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Denmark Jutland The coastal country

Holidays in Jutland: The 10 nicest cities

Denmark - Aarhus, The Old Town - travel
Jutland is Denmark's mainland and heartland, and it is quite obvious to holiday in Jutland. Here is our offer of 10 places where you can enjoy the beautiful Danish summer.
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Holidays in Jutland: The 10 nicest cities is written by Jens Skovgaard Andersen.

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Jutland between the second garden as a runestone is laid

According to an old song, Jutland lies like a runestone between two gardens. And Jutland is where the Danish people's soul is like carved in stone. A holiday in Jutland is completely obvious all year round.

The larger cities in Jutland as Aarhus og Aalborg draws with shopping, culture and metropolitan atmosphere, but Jutland's real strength lies in the history, cosiness and warmth of heart. It is found in the slightly smaller cities, which can easily be combined with the large ones. Here are 10 of our favorites among the nicest cities in Jutland.

Denmark - Jutland, Skagen, Brøndums Hotel - travel - holiday in Jutland

Skagen - on top of Jutland

Skagen, Denmark northernmost city, is an extremely popular holiday destination for Danes and foreign visitors. In Skagen's cozy city center you will find a myriad of restaurants, specialty shops, activities for the whole family and cultural attractions.

There are many opportunities for excursions and unique experiences in Skagen and North Jutland. Go to the tip of Skagens Odde, Grenen, and stand with one foot in two 'gardens' at the same time: Kattegat and Skagerrak. The branch is formed by sand, which of havet is transported north along the entire west coast of Jutland. Take the so-called Sandworm out there, a 'tractor bus' that takes you as far to the tip as possible.

Skagen has a unique nature and lots of white sandy beaches. You can take a walk to the sandy church and hear the exciting story about the church, and you can also hear about the first man who settled on Skagens Odde.

Denmark Hjortdal animal farm raccoon travels - holiday in Jutland

Wildlife and sustainability on holiday in Hjortdal in northernmost Jutland

Just before you get to Slettestrand and Svinkløv Badehotel in the extreme northwestern Jutland part of the kingdom you come to a beautiful village, namely Hjortdal.

You can easily just drive through it, but that would be a mistake, because it has a lot to offer. Hjortdal is to that extent a local community that stands together. The locals have taken over the local grocery store, where everyone helps, and the all-possible shop is a cozy gathering place.

There are forests and hills along Slette Å, and here are several mountain bike and hiking routes. And finally, there is a little gem, namely Hjortdal Animal Farm, which is both a zoo, café and 'shelter camp' with a view havet. It can hardly be found more locally than in Hjortdal, and that is why you should visit.

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Music, theater and art in Holstebro

Holstebro is a colorful city in West Jutland. In the city center there are many cozy streets, which with the older buildings provide a cozy atmosphere. The centerpiece is the charming pedestrian street, which is Denmark's second oldest.

Along the pedestrian street you will find a number of cozy cafes and delicatessens as well as a large selection of shops that go right to the shopping heart.

Art and culture are an important part of the city, and on several street corners, beautiful works of art stand and adorn the street scene. Musikteatret Holstebro is one of the largest cultural gathering points. Here you can experience exciting theater performances, musicals and concerts all year round.

The cultural history museum, Holstebro Kunstmuseum, offers both foreign and Danish contemporary art, but also has a large local history archive.

If you are more into fresh air and outdoor activities, the open-air museum Hjerl Hede is only 25 minutes away by car. In Holstebro and the surrounding area you will find something for everyone.

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Denmark - Jutland, Silkeborg, Hjejlen - travel - holiday in Jutland

Silkeborg - right in the heart of Jutland

Right in the middle of Jutland is one of Denmark clear highlights. With its proud 147 meters, Himmelbjerget towers over the Danish countryside - or at least over the Søhøjlandet around.

Silkeborg is located below Himmelbjerget surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests. The town of Silkeborg is cozy with a small town center and a long line of cultural offerings, where you can meet both Asger Jorn and Tollundmanden.

The biggest attraction, however, is the nature around Silkeborg. Do not deceive yourself for a sailing trip on the Silkeborg Lakes with the historic wheeled steamer Hjejlen. You can of course also enjoy the lakes and the river Gudenåen, which spring from here, by your own power in a canoe, kayak or boat. A canoe trip from Silkeborg to the nice little neighbor Ry is a classic and really beautiful trip.

You have to climb Himmelbjerget, so you get a good view of the hilly landscape in the middle of Jutland. Don't worry: Himmelbjerget is not so mountain-like that it does anything, and you can climb it on foot, by bike or by car. The beautiful hilly Søhøjland extends further east to Horsens.

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Denmark Horsens Endelave island travel - holiday in Jutland

Horsens - a captivating experience on holiday

Horsens i The coastal country south of Aarhus offers a fantastic mix of culture and nature. The former state prison today houses many attractions. At the Prison Museum you can go on a tour with a prison officer who knows all the stories - or you can try to escape from the prison through an 18 meter long tunnel with Virtual Reality.

Enjoy the sum of the city and watch the passers-by as you are served food in the open air. A stroll along Horsens' pedestrian street will give you a sea of ​​restaurants and cafés with Danish and international dishes on the menu to choose from.

If you visit Horsens Marina, you will find activities for both children and adults - everything from playgrounds and green areas to outdoor activities and a bathing jetty. All in all, there is plenty to take care of in The coastal country.

If you are mostly for active cycling holidays and idyllic walks, then the scenic area south of Mossø, where you will find one of the highest points in Denmark - namely Yding Skovhøj. The top of Yding Skovhøj is 172 meters high, and you are guaranteed sweat on your forehead up there.

If you are on holiday in Horsens, you must not miss a visit to Endelave. Endelave is an island, which is a short ferry ride from Horsens through Horsens Fjord, where even the ferry ride there is a pure nature experience. Endelave offers many sports activities for the island's guests and residents during the summer and during the autumn holidays. Go to Endelave and experience a natural island life.

Denmark - Jutland, Ebeltoft, Islands holiday homes - travel - holiday in Jutland

Ebeltoft - family holiday on Jutland's nose

Jutland's nose, Djursland, in the far east is the perfect place to spend a holiday with the family. Around Ebeltoft on the southern tip of Djursland you will find lots of holiday homes and camping, and Ebeltoft is a really nice town to holiday in.

At Djursland you will also find a whole range of attractions for the whole family: Djurs Sommerland in Nimtofte, Ree Safari Park in Ebeltoft, Kattegatcentret in Grenå and Herregårdsmuseet Gl. Estrup in Auning just to name a handful.

Sun, summer, beach and water abound Djursland, and there is hardly anything better in the summer than a homemade waffle ice cream at the harbor in cozy Ebeltoft, when you are still on holiday in Jutland.

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Denmark Koldinghus castle travel - holiday in Jutland

Koldinghus and Jutland's Louisiana

Kolding is a super cozy city with everything the heart desires. It is Denmark sixth largest city, but it still exudes cosiness. The city's pedestrian street, which winds along the canal, oozes charm, and there is life in the city's small cafes and restaurants.

Near the center of Kolding you will find the royal castle Koldinghus, which was founded in the 1200th century. The castle burned down in 1808 and stood in ruins for a long time until a restoration was initiated. Koldinghus is a cultural-historical relic with world-class architecture. The castle and the restaurant in the castle basement are a sight that is definitely worth a visit.

A little further away from the city center you will find the art museum Trapholt, also called the "Jutland Louisiana" - partly because the museum has a view of Kolding Fjord. Trapholt is a museum of modern art and design and dates from 1988. Near Trapholt you will find the Museum of Nursing History, which is also worth a visit.

If you are more into outdoor life and nature activities, you can say goodbye to the various cities in Jutland. You will find fantastic cycling routes from the center along Jutland's east coast. On the bike route you can visit Rebæk Strand, Løverodde Strand and continue all the way to Binderup Strand. All the beaches are in high demand in the summer if you decide to holiday in Jutland.

Just south of Binderup Strand you will find the cozy holiday home area Hejlsminde, which is next door to unique Christiansfeld.

Denmark Christiansfeld travels city

Original gingerbread in Christiansfeld

In Christiansfeld you get a completely unique experience. Christiansfeld was put on UNESCOs World Heritage List in 2015, as it is Europe's most beautiful and original 'brother church town'. The Brotherhood is an Evangelical Lutheran Free Church and is part of a worldwide brotherhood with cities and congregations in many lands.

Along the cozy cobbled streets you will find atmospheric wine shops, flower shops and of course the famous Gingerbread House, where you can come in and get one of the original gingerbreads that have made the city world famous in Denmark.

For more than a few hundred years, Christiansfeld has baked and distributed gingerbread, which has been sold in markets across the country.

The Brethren Church Hotel and their restaurant are definitely worth a lunch visit on your holiday in Jutland. Christiansfeld is a small town, but if you spend some time here, you will quickly notice what the city has to offer.  

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Experience the cathedral, seals and black sun on holiday in southern Jutland

Did you know that Ribe in southwestern Jutland is Denmark's oldest city? Ribe's historic cathedral is a major attraction and in itself worth a visit. But a somewhat different activity could be to take part in a guard tour, where you get very close to the old prehistoric relics and myths, from the time when Ribe was our capital. It is also a nice town just to wander around.

Now that you are in Ribe, do not miss the 'black sun' in Tøndermarsken, where you can experience the many thousands of dancing starlings, which in large flocks create beautiful formations in the evening sky.

In addition to the quirks of the marsh, you can go to Vadehavet on a seal or oyster safari on your holiday in Jutland. Here you can easily catch your own oysters - but remember to pay close attention to the amount of algae in it havet, so check Vade National Parkhavets own website if you need to go out and catch fresh oysters.

Spice up your holiday in Jutland with folk music

Far to the south right on the border Germany is located in Tønder. Denmark's oldest market town is a cozy mix of Danish and German and at the same time completely its own.

The city is the access to the Vadehavet, the Marsh and Germany, so the excursion possibilities are many. However, you can also enjoy the coziness of the old town center with the pedestrian street and the old town houses in the centre.

It is clear to feel the special mix of Danish and German in the city, and you can sniff around the exciting history at the museum 'Kulturhistorie Tønder' and at the Art Museum.

Tønder is probably best known for its music festival, which offers great national and international musicians mainly in the genres of folk music and jazz. Holidays, draft beer and folk music are an excellent combination.

Jutland is a holiday in the right way. All cities in Jutland from north to south and east to west. Good holiday!

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Denmark - Jutland, Hirtshals, lighthouse, Dannebrog - travel

Cozy cities in Jutland you must visit

  • Skagen
  • Hjortdal
  • Holstebro
  • Silkeborg
  • Horsens
  • Ebeltoft
  • Kolding
  • Christiansfeld
  • Ribe
  • Barrels
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