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Holiday in the open air

Austria is a holiday favorite You probably already know this, but Austria is a fantastic travel country. The Danes have largely opened their eyes to this...

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Travel guides

Travel more sustainably

How much meat is equivalent to a trip to Bangkok? It is often more expensive to fly directly, but the many stopovers are not good for the environment. Read here ...

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Travel fun

Are you brave enough for this?

When you travel, you often dare something you would not otherwise dare. And maybe you throw yourself into something you are not completely comfortable with. Cross-border experiences ...

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Hip hooray for us and you!

It must be celebrated It is important to celebrate what is worth celebrating, and we support that to that extent. And this year we celebrated our 5th birthday! Despite...

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Cultural tour of Bali

Come along on this trip to scenic Bali. With an English-speaking guide at the helm, we will experience magnificent nature and exciting culture on...