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Chinese food is China-nam-nam

Chinese food is China-nam-nam is written by Jens Skovgaard Andersen

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Chinglish on the menu

Chinese is a very complicated language that one does not just learn in one morning. The same apparently applies to English - especially if you are in China.

Anyone who has traveled in China will have encountered confusing, incomprehensible or even howling beard translations into English. Often, however, one can guess a little ahead as to what the real meaning is, but sometimes there is simply too much distance between what stands and what should have stood.

I came across my latest Kinatur on a menu card that at least did not make me much wiser about what it was I got on the plate:

“Acidic beans in fleshy foam”

Uhh, I do not really know… It otherwise looks very good in the picture, I think, but the description pulls a little in a different direction.

“Wood must become meat”

So I do not think I have time to wait. And I actually also prefer that my meat on the plate comes from an animal.

“Later bacon”

Is it something that has been bacon? Or is it monstrous something that turns into bacon later? I'm generally a big fan of bacon, but then it has to be bacon now!

“The customer-gets-angry-sauce”

Hmm, that's at least honest marketing if it fits. Judging from the picture, it otherwise does not seem that there is quite a lot of sauce - so maybe that is what the customer gets angry about.

“Listen to beer”

See, here's something you can understand. I have always listened to my beer, and I am sure that my beer also listens to me - even though we do not always speak exactly the same language…

Have you come across funny or crazy translations on your journey? So feel free to tell about them in the comments below

About the author

Jens Skovgaard Andersen, editor

Jens is a happy travel nerd who has traveled in over 60 countries from Kyrgyzstan and China to Australia and Albania. Jens is educated in China Studies, has lived in China for 1½ years and is a member of the Travel Club. He has extensive experience with the travel world as a tour guide, lecturer, advisor, author and photographer. And of course most important of all: As a traveler. Jens often goes to places where it is also possible to watch a good football match in the company of other incarnated fans and has a special fondness for Boldklubben FREM, where he sits on the board. For most people it is obvious to look up to Jens (he is barely two meters tall), and then he is a 14-time champion in the TV quiz Jeopardy and still single, so if you can not find him out in the world or on a football stadium, you can probably find him out touring in the Copenhagen quiz environment.



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