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Summer holidays in Denmark: 20 places to experience

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The world's best travel destination is right outside the window. Denmark is beautiful - especially in the summer - and we take you around to our own favorites.
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Summer holidays in Denmark: 20 places to experience is written by Jens Skovgaard Andersen.

Denmark - summer, thatched roof, windmill - travel

RejsRejsRejs love Denmark

We live in the best country in the world. Also the world's best travel country, if we are to say so ourselves. Denmark is full of beautiful and cozy places to spend summer vacation and we can not reach them all in this guide.

You can find many more great tips in our great theme on that travel in Denmark. Here are our own favorites in the beautiful Danish country, so join us on a trip around Denmark.

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Denmark - Løkken, Rubjerg Lighthouse - travel - summer holiday in denmark

Summer holiday at the top of Denmark

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We start the tour at the top: I North Jutland.

If you are into beautiful nature that blows you backwards, then do not deceive yourself for a trip to Nr. Lyngby. The small coastal town, located near Løkken, is constantly changing and perfect for you who are on summer vacation in Denmark.

Here, the sea gradually eats away at the coast, and in just 10 years, 48 ​​meters of the coastline and the small holiday home area located just above the dunes have disappeared.

It is a completely unique sight and an opportunity to get a special insight into the beautiful, raw and sometimes harsh Nordic nature. Nr. Lyngby is also a magnet for paragliders who benefit from the harsh coastal winds. 

Denmark - Aalborg, skyline, harbor, Limfjord - travel

Nordic Paris

North Jutland's capital Aalborg has a wonderful cultural life, a beautiful old town center and not least a thriving gastronomic scene. If you are looking for relaxed and informal dining in cozy surroundings, then you should visit Aalborg Street Food, which is located down to the harbor in Aalborg's Vestby. Here is the doomed tour de world cuisine with a focus on local ingredients for all the money.

On the whole, the waterfront is one must see, because here Aalborg has undergone an extensive transformation from old industry to one hub of culture and experiences.  

We stay on the mainland so far, but there are also good island holidays in the north Fur, Livo og Læsø.

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Beach, Denmark, Jutland - summer holiday in Denmark

The Wild West is perfect for summer holidays in Denmark

Central Jutland is the heartland of Jutland and in the belt between the North Sea and the Kattegat you will find everything you need during your holiday.

On the west coast of Jutland is the resort town of Søndervig. The town is located in the middle of Holmsland Klit, which is a 40 kilometer long dune between Ringkøbing Fjord and the North Sea.

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With hundreds of holiday homes and the North Sea as neighbors, there is a whole unique holiday atmosphere in the summer. The wide sandy beaches and the lively waves attract many water dogs and sun-hungry guests.

Fishing is one of the area's most important occupations, and in most restaurants and in many supermarkets you can get your hands on freshly caught fish from Hvide Sande.

Only 8 kilometers to the east is the market town of Ringkøbing, which with its cozy old streets with shops is often visited by the many holiday home guests. There is no doubt that the whole area is already popular with tourists and families with children, and in 2022 even a brand new Lalandia will open in Søndervig.

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Aarhus, Denmark, Jutland

The world's smallest city

East Jutland is rotating Aarhus. Smilets By, Jyllands Hovedstad - dear city has many names. But one thing is for sure; Aarhus is a fantastic city to visit as a tourist. All year round.

One of the biggest attractions in Aarhus is the Old Town. An open-air museum in the middle of the city, where you travel back in time the moment you step through the entrance.

Another museum that is worth a visit is the art museum ARoS. Here, at the top of the museum, you can get an exquisite panoramic view of the entire city, from the colorful installation Your Rainbow Panorama.

Aarhus is a modern city that, with its many shops, delicious restaurants and cafés, has a very vibrant city life. Particularly well known is the area around the river inside the city center. If you want to try something really Aarhusian, this is where you should eat your lunch.

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Denmark - Ebeltoft, town hall, views - travel - summer holidays in denmark

Cosiness, history and high mountains

Out on the south coast of Jutland's 'nose', Djursland, lies a very special area of ​​Summer Denmark: Mols. Here you will find the Mols Bjerge National Park, which judging by the name may suffer a bit from 'greatness madness', but the hilly hills will probably get the pulse up on the hike or bike ride.

Out in the water is the historic Kalø Castle ruin from the 1300th century, and right at the tip of the nose is the beautiful old port town of Ebeltoft.

In Ebeltoft you walk around in the middle of Danish history and can visit the Frigate Jutland, the old town hall, the glass museum or just stroll through the old crooked cobbled streets and along the harbor with a waffle ice cream in hand. It's 100% summer idyll.

Take the fishing rod and fish from the harbor in Ebeltoft or take a trip to Femmøller and throw the line out there. Here are some of the best cottages and camping areas in the country.

And then there is Ree Safari Park, Djurs Sommerland, Randers Rainforest and city life in Aarhus not far away. Anholt is also only a ferry ride away if you really want to get away from it all and spend your summer holiday in Denmark in Jutland.

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Denmark - Vejle, the wave, port - travel - summer holidays in denmark

Vejle on the world map

Vejle in South Jutland has really come on the world map in the last few years - among other things for its architecture. For the cycling-loving Danes, Vejle is one must with its many hills at Grejsdalen and Munkebjerg. Around Vejle - not least around historic Jelling - you can find some of the country most beautiful and toughest bike routes, and in 2022 the Tour de France itself will come by and try its hand at the hills.

Along Vejle Fjord you will find a sea of ​​fine cottage areas, and it is definitely advisable to have a base here while you visit Givskud Zoo, Legoland, the science center Økolariet or go out and eat at Hopballe Mølle, which are known for their organic chickens.

In South and Southern Jutland we can also recommend some lovely islands from Fanoe in the west to As a in East.

Denmark Odense travels

Funen is more than fine

We take over the Little Belt Bridge to Funen. We all know that Funen is fine, but it is actually something of an understatement: Funen is fantastic - nothing less. Especially if you choose to spend your summer holiday in Denmark.

Odense is a big city, but a small cozy one of a kind. In the center there are cozy shopping streets where you can find shops within everything imaginable. It's hard not to find something that you just have to buy. 

Storms Pakhus is the place we recommend to others when they go to Odense. It is indoor street food in a rustic setting. There is food from almost all over the world's kitchens, and the 'menu' is replaced at regular intervals. In the summer there is also seating outside so you can sit in the sun and enjoy your delicious food or cool drink. 

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Denmark helnæs mill flowers travel - summer holiday in denmark

Vandkants-Danmark in Funen

In the southwestern corner of Funen is Snave. And if you continue towards the water, there is a piece of unusual nature, namely Helnæs. It is waterfront Denmark at its most beautiful.

You drive over a short dam out to the headland, where the hills rise from the sea. Here you can visit the old mill, where there is also a nature school and simple accommodation with a bang of a view.

If you want to live more stately, there are often good offers during the school holidays at the even very cozy Gl. Avernæs Sinatur Hotel, located on the Funen side.

Also, take the time to take a walk on the Bobakkerne. It is a huge violence, as in summer it is full of flowers.

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Denmark - Nyborg, castle, knight - travels

Summer holidays in Denmark: Vino and Vikings

For many, Nyborg is just the city you drive through before or after the Great Belt Bridge, but it is actually a cozy and not least historic city.

In the middle of Nyborg center, the castle and old fine townhouses reign supreme. Did you know that the cinema in Nyborg is called KinoVino, and that you can combine tapas with the latest movies? That's nice.

In Nyborg and the surrounding area you will find lots of estates and cozy harbor towns - eg Kerteminde, where you get Denmark's best ice cream. You can also stop by the Viking Museum Ladby and get to know more about the Viking Age and the Ladby ship.

If you are going on to Sydfyn, take the old country road from Nyborg to Svendborg. Here is a Morten Korch atmosphere for all the money - and another perfect destination if you are on summer holiday in Denmark.

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Denmark sejerøbugten gudmindrup beach wreck beach travel - summer vacation in denmark

Sejerø Bay - perfect family holiday

The trip goes over Great Belt to Zealand, and we start by turning left.

Not so far from Dragsholm Castle in the northwest corner of Zealand is located Sejerø Bay. The whole of Odsherred and the islands around is both a large nature area and a popular resort with lots of cottages and cozy resorts.

This is where you will find some of Denmark's most child - friendly beaches, because the water in the bay is shallow and warm. If you go to Gudmindrup Lyng, you will find the large dunes and the ice house, which is packed in the summer.

15 minutes beautiful walk from there are Højby Lyng and Ellinge Lyng, where you walk through the wetland Korevlerne to get down to the beach. Here there are lots of birds and light, and the beach is just as good as at Gudmindrup - there are just fewer people.

Unfortunately, a completely misunderstood project has been made with cows in the area, so there are now a lot of fences, but if you can ignore it, this is absolutely nice. This is also where you can find Denmark's longest jetty at 320 meters!

You can both stay at campsites, B & Bs and at eg Dragsholm Castle. The kids will love a trip in Sommerland Sjælland, which even in the high season does not seem as crowded as eg Legoland, and here you can also stay in their small cabins by the park.

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Faxe limestone quarry Denmark travels

Lime and crocodiles for your summer holiday in Denmark

At the opposite end of Zealand, Faxe Kalkbrud looks like something from a place under warmer skies. But fantastically enough, it is located right here south of Køge and a perfect destination for an excursion if you are on summer vacation in Denmark.

63 million years ago, sharks and crocodiles swam together here when the limestone quarry was sea. Now a 90 meter deep limestone layer has formed. In addition to exploring the beautiful surroundings of the limestone quarry, you can visit the Geomuseum Faxe.

At the museum you can both learn about dinosaurs and become wiser about the history of the limestone workers and go on a guided tour through the limestone quarry to find fossils from various marine animals such as sharks and squid.

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Stevns klint Denmark church travel - summer holiday in denmark

Stevns Klint - in the footsteps of the dinosaurs

20 minutes from Faxe Kalkbrud you can visit Stevns Klint and Højerup Gamle Kirke, which stands on the edge of the cliff. Here you will experience a cozy and peaceful area with the opportunity to walk along the beach and eat at the local restaurants.

However, the primary reason why you should visit Stevns Klint is not because of the cosiness, but the place's history and why the cliff in 2014 was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The fishing license in Stevns Klint tells us about something very special from the past. In the fish clay there are fish scales and a rare element that you will not find in many places on our plant - namely iridium. Iridium is a metal derived from the asteroid that struck Earth 66 million years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs.

Stevns Klint has both ancient traces from the time of the dinosaurs and good old-fashioned cosiness and an obvious place to have a base - or visit on a day trip from Copenhagen.

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Denmark - Copenhagen, Sydhavn - travel - summer holiday in denmark

The Copenhagen you do not know yet

København is a magnet for tourists from both home and abroad, and there are lots of highlights - both to look at and not least taste. However, it is still possible to get a little away from everyone else and explore the capital's more secret neighborhoods.

Take the bike on the Harbor Bus and take the trip through the new South Harbor to sea and land. It is a whole new world of modern architecture, canals where you can sail in kayak and cozy harbor life that opens up in the southern part of the city.

There is also plenty of space for tourists in the Northwest Quarter. The neighborhood is a fascinating mix of old business, new trendy cafes, food from around the world and 'pocket parks' between the apartment blocks.

A stroll through Copenhagen NV also offers a myriad of gable paintings by young and established artists - it's just about looking around.

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Denmark Hornbæk harbor travels

Hornbæk is almost a must on your summer holiday in Denmark

Nordsjælland in itself is a fantastic area, but Hornbæk stands out in the herd.

A summer day at Hornbæk Harbor is absolutely fantastic. A walk along the harbor and inside the small roads between the houses is an experience in itself. The houses by Hornbæk Harbor are completely their own. They are colorful, cozy and connected by small roads, which are perfect for a walk in good weather. 

The baker 'Bagt' in Hornbæk also makes the ultimate strawberry cake with brownie base - the price is pricey, but it's all worth the money! Kongernes Nordsjælland is right with a fantastic destination for summer vacation in Denmark.

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Denmark - Ertholmene, summer sunset - travel - summer holiday in denmark

Have a summer holiday in Denmark: The world's best holiday country

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There are lots of other lovely resorts in Denmark than the ones we have been given space for here. How about another trip Bornholm, the little neighbor Christiansø all the way to the east or car-free Tunø in the Kattegat? You decide.

We live in the best country in the world, and we must remember to take advantage of that. Really good summer holiday in Denmark!

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