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5 popular holiday home destinations

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The desire to travel for Danes has only increased in the last few years. But it is especially trips to nearby destinations and also around Denmark that have become very popular with the opportunity to experience unique nature and exciting culture. 

You don't have to travel far to experience unique nature, giant forests, beautiful coastlines and cozy fishing villages. There are good opportunities to live in large luxury summer houses in Denmark and Sweden and experience a multitude of exciting outdoor activities, eat local food and hike in mountains and dunes or swim on beautiful sandy beaches. Here are 5 popular destinations where you can stay in a holiday home with family and friends. 

Småland and Öland

The Swedish Småland is a stone's throw from Denmark and offers beautiful landscapes and clear lakes. You will find the characteristic red wooden houses here. And the area is perfect for long walks along the lakes, where you also have good opportunities for fishing and canoeing. Some parts of Småland are known for their glass production, and further north you can visit Astrid Lindgren's town, Vimmerby. If you live on Öland, you can experience the troll forest and a large limestone plain as well as a unique cultural life. 


High dunes, beautiful beaches and charming little fishing villages. The North Sea area has pretty much everything. And you will therefore find many holiday homes by the coast. Here you can swim on some of Denmark's most beautiful beaches with fine sand and fresh wind. You also have the opportunity to practice various water activities, e.g. kite and windsurfing. The area has a multitude of animal species and unique plants. The West Jutland nature is wild and beautiful and completely unique. 


If you're on holiday, you can almost be sure to see seals. Fanø is also part of Vadehavets National Park, which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Therefore, you can also be sure of a rich and unique nature in the area. Among the biggest attractions on the island, you will find a 15 km long sandy beach, which is perfect for a multitude of activities, e.g. amber hunting, surfing or just sunbathing. Here you can live in the middle of nature and find classic summer houses with thatched roofs or more modern houses. 

Southern animal 

The nature in Djursland is breathtaking with white sandy beaches, and you can benefit from cycling or hiking in the Mols Bjerge. Here is also the Kalø castle ruin, where you walk on Denmark's oldest medieval road to the old fortress. You can go island hopping with the family or visit the three Bronze Age mounds, Trehøje.

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