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Holiday by the water: Fun activities for young and old

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Get ready for vacation

There is almost nothing better than a holiday by the water. There is plenty of opportunity to cool down, a beautiful view and lots of fun activities you can get involved in – alone or with family and friends. Sunscreen, sun hat, parasol, water and neoprene socks is almost indispensable if you are going on holiday and doing activities in and by the water. It protects you from the sun's rays, abrasions and dehydration.

On the water with inflatable equipment

Inflatable equipment such as an inflatable kayak, SUP board or small boat is a great thing to have with you on your holiday by the water. First, it takes up nothing and is easy to transport, unlike equipment made of solid material. You can quickly pump things up if you only have an electric pump. Secondly, it is always possible for you to get on the water with such equipment by your side. It is not always possible to rent equipment in the area where you are.

It is important to keep safety in mind when you go out on the water. Make sure everyone is wearing the right clothing and approved life jackets. In addition, it is important that you always have a mobile phone with you so that you can call for help. You can easily keep your mobile phone dry with a waterproof cover that you can hang around your neck.

Catch your own dinner

Whether you are a child or an adult, there is something very special about catching your own dinner. If you therefore enjoy fishing, you should definitely try to catch your own dinner now that you are at the water. Check beforehand which edible fish can be caught in the area, so you increase your chances of not leaving your fishing spot empty-handed, or ending up catching something that can't really be eaten. 

If you have children with you on holiday, they will no doubt think this is a fun activity to take part in. If they are not big fishermen, they can have a go at catching crabs. Just remember to put them out again afterwards. 

Below the surface

No matter where the holiday goes, there is always something exciting to look at havets surface. It is especially fun if the water is clear. You can both explore what lies beneath the surface by diving or snorkelling. Snorkeling is easy to get started with, as it requires nothing more than a pair of diving goggles and a snorkel. Diving may require a little more. Some types of diving you can do even if you do not have a diving certificate.

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