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Christmas markets in Denmark: Get a nice prelude to Christmas here

We have tailored a list of 10 cozy and fun Christmas markets for the whole family.

Christmas markets in Denmark - get a nice prelude to Christmas is written written by Cecilie Saustrup Kirk.

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Christmas markets in Denmark

After last year's many cancellations, Denmark's Christmas markets are back in style. The Danes have clearly missed their Christmas cheer, and this is evident in the many Christmas markets that are held this year across the country.

Read here where we look at some of the best Christmas markets from old acquaintances like Tivoli in København to new players like Bornholms large new market in Nexø. Let the Christmas joy spread.


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Christmas on the Hill - now for the fourth time ever

Dyrehavsbakken in Klampenborg opens again this year for their lovely Christmas market. This is only the fourth time it has been held; it does not make it any less nice.

Among other things, you can get the taste of Christmas right down to the side legs in the form of a cozy Christmas lunch with those you like the most.

There are also plenty of activities for the little ones: They can meet Santa, who is visiting from the North Pole, up close, and they can tell her their biggest Christmas wish, which she makes sure to pass on to the elves in the toy workshop.

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In addition to these activities, Bakken has built a lot of exciting Christmas stalls, which are located around the small streets. Here you should probably be able to find this year's Christmas present for mom - or just buy some Christmas decorations.

You can experience this year's Christmas market at Bakken every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 26 November to 19 December and Monday to Wednesday 20-22. December.

So there are no excuses for not going out and experiencing a new Christmas market in cozy and popular surroundings.

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Birkegården: One of the most visited Christmas markets in Denmark

You can not say Christmas market without mentioning Birkegårdens Haver. This classic Christmas market in Tågerup on West Zealand is a true experience for the whole family. It is one of the most visited Christmas markets in Denmark, then hurry in and buy a ticket.

The three gardens offer beautiful candle decorations in different colors and exude Christmas. There will be activities for the little ones, and of course the stalls will also be open, so you can enjoy a glass of mulled wine and get a warm apple slice.

Birkegårdens Haver has again this year prepared a special Christmas program for the children. Here they will be able to go on a treasure hunt, participate in a bow hunting test and try donkey riding.

Read more about Birkegården's Christmas market here

Due to the corona, this year it will unfortunately not be possible to dance around the Christmas tree, but luckily the children still get a bag of goodies from Santa.

You can experience the delights Friday, Saturday and Sunday from November 26 until December 19.

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Christmas markets in Denmark

Esrum: International Christmas market in Denmark

Christmas days in Esrum i Nordsjælland offers again this year up to cozy moments. During the two weekends, which are open this year, you will be able to enjoy a lot of Christmas delicacies, Christmas cafes and of course also Christmas activities for the little ones.

Esrum Kloster has again this year brought home real monastery products France, which also makes this Christmas market a bit international. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy French specialties galore. If they fall in good taste, you can of course also buy something delicious to take home for the Christmas holidays.

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This year, the Christmas café has put together a lovely Christmas menu, so there will be an opportunity to take a break from the Christmas delights and get something to eat and try the frothy monastery beer from cask. According to tradition, both hot and cold drinks will also be sold - both with and without alcohol.

You can come to Christmas Days in Esrum Kloster on Saturday and Sunday between 10 and 17 on 27-28. November and the 4-5. December.

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Kronborg Christmas Market - one of the big ones of its kind

Kronborg Christmas Market is one of the largest of its kind, which is very suitable for one of Denmark's Christmas castles.

With over 80 stalls spread out through Kronborg's many halls and outdoor areas, there is ample opportunity to find everything the heart desires for Christmas fun, whether we are talking quality goods or food.

For the children, there is a sea of ​​experiences with everything from fairy tale theater, children's workshops, reading aloud, pony riding and of course Santa himself. The adults are also pampered with beer tasting, Christmas jazz, violin concerts and gospel choirs. You can also get inspiration for the Christmas decorations from the flower decorator Stine Leth from Fredensborg Castle.

As the big news this year, the old cozy veteran Christmas train runs from Copenhagen directly to Elsinore, so you can get in the Christmas mood already on the way up there.

You can experience all the glory the first two weekends of December.

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Christmas market on Funen - in HC Andersen's footsteps

Funen can also do something when it comes to Christmas markets, and Odense Christmas market can do something very special.

Under the name Adventurous Christmas Market, the cobbled streets of Odense come to life with mulled wine, Christmas lights and green spruce as well as stalls galore among the cozy old townhouses.

The Christmas market attracts approximately 60.000 guests each year, who come to experience art and culture designed for both adults and children.

Here you can buy local specialties and quality products such as handmade sausages, specialty beers, designer cups, handmade jewelry and much more.

Adventurous Christmas market runs off the stack the first two weekends in December.

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Greenlandic Christmas market - a different Christmas market

The list must also include a slightly alternative market, and this year we will recommend the Greenlandic Christmas market.

The Greenlandic Christmas market is held in Det Grønlandske Hus right in the middle of Copenhagen and offers a cave lot of exciting things that you have most likely not become acquainted with before.

You will be greeted by beautiful stalls that exude Greenland. They each have something fun and exciting on the program. You will be able to buy handmade items, different Christmas decorations, musk wool for a Christmas decoration and many more things.

Read more about Greenlandic Christmas market here

Of course, there will also be the opportunity to buy some cold and hot drinks, so try a fun and different Christmas market on 11 and 12 December in Det Grønlandske Hus.

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Christmas markets in Denmark

The classic Christmas in Tivoli

When we talk Christmas markets in Denmark, then it's hard to get around Tivoli in København. Again this year, they are opening the doors to a fantastic Christmas market. Like the other years, it will be a Christmas market, which stands out with big light shows, cute sculptures and cool Gadgets.

If you are not quite in the Christmas mood, then Tivoli is a great place to visit. You will be greeted by a completed Christmas atmosphere with the scent of roasted almonds, mulled wine and other delicious Christmas treats. The small cozy stalls are once again the focal point of the crisp Christmas mood, which just gives you an extra shot of Christmas spirit.

Of course, Tivoli's many rides will still run, and now it's extra fun to try them when they're adorned with all sorts of Christmas decorations. If you have not been to the Christmas market in Tivoli before, then this year you should try it.

Read more about the Christmas market in Tivoli here

It is open from 19 November until 2 January. They are open every day of the week - except December 24th.

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Christmas market in the Old Town in Aarhus

Now the trip has come to Jutland, exactly Aarhus.

The small city fires up again this year for a wonderful Christmas market in the Old Town in the middle of Aarhus. You will be drawn a few hundred years back in time as you see the historic houses clad in beautiful Christmas lights.

You can expect to be pampered with exciting Christmas shops, and for the sweet tooth there will be rice porridge, mulled wine, apple slices, roasted almonds and everything else the heart desires.

Read more about the Christmas market in the Old Town here

If you are the thirsty type, there will also be the opportunity to enjoy a beer or two from Thisted Brewery. They have brewed the tasty Thy Christmas Brew for the Old Town.

The opening hours for the Christmas market in the Old Town are from 20 November until 2 January.

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Christmas on Bornholm

Bornholm is ready this year with their brand new large Christmas market in Nexø. Here, the entire port of Nexø and the inner city are transformed into a pure Christmas paradise with small cozy stalls, Santa Clauses and a real Christmas atmosphere.

The Christmas market will focus on the local Bornholm specialties, whether it is food or handicrafts. With glassblower Pernille Bülow at the helm of the initiative, there will also be ample opportunity to have a chat with the local artists about their products in the approximately 30 small wooden stalls.

The Christmas market is open Friday to Sunday in every Advent weekend and is the perfect place to find the latest Christmas gifts.

We hope you found something good - have fun at the lovely Christmas markets in Denmark!

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