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Here are the new trends: This is how Danes travel now

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We travel differently than we usually do. Here are the Danes' travel plans for 2022
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Here are the new trends: How Danes travel in 2022 is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs

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After several years with crown the Danes are ready like never before to discover the world again, and we set the course for new experiences. But the shutdown has also led to a change in the Danes' travel habits and how we want to re-experience the world.

according to Danish Industry There are four different trends in particular that apply to the Danes summer vacation plans in the glorious in 2022.

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1) Security and safety

Danes have always been sensible travelers, but after the pandemic and the impact it has had on the Danes' everyday lives and not least their travel opportunities, safety has become extra important in people's travel plans.

Along with the tensions that the war in Ukraine has led, security has become an important element in the Danes' travel planning. Therefore, we also travel more often to nearby destinations such as Sweden og Germany.

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2) Back to Mother Nature

The pandemic has also brought something positive; a reinvented curiosity and joy with nature. Several Danes have planned holidays with nature in focus. Whatever that means hiking i Croatia, bike vacation i Germany, ski trip to Norway or a completely fourth active form of travel, then the Danes are enthusiastic and include it in their travel plans.

This is also well connected with the trends of recent years, where Danes would like to travel more environmentally friendly og sustainable, buy locally and generally travel more green. Among other things, this can be done by going on longer holidays, when you now still travel far to e.g. Thailand or Malaysia, and of course by traveling more in Denmark.

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3) Go with the whole family

Family holidays - preferably with several generations together - is another trend that Danes are buying after. The self-drive holiday to Austria, a week by Lake Garda i Italy or one cottage i Spain is clearly the plan this year and with good reason.

The pandemic has kept many families separate for long periods, then presence have been missed, and what better way to be reunited than a week in a festive and relaxed mood somewhere abroad. It is worth including in your travel plans.

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4) Money, money, money affects our travel plans

The last trend DI has noticed is people's money situation, and here are two different scenarios.

On the one hand, travel has been sparse in recent years, which has meant that some Danes have neglected a considerable pool of money for travel. That's going to mean travel in 2022 which is longer, more luxurious or to more distant lands than we have seen before. For example, one month tour i Argentina, safari i Tanzania, road-trip i USA or train travel og cruise down throughout Europe.

On the other hand, the rising prices in Denmark due to the war have meant that people may buy cheaper to a greater extent. travel deals or maybe even stay in Denmark, which fortunately also has plenty to offer.

No matter how you travel, it is important to make the right choices, then 2022 will be a fantastic travel year.

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