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Plan your next adventure with annual travel insurance

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It almost goes without saying that when you talk about, then thoughts quickly fly to the safety nets we stretch out during our travel plans. But what if you could make a net that covered all your trips for an entire year? This is where the concept of annual travel insurance comes into play, and it can be a regular game-changer for you who travel often.

When you invest in annual travel insurance, you give yourself peace of mind for every new chapter in your travel book. Whether you're looking for romantic getaways, hiking in the mountains, or maybe even a round-the-world trip, your annual travel insurance will be there as your faithful travel companion. This is an indispensable tool for the modern nomad who is not content with one destination a year.

Find the right cover for your travel habits

For many travelers, the freedom of spontaneity is as important as the planning itself. A single trip policy is brilliant for the planned summer holiday or ski trip, but what about the weekend trips to Berlin or the business trip to Oslo? When life is an adventure and you rarely know where the next journey will lead, it is worth considering one annual travel insurance at It offers cover for all your trips within a year - without you having to worry every time you pack your bag.

It is essential to be aware of the specific risks that come with the places you visit and the activities you participate in. Do you want to climb the Andes, or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef? Check that your annual travel insurance matches these plans. It pays to be detail-oriented when you read your policy's fine print, to ensure that you don't come across unpleasant surprises.

It is also important to consider the length of your journeys. Some annual travel insurance policies cover trips up to a certain duration per trip – often around 30 to 60 days. This is particularly relevant if you are planning a longer stay abroad, for example during a leave or a long-term professional project. Make sure your insurance does not expire before you return home and that the total number of days you travel does not exceed what your policy allows annually.

Choose the insurance that follows your pace

With annual travel insurance behind you, spontaneous trips are a no-brainer. Leave at any time without having to arrange insurance each time. This is especially an advantage if you travel often or at short notice. Plus, some annual travel policies come with extra benefits, such as electronics protection or cover for the whole family – perfect for the adventurous family on the go!

If you're the type to go on business trips, spontaneous weekend trips or even sabbaticals, your insurance needs to match this diversity. Explore the options for customized coverage with extensions so you can add specific items such as equipment insurance, high-risk sports coverage or increased medical protection as needed.

Play safe in a changing world

Recent global events have made us extra aware of the importance of good travel insurance. From flight cancellations to sudden illnesses, reliable annual travel insurance can be your best ally. It can not only help you deal with unexpected changes, but also give you the peace of mind to enjoy your travels to the fullest, knowing you're covered all year round.

Another important factor to consider is the insurance company's ability to adapt to new global risks, such as political upheavals or pandemics. An insurance provider that can quickly adjust terms to provide better coverage in light of new threats will be invaluable to the globetrotter who is constantly moving toward new horizons.

When choosing the best safety net

Choosing the perfect annual travel insurance at is about knowing your needs. Ask yourself: How often do I travel? What activities do I have plans for? Do I need extra coverage for skiing or diving? Also check reputation and customer reviews to see how the provider handles claims and customer service. By doing your homework, you can avoid common mistakes and ensure you get the coverage that best suits your adventurous plans.

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