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Take a boat trip in Stockholm's archipelago

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Sailing in the Stockholm archipelago is a dream for many. With its over 24.000 islands and skerries, the archipelago offers a unique opportunity for adventure, relaxation and discovery. Whether you are an experienced sailor or a novice longing to feel the wind in your sails, there is something for everyone. Rent a boat and we'll take you on a week-long sailing trip through both the middle and outer archipelago, visiting popular destinations such as Möja and Sandhamn.

Stockholm's archipelago has 24.000 islands – hidden gems for everyone

Stockholm's archipelago stretches from Landsort in the south to Svenska Högarna in the north and is one of the world's most spectacular archipelagos. Each island, whether inhabited or deserted, has its own unique charm and history. From the lively communities with cafés and restaurants to the untouched natural areas where you can anchor in total seclusion – the variety is endless.

A wonderful week of sailing - between the archipelago, the outer archipelago, Sandhamn and home

From Bullandö Marina to Björkskär Bullandö is a good place to start - it is Stockholm's largest marina, and there are plenty of boats to rent via various classifieds sites and rental companies. You are also already "in the middle" of the archipelago.

Therefore, start your journey from Bullandö Marina – which is also a well-equipped harbor that offers every imaginable convenience. The first destination is Björkskär, an island characterized by its wild nature and calm anchorages. Here you can enjoy the silence and the surrounding nature. For this stage, southerly or south-westerly winds are best, and this is also the most common wind in the archipelago in summer. Start early, otherwise you may get an easterly breeze in the afternoon.

You sail out across Kanholmsfjärden, which is a large open body of water, and then pass Möja. Perhaps you will stop and have lunch in Bergs by, a small picturesque community with a bakery, café and restaurant. There is also a shop here where you can buy food.

From Björkskär to Gillöga 

After an overnight stay in the Björkskär archipelago, you continue northeast. The next stage takes you to Gillöga, known for its picturesque red cottages and its many grounds. It's not the easiest navigation - so you have to know your stuff. Take it easy and you'll be fine! Gillöga is the perfect place to experience the archipelago life in solitude - not many people dare to venture out here, and it should ideally be calm weather and gentle winds. Watch out for the many vipers on Gillöga!

From Gillöga to Söderarm 

The journey continues to Söderarm, the northern archipelago of the Stockholm archipelago, where you can explore the old lighthouse and enjoy a fantastic view of havet. Definitely visit the lighthouse and eat some ice cream among all the seabirds that live on the island. You might think that the island's remoteness makes it a perfect destination for those seeking peace and quiet - but alas, so wrong. The thousands of seagulls and seabirds contribute to an impressive chorus, and we recommend that you instead seek a quiet cove on one of the many small islands around. Söderarm is an old military area, but the activity has ceased and it is fine to visit all the islands.

From Söderarm to Svenska högarna 

Now it's time to turn south, and if you have good mild and not too strong winds, we suggest that the next stage takes you to Svenska högarna. Svenska högarna, one of the easternmost outposts of Stockholm's archipelago, offers a unique environment with its barren nature and rich birdlife. It is a place that really feels like the end of the world and is more reminiscent of the west coast than the inner part of the Stockholm archipelago. Take a walk around the island and enjoy the view – and stroll in the small town that has been a fishing village for many centuries.

From Svenska högarna to Sandhamn 

The next destination is Sandhamn, one of the archipelago's most famous and lively islands. It is a long stretch, and if you are keen, you can stretch across the open sea all the way outside all islands and skerries. If you are lucky, you will see seals along the journey. Be careful to check the weather forecast as there can be quite high waves.

With its sailing clubs, restaurants and sandy beaches, Sandhamn is a must for all visitors. Take a walk to the sandy beach on the other side of the island, have dinner at the sailing hotel or dive bar (you must book a table) and enjoy the folk life in the harbour. It may be a good idea to book a berth before you arrive to ensure a place.

From Sandhamn back to Bullandö 

End your sailing week by returning to Bullandö Marina. The journey back offers good opportunities to reflect on the week's experiences and perhaps plan your next sailing trip in the archipelago.

To rent a boat 

To sail in the Stockholm archipelago, you need a boat. There are several companies that offer the rental of sailboats for both shorter trips and longer expeditions. When renting a boat, it is important to choose a supplier that offers well-maintained boats and can provide you with all the necessary information and training for a safe sailing experience. Read up and google and you will find your dream boat! Expect that a 40" sailboat costs between 15.000 and 30.000 kroner for a week.

Make sure you have the right equipment 

Safety on board is of utmost importance. Make sure the boat is equipped with all necessary safety equipment, including life jackets, fire extinguishers and navigation tools. Lifejackets in particular can be a good idea to bring your own - so you know they fit, and are fresh and working. Should you need to buy new ones, we can really recommend you, which is the Nordic region's largest online warehouse for boat accessories. It is also important that you, as a skipper, have knowledge of maritime safety and first aid, and of course you must ensure that the boat has GPS and navigation equipment that is up to date.

With all this in mind, we're sure you'll have an amazing week - just the weather gods are with you!

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