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Press room - RejsRejsRejs in the media

RejsRejsRejs often appear as experts in various media. In this press room you can find more about our PR and press releases. Do you want to use RejsRejsRejs in an article or feature, you are very welcome to contact Jacob Gowland Jørgensen or Jens Skovgaard Andersen of

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Editor-in-chief Jens Andersen is in the Radio4 studio in the program Klimatosset as a travel expert. Here he talks about sustainable travel and gives tips on how to travel more responsibly.

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My Østerbro

Director Jacob tells the local magazine Mit Østerbro Jørgensen about why he loves to travel, and then he gives his five best travel tips for his favorite country: Argentina.

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RejsRejsRejs has become Denmark's largest online travel magazine with more than 365.000 visitors every month. At CBS - CSE you can read about RejsRejsRejs'entrepreneurial history.

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Zealand media

COVID-19 affects everyone, and the travel industry is one of the industries hardest hit. Use the quarantine to be inspired for new journeys and make plans for where you are going when we get out on the other side. Dream now, book soon - and travel later.

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Øresund Startups

Through various entrepreneurial programs, Øresund Startups tells about how RejsRejsRejs has become Denmark's largest online travel magazine and about the editorial staff's continued work to grow in the Scandinavian market.

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Gladsaxe Business Council

In this article you can read more about Rejsrejsrejs'focus on local cooperation and on the entrepreneurial sparring, which RejsRejsRejs has received from Gladsaxe Business Council.

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RejsRejsRejs is nominated by Sustainary for their SDG Tech Award 2020 in Denmark. Sustainary is a global non-profit organization that helps create connections between investors, universities and entrepreneurs in sustainable technological solutions.  

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Press release: A recent study conducted by us shows how COVID-19 affects Danes' travel habits. We have asked a demographically representative selection of Danes who are part of our travel community Facebook. 358 have participated.

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The student organization DANSIC held a workshop on traveling more sustainably. Here told RejsRejsRejs about alternative means of transport and gave tips on how to travel more green. RejsRejsRejs appeared as part of the expert panel for DANSIC's workshop.

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Rapidus. See

"Danish digital travel magazine settles in Sweden". This is what the headlines at the Swedish say, where they say that RejsRejsRejs has entered the Swedish market.

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My Østerbro

In the local magazine MitØsterbro, co-editor Katrine tells how she, as a woman in her 20s, has traveled solo in South America.
She also gives 5 cool travel tips to Bali in Indonesia.

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Jacob Jørgensen shares his ideas for destination marketing after corona. He believes that there must be new additions to the marketing soup if the Danes are to rediscover Denmark as a travel destination.

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The newsletter is sent out several times a month. See our data policy here.