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Kongernes Nordsjælland: 5 excursions for the whole family

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Here are five suggestions for a day out where the whole family can join the excursion. This article won this year's writing competition - congratulations to Maiken Ingstrup and good reading.

Af Maiken Ingstrup

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1: Skovskolen in Nødebo, North Zealand

Only 9 km from Frederiksborg Castle is located Denmark second largest forest: Gribskov in North Zealand.

In the forest by the small village of Nødebo - and close to Esrum Lake - is the University of Copenhagen 'Forest School', where they train garden and park engineers, forest and landscape engineers, outdoor guides and nature technicians.

Here is free access to the university's forest area, which among other things offers various exciting nature playgrounds, campfire sites and suspension bridges high up in the trees.

You can reserve a campfire area for private events such as children's birthdays. Every year, the students arrange the Forest Day and Christmas Market. In addition, you can order a nature guide for a reasonable price, who will guide you and tell you about the forest's many possibilities.

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2: Bird park, fish auctions, history and cafés in North Zealand

From the beautiful Fredensborg Castle in Fredensborg, which was completed in 1722, and where Queen Margrethe now lives a large part of the year, you drive 24 km north of the country road to Gilleleje.

The route here in North Zealand offers many small and larger sights along the way, such as the Nordic region's largest bird park in Græsted, which houses over 2000 birds from all over the world and a number of amphibians and reptiles. Every day there is an air show with cockatoos and parrots.

In Gilleleje there are tourists all year round. Here, the harbor is the big meeting place for a lot of visitors. They come from the morning, when the daily fish auctions start at 7 on all weekdays, to when people then search down to the many cozy fish restaurants and cafes to enjoy the many tempting delicacies - from the warm fish meatball to the delicious lobster.

Up east of the town is the small beautiful white Gilleleje Church from 1538.

To the right of the entrance to the church, a memorial stone has been laid by the Jewish people as a thank you for the great efforts that many inhabitants of Gilleleje made for the Danish Jews during World War II. At that time, the citizens hid the persecuted Jews in the attics and in the church's parish halls before the local fishermen sailed the Jews to Sweden for the safety of the Nazis.

Inside, the church is beautiful in a simple way with 20 gray wooden pews, altar and altarpiece as well as a couple of nave hanging from the ceiling.

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North Zealand, forest, nature, Denmark

3: Nakkehoved Lighthouse, museum and wild nature

Nakkehoved Lighthouse is located 5 km from Gilleleje, and if you are on a bicycle, the beautiful lighthouse can reward you with a particularly nice view of havet.

You can also choose to take the car to the large car park, which is only 300 m from Nakkehoved Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is beautifully situated on a cliff with a view of both the Kattegat and the Sound. It is possible to get up in the lighthouse and visit the small museum located in the lighthouse. Outside in the shelter behind the lighthouse there are tables and benches where the brought food can be consumed while enjoying the beautiful view.

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4: Pork roast sandwich at Smidstrup Strand

Drive back along Kystvejen towards Gilleleje and on towards Rågeleje Strand. 50 m before the sign, which points down to Smidstrup Strand, is the local grill bar Store Klaus, where I think you can buy some of the North Coast's best pork roast sandwiches.

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5: Colorful beach huts and kitesurfing in Rågeleje Strandpark

Then the next 7-8 km go through pine plantations and cottage areas, and before long you are on the Coastal Road in Rågeleje Strandpark with havet lying just 40 m from the road.

Rågeleje has 300 m of beach, where there are the cutest small striped 'beach huts' of 1 × 1 m, which are used for changing and storing beach chairs.

What I love most about Rågeleje is the completely unique light, which is probably only found otherwise at Skagen and Rørvig's beaches, and which is worth the whole drive.

There are almost always big waves, and havet is widely used by kite surfers.

Good trip to North Zealand.

About the author

Maiken Ingstrup

Maiken is 59 years old and loves to travel, she has visited 83 countries on 6 continents and has her own little travel blog: and on facebook Gingit Travels. Next trip goes to Laos.



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