experienced football finals in South Africa, Ukraine, France, Russia, United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands, Great Britain og Qatar plus lots of one-off football trips. And there are many more on the way.

When you travel with the national team away from home, you become part of a large group of Danes who follow the team closely. And you get experiences together with the others that are difficult to describe. That's what football can do.

When you let your own travel calendar be governed by where Denmark's national football team plays, you can, for example, end up in exciting cities such as Olomouc in Czech Republic, Elbasan i Albania, Saransk i Russia, Cluj-Napoca i Romania, Kharkiv i Ukraine and Rustenburg i South Africa. It's a travel adventure that needs something.


Did you know: Here are the 7 best food cities in the world according to Tripadvisor's millions of users!

7: Barcelona in Spain
6: New Delhi in India
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Exciting football trips with the national team in 2024

The summer will largely be characterized by the European Championship. The final round of the European Football Championship is played in Germany, and many Danish fans and spectators travel across the border to support the red and whites. Denmark plays its group matches in the I European Championship in football against Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich respectively Slovenia, England og Serbia.

In addition to football, there is lots to experience in Germany, and spending the summer at the EC can almost only provide memories for a lifetime. It's easy to get to, easy to get around and easy to get back home.

This autumn, the Nations League starts, and here we are going around Europe a bit. Sunny Spain, exciting Serbia and beautiful Schweiz is on the menu in the autumn matches, and once again great experiences await. The matches in Spain and Switzerland will both be played in October, while the match against Serbia in Belgrade will be played in November.

We are quite fond of all three travel countries, and we can only recommend that you throw yourself into it and go on football trips. It's super fun!

See a lot more about traveling to football here

Really good football trip - we'll see you together for singing, draft beer, football and holiday!

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5 ways you can get more football on your trip: 

  • Travel out with the national team and become part of something bigger 
  • Visit stadiums when you travel – there are many interesting stadiums out there
  • Take along to local bang in the province, wherever you are
  • Experience one of the biggest football matches, e.g. Superclasico in Buenos Aires - and you will definitely be captivated
  • Travel along to the final rounds regardless of whether Denmark is there or not - there is a guarantee of a good atmosphere

Did you know: Here are the 7 cities in Europe with the most hours of sunshine

7: Nice in France – 342 hours/month
6: Valencia in Spain – 343 hours/month
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