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Around Denmark: 20 fun places to sleep

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Where shall we sleep tonight? We can answer that question. Especially if you want to sleep somewhere that is something out of the ordinary.
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Around Denmark: 20 fun places to sleep is written by Jens Skovgaard Andersen.

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Around Denmark sleeping on land, at sea and in the air

About a third of our lives are spent sleeping, and when we travel around the country and go on holiday, sleep must of course also be taken care of, but where should we sleep? We have found a string of good - and fun - offers here from all over Denmark. From shelters to castles and from sharks to hobbits.

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Hjortdal animal farm raccoon travels

Wake up with the animals

Sleeping animals are not just sleeping animals. It takes on a completely different meaning Hjortdal Animal Farm i North Jutland, where you are literally surrounded by animals when you spend the night in the farm's shelter between kangaroos, raccoons, woolly pigs and polar foxes.

Should there be more 'Tiger King' over the summer holidays, then an overnight stay in Ree Safari Park is on Djursland or Knuthenborg Safari Park at Lolland probably the closest you can get. Luxury tents - and fences - keep the wildlife away, but you will not escape the safari feeling.

Shark, aquarium - travel

Sleep underwater

If the safari is not wild enough, the Kattegat Center in Grenå lets you sleep with the sharks - or at least. Underwater accommodation in the aquarium is available for both school classes and families, and there is a guarantee of getting smarter on both sharks and other sea creatures.

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Mariager Fjord, shelter, kayak - travel, Accommodation

Sleep on top of the water

You can also take an overnight stay on the surface and sleep on top of the water in a floating shelter. Such is the case with them Mariager Fjord Kayak, and you actually need a kayak to get to bed. Fortunately, it follows.

Also in the middle of the city you can stay on the water. IN København is a converted ferry, which has become the hotel CPH Living. The hotel is located right by Langebro and Islands Brygge, so it will not be much more central. And then there are harbor views all around.

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Denmark - Tree top, house - travel, Accommodation

Spend the night up in the trees

Now we have been on land and at sea - we also have to go up in the air. Or up in the trees, actually.

In HighPark by Genner Hoel Camping in Southern Jutland you can sleep in the special shelter 'Nest', which hangs up in the treetops. The nest is a work of art in itself.

You can also sleep in the treetops both at Kaløvig Center on Djursland, in Ryegaard Dyrehave Zealand and at Løvtag by Mariager Fjord. And don't worry, it's a lot more luxury than it just sounds. It is truly an experience to get away from the surface of the earth and up to bird height.

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Møn, Camønoen Camp, glamping - travel, Accommodation

Glamping and fricamping around Denmark

Camping is not what it once was. You can still be allowed to sleep in a tent, but you can also get luxury at the same time. At Camønoen Camp on Møn, you can rest your tired legs - whether you are on your way around Camønoen or up and down Møns Klint. Glamping is far from scout life, but coziness is guaranteed.

If you would like to camp in Denmark at all, there are endless possibilities, and some of them are even free. You can find an overview of free camping throughout the country at Hello camp.

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Denmark - Kystlandet, Horsens, Fængslet - Travels, Overnatning

Get in jail overnight

Do you need a little peace and quiet and time to think about life? Then there is nothing like being locked inside behind lock and key.

Imprisoned in Horsens is no longer a place for criminals; now you can also spend the night there and be shut out the next day. The prison looks like a prison, and the cells look like cells. It's just the way it should be.

Also in Ribe you can get a ride in the jail. Hotel Den Gamle Arrest is located right in the middle of one of the country's most beautiful old towns, and when you are released again, you can enjoy the freedom of the historic surroundings.

If you want to get away from everyday life, then a trip in the casket may be the solution before the trip continues on new adventures around Denmark.

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Denmark - Lolland, Western Camp - travel, Accommodation

Slept like a cowboy

Should the family go out and experience something that is otherwise only seen in American western films, then you can live as cowboys, Indians and settlers in the wild west without having to leave Denmark.

Instead, head all the way down the south coast Lolland next to Rødby and Lalandia, where Western Camp has both prairie cabins and a rodeo atmosphere - yeehaw!

Also on South Funen there is a wild west atmosphere. Here you can live in a horse-drawn prairie wagon and drive around, as the settlers in America did. Active holiday in the very relaxed way.

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Lynæs, surfer shack - travel, Accommodation

Slept like a surfer

In the northwest corner of Jutland lies the surfer mecca Klitmøller - or Cold Hawaii, as they call it in surfer language. Here you can stay at Cold Hawaii Surf Camp.

But if you really want to live like a surfer, go to the northernmost instead Zealand. Here you will find Lynæs, which is next door to Hundested. In Lynæs you can stay in 'surfshacks', which are small wooden cabins with a view directly to the water and nature. It's not great conditions, but it will not be much more cozy if you really want to go to the corners and all around Denmark.

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Slept like a mini pillow

Now that we are at accommodations around Denmark that have saved on space - how about staying at the world's smallest hotel? It is located in Frederiksberg in the middle of København and is called Central Hotel. They only have a single room, which is located on top of the café on the ground floor, so it is to that extent an exclusive night's sleep you get.

It will be even smaller in Hasle Bornholm. Here you can stay in Hobbithytte on the campsite and really get in touch with your inner mini putt. The cabins most of all look like a lying wine or beer barrel, so there can quickly be a good atmosphere.

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Denmark - Copenhagen, Central Hotel - travel, Accommodation

Slept like counts and barons

Of course, you can also choose to go the other way and stay at a castle. Dragsholm Castle has both ghosts and luxury stays, so you are almost noble when you leave. So remember to tickle your little finger when drinking tea - nobility commits, as they once said in the chocolate commercials.

Another place in the luxury price range is The Krane in København. It is actually an old industrial crane on the harbor, which is now instead a hotel room.

The surroundings and the view are something completely different, and so is the price. In return, you get your own private Concierge services included in the price; you will have to hand him in again when you check out…

There is so much night sleep for every taste and every temperament - now you just have to find the one that suits you.

Good trip around Denmark - a fun and different night or two, you should at least try.

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Unusual places to sleep in Denmark that you should try

  • Hjortdal Animal Farm in North Jutland
  • Ree Safari Park on Djursland
  • The Kattegat Center in Grenå
  • Floating shelter at Mariager Fjord Kayak
  • CPH Living, a converted ferry in center of Copenhagen
  • Up in the treetops at Kaløvig Center in Djursland
  • Ryegaard Deer Park on Zealand
  • Thatched roof by Mariager Fjord
  • Camønoen Camp on Møn
  • Imprisoned in Horsens
  • Hotel Den Gamle Arrest in Ribe
  • Western Camp on Lolland next to Rødby and Lalandia
  • Cold Hawaii Surf Camp in it northwestern Jutland
  • Central Hotel at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen
  • The hobby cabins in Hasle on Bornholm
  • The Crane i København
  • Dragsholm Castle in Hørve on Zealand

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About the author

Jens Skovgaard Andersen, editor

Jens is a happy travel nerd who has traveled in over 60 countries from Kyrgyzstan and China to Australia and Albania. Jens is educated in China Studies, has lived in China for 1½ years and is a member of the Travel Club. He has extensive experience with the travel world as a tour guide, lecturer, advisor, author and photographer. And of course most important of all: As a traveler. Jens often goes to places where it is also possible to watch a good football match in the company of other incarnated fans and has a special fondness for Boldklubben FREM, where he sits on the board. For most people it is obvious to look up to Jens (he is barely two meters tall), and then he is a 14-time champion in the TV quiz Jeopardy and still single, so if you can not find him out in the world or on a football stadium, you can probably find him out touring in the Copenhagen quiz environment.



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