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Attractions in Chicago: The capital of the Great Lakes

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Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, and The Windy City can easily compete with both New York and LA Sights there are plenty of.
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Attractions in Chicago: The capital of the Great Lakes is written by Michael Bo Christensen.

USA - Chicago, The Bean - travel

Chicago Attractions - Historic, Musical and Charming

Have you been in New York or Los Angeles and has got an appetite for more American big city, so set your sights on the third largest city in USA, namely Chicago. The city, located on the shores of 'The Great Lakes', can be compared to cities like New York in every way.

Chicago has a special charm and soul with strong historical roots in blues and jazz music. The city's stunning skyline must be seen from a boat trip on the Chicago River, Millennium Park or from the harbor area at Navy Pier.

And then the city of Chicago is also one end of the famous Route 66, which is a really good reason to visit the city either at the beginning or the end of an epic road trip.

USA - Chicago, River, flag - travel

Chicago River - the river that has named the city

The river that runs right through the city is also called Chicago, which is why the city got its name. A boat trip on the river with the huge skyscrapers as a backdrop is quite overwhelming. For example, take a ride on the river by water taxi from Union Station to Navy Pier or the 90-minute guided architecture tour.

As one of the free attractions in Chicago, river life can also be experienced on foot on the River Walk. Here there are lots of cafes and restaurants, where you can sit and look at people; ranging from busy business people in suits to Quakers in country attire.

USA - Chicago, Navy Pier - travel

Navy Pier and The Loop

Navy Pier is a more than 100-year-old pier that has belonged to the U.S. Navy. Among other things, deserters who did not want to go to war were interned here. From the pier, boat trips depart for huge Lake Michigan. The lake also serves as a bathing beach despite the presence of the highway running right past.

Many famous American films have been shot in Chicago, which is why you may recognize the legendary train track 'The Loop'. The train, which runs two floors across the road, is one of the city's landmarks and is one of the sights in Chicago that you can not avoid seeing.

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USA - Chicago, Downtovn - travel

The Magnificent Mile - shopping downtown

If you need to shop in downtown Chicago, Michigan Avenue is the place to go. The cozy street is also called 'The Magnificent Mile'. Do you want to go out and shop in the big ones instead outlet malls, there are buses going out to these. They are located a little outside the city.

Michigan Avenue is Chicago's answer to 5th Avenue in New York or Rodeo Drive in LA This is where you will find all the famous stores like Tiffany's, Jimmy Choo and Bloomingdale's. Whether you need to buy or just want to look, the street is worth a visit.

USA - Chicago, views from the Hancock building - travel - sights in Chicago

Top Sights - Views of Chicago

If you want to see the city from above, head up to the John Hancock Building, where you can dine or go to the 96th-floor bar while enjoying city views. There is free admission to the building itself, but high prices on food and drink. However, there is also an indoor lookout point - definitely one of the recommended sights in Chicago.

Have breakfast at Harry Caray's restaurant on Watertower Place on Michigan Avenue. Caray was a legendary baseball commentator, covering in many ways both the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs, the city's two professional baseball teams. After lunch, you can use the bill from the restaurant as a ticket to a smaller, but fun, sports museum.

USA - Chicago, Crown Fountain - travel - attractions in Chicago

Lincoln Park and Grant Park - the green sights of Chicago

Chicago has several large parks inside the city itself, such as Lincoln Park with Zoo and Grant Park, which is located down to the lake, and which is the park where Barack Obama gave his famous victory speech when he was elected president in 2008.

Millennium Park in the center close to the water is especially known for the silver-colored sculpture Cloud Gate by the world-renowned British artist Anish Kapoor. For obvious reasons, the sculpture is also called The Bean - or The Prayer in Danish - and you can see the Chicago skyline and take a classic selfie in it.

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USA - Chicago, skyline from Navy Pier - travel - sights in Chicago

Historic Attractions in Chicago

Chicago has many museums, several of which are free. See, for example, the Chicago Historical Museum, which offers stories about the city's dramatic history. Right from the fire that destroyed most of the city in 1871, to the big-time gangster Al Capone. Chicago and the state of Illinois have been the center of many historic events, and the city has had a major impact on U.S. history.

Chicago is called The Windy City. The reason for this is not weather conditions, although the wind from the north can be bitterly cold when it sweeps in over the lake. The nickname, on the other hand, is due to political jealousy between the cities of New York and Chicago. When Chicago hosted the World Fair in 1893, it was far larger than the one New York had hosted some years earlier. The New Yorkers got angry and thought Chicago was inflating itself. Hence the nickname The Windy City - 'The Inflated City'.

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Now you've hopefully been inspired and well dressed for your next city break to The Windy City. It is clearly recommended from here.

Have a good trip to Chicago and the rest of the USA - the adventure awaits Over There!

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