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Bornholm Denmark Zealand and islands

Bornholm: Abundance of outdoor and local delicacies

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Af Tine Tolstrup

Denmark - Bornholm, Øjvind in Østerlars - travels

On a trip with the Ø bus Øjvind

Bornholm was a bit of a mouthful for us, who primarily tour smaller Danish islands. But a wonderful mouthful, as the large rocky island has lots of offers - both when it comes to outdoor options where you can burn off some energy, and culinary temptations when you need to refuel.

We took a bus ride to Vang granite quarry, past Almindingen and finally relaxation at Dueodde beach.

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On the trip, when we drove in the 'Ø bus Øjvind' through the Bornholm landscape, we passed many whimsical city and road names, including Ibsker, Poulsker, Clemensker, Skarpenskade and Aarsballe. The bus Øjvind stopped at Vang Granitbrud, among other places, where we trooped up with sportswear, iron will and a good portion of optimism. Here, rock walls at a height of 25 meters can be defeated - if otherwise the arms hold. A wonderful challenge.

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Denmark - Bornholm - Dueodde - forest - Travel

From mountain biking in Almindingen to relaxation in Dueodde

When we were well down again, we whizzed on to Almindingen, where one of Denmark's best mountain bike trails is found. It was the perfect place to burn off the last energy and adrenaline. The raw and beautiful nature offers truly unique opportunities for all kinds of outdoor sports that you will not find anywhere else in the kingdom.

After a wild experience in Almindingen, it was finally time for relaxation. The next stop on our trip was in chalk-white Dueodde Beach. An excellent place to relax. And among the cozy half-timbered houses and hollyhocks in Svaneke, the temptations stood in line. Sweets, caramels, licorice, marshmallows, beer brewery, smokehouses and all sorts of other goodies are made by the active types in Svaneke. And as a tourist, you MUST try it all.

Bornholm is a wonderful place with fantastic nature that everyone deserves to experience.

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About the author

Tine Tolstrup

Tine has a degree in geography from the University of Copenhagen with a focus on environmental management and has a solid knowledge of the Danish natural and cultural landscape, urban development and settlement patterns.
From March to September 2018, she and Sarah Steinitz will explore the island kingdom and travel around to 37 islands in Denmark. It's going to be an adventure. An adventure they call The Odyssey. They are part of a generation that flies around the world after the book "1000 places you must see before you die", but still have never been to Avernakø or driven over Storstrømsbroen. They will seek out the adventures that await around the corner - on Fejø, Fanø, Fur and the 34 other islands that they travel around on their Ødyssé.

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