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Cyprus: Here are 10 amazing places you just have to experience

Cyprus - Ayia Napa - Travel
Here are the editors 'and readers' suggestions for some of the best places to travel to Cyprus.

Cyprus: Here are 10 amazing places you just have to experience is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs.

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The shared holiday island has it all

Many Danes naturally dream of a holiday in the southern sun. A destination that always offers warm weather, beautiful beaches and beautiful nature is wonderful Cyprus.

When you travel to Cyprus, you will find that the island is roughly divided in the middle into a northern and a southern part, and it is not always to cross the border. Corona has closed the border completely to tourists between the South and Northern Cyprus, so pay attention to which part you are going for.

Both the Greek and Turkish sides of Cyprus are excellent destinations and there is plenty of history, gastronomy and delicious bathing water to plunge into.

If you have to fly to Northern Cyprus, you must via Turkey, while you can fly directly to the southern Greek-speaking part of the island with both scheduled, low-cost and charter flights from Denmark. This time, we focus on the southern part.

At the editorial office, we have through advice from our travel community on Facebook gathered good tips for what to experience in the country. Read the 10 favorites and get inspiration for what to experience next time you travel to Cyprus.

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Cyprus - Paphos - Travel - Boat

Our favorites in Western Cyprus

In the western part of Cyprus lies - literally - a sea of ​​experiences waiting. Go to the Blue Lagoon and swim in beautiful surroundings with crystal clear water.

If you are more into fresh water, then Aphrodite's Bath is also here; an enchanting lake, located next to a natural cave, which the goddess Aphrodite according to legend came to bathe in. According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite was born in Cyprus on the cliff Petra tou Romiou.

Aphrodite's youth Adonis has also left his mark on Cyprus at the Adonis Falls near the village of Peiya.

If we stick to the Greek gods and myths, then the western part of Cyprus also offers Mount Olympos. The mountain rises 1952 meters into the air, is the highest point in Cyprus and is part of the Troodos mountain range.

In general, western Cyprus is dominated by the Troodos mountains, and on many mountain peaks you will find mountain hotels, churches and Byzantine monasteries – for example the monastery of Kykkos, which is known for its bejeweled icon of the Virgin Mary.

In western Cyprus you will also find old castles and other relics of the past. Here the Kolossi castle close to the city of Limassol can be recommended.

Here are 4 other lovely places in Western Cyprus:

  • Paphos - Beautiful coastal town with many ruins from ancient times. Paphos is the entrance to Western Cyprus and the Troodos Mountains.
  • Peyia - The village is located high up and has a great view of the Coral Bay and the church of Agios Georgios. Peyia is close to the large city of Paphos.
  • Latchi - From here you can go on a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon.
  • Limassol - Beautiful city with many things close by. Lovely long beach promenade. Right in the center is the castle where it is said that Richard the Lionheart lived and married in the 1100th century.

Our favorites in Eastern Cyprus

In central Cyprus you will find the last divided capital of the world: Nicosia, which is called Lefkosa on the Turkish side, is a sight that must be experienced on one's own body.

The Greek side is much more reminiscent of the big cities we know from the rest of Europe with neat and clean wide streets and famous shops that you could find everywhere else - of course strewn with Greek-Cypriot charm and atmosphere.

The Turkish part of the city is more chaotic with narrower streets and bazaars and restaurants between the famous shops, but at least as charming.

Eastern Cyprus, like the rest of the island, offers delicious beaches and crystal clear water. Cyprus is said to have the cleanest and clearest water in the entire Mediterraneanhavet, so a visit to the beach is not to be missed. If you go all the way to the easternmost point of South Cyprus, you can walk over a natural stone bridge to the Cape Greco peninsula.

Here you can snorkel, try out water sports and dive into underwater caves. On Cape Greco itself, there are a handful of hiking trails of varying difficulty.

Should you get enough water in nature, the eastern part of Cyprus also offers more controlled water experiences. Here we find both water theme parks like WaterWorld in Ayia Napa and the Ocean Aquarium in Protaras.

In addition, you will also find a sea of ​​small churches and mosques, such as the church of Agioi Saranda and the mosque of Hala Sultan Tekke near Larnaca. If you travel to Cyprus to get nature experiences on land, you will also find national parks that are definitely worth a visit.

Here are more travel favorites in Cyprus:

  • Ayia Napa – Gorgeous beaches and great place for party-goers. Enjoy life on, among other things, the popular beach Nissi Beach. Close to the city is the large water park Water World, which is super child-friendly
  • Larnaca – Cozy beach town with a nice and wide promenade. The city also offers the famous church of Saint Lazarus, which is called Agíou Lazárou locally, small cozy streets and the important mosque Hala Sultan Tekke close to the airport. Most flights to Cyprus land in Larnaca
  • Cape Greco – The national park is a great place for snorkeling and also has a really beautiful sunset. There are a number of walking routes that get the heart rate up a bit. Remember drinking water and a sun hat - there is not much shade
  • Pyrga/Stavrovouni – Close to the town of Pyrga, on top of a hill, you will find the Greek Orthodox monastery of Stavrovouni. The monastery is for men only, but the view and the chapel can be enjoyed by all
  • Pano Lefkara – Beautiful village consisting of both an upper and lower part
  • Protaras – Here you will find beautiful beaches – not least Fig Tree Bay – and inside a rock hides the church of Agioi Saranda. Protaras is Ayia Napa's slightly more relaxed neighboring town

Stay tuned inside ours travel community on Facebook to get even more reader favorites and inspiration for your summer vacation.

Cyprus - Ayia Napa - Travel

What to see in Cyprus? Here are the biggest sights and attractions

  • The world's last divided capital, Nicosia/Lefkosa
  • The Troodos Mountains
  • Aphrodite's Rock
  • The blue Lagoon
  • Water World and Ayia Napa
  • Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque in Larnaca
  • Cape Greco
  • St. Lazarus Church
  • Agioi Saranda

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