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Denmark Jutland

5 natural gems in the beautiful North Jutland

Bulbjerg, North Jutland
North Jutland is much more than Grenen and Jomfru Ane Gade! Join Mette Fuglsang for 5 beautiful natural gems in northern Jutland.

Af Mette Fuglsang

North Jutland, Map of North Jutland

Beautiful North Jutland

Have you considered visiting North Jutland because of Grenen, Denmark northernmost point where the Skagerrak and Kattegat meet? Or maybe because of Jomfru Ane Gade in Aalborg - the longest bar street in Denmark?

These are of course two of the obvious places to visit when you get to the northernmost part of Jutland, but if you also want to experience fantastic and magnificent landscapes, read this guide to 5 natural gems in the beautiful North Jutland, and let yourself be inspired to visit some of the less visited, but absolutely memorable places up north in Denmark.

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1: Flat Hills - the highest point on Mors

Flat Hills is a paradoxical name in itself. It turns out to be even more paradoxical when you arrive at the destination on the island of Mors, and see the green, undulating hills and the impressive and completely unique pier cliffs that first end directly down in The Limfjord. The fjord surrounds the island in a landscape that could have been taken directly from a tourist brochure from New Zealand.

There is nothing flat above Flate Bakker – on the contrary, the area offers the highest point on Mors, namely Salgjerhøj, where you 89 meters above havets surface can get a fabulous view over large parts of the island, the Limfjord and look over to the mainland on the other side of the fjord.

So do not be fooled by the misleading name - the only reason for the naming is because the nearby town of Flade adds name to the area's hills.

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Mariager Fjord, North Jutland, Mariager

2: Mariager Fjord - Denmark's most beautiful fjord

The locals themselves call Mariager Fjord Denmark most beautiful fjord and with good reason. The entire fjord is surrounded by hills that beautifully frame the fjord.

Whether you walk on land by the beautiful panoramic route, which is laid out from Bramslev Bakker to Hobro - and most of all, the thoughts of a national park in Southern Europe - or if you experience the fjord from the water, e.g. by sailing a calm and idyllic morning trip on the fjord in a kayak, you will understand why the fjord is popularly called Denmark's most beautiful fjord.

Another, and very special way to experience the fjord from the water side is by taking an overnight stay in a floating shelter out in the middle of Mariager Fjord - one of the few floating shelters found in Denmark.

It is a fantastic nature experience to sail in a kayak to your shelter in the middle of the fjord, crawl into the sleeping bag and lie and listen to the silence and to the small clucking sounds of the water, while looking out over the light from Hobro town, which is reflected in the quiet water.

In the morning you wake up to the sunrise, which creates the most beautiful colors in the fjord's water surface before you jump into your kayak, and calmly take a morning walk across the calm water, where you may be lucky enough to experience a seal curiously sticking its head up above the water surface. 

Denmark Jutland Westhavet travel

3: Nøddedalen in Jammerbugten

In the area around Tranum in Jammerbugt Municipality, Denmark's longest inland coastline stretches, also called Lien. It is close by Hjortdal.

The whole area is a very special natural gem with both Vesterhavet, dunes, slopes, forest and stream gathered in a very small area.

One of the most visited places in the area is Fosdalen, where there is an almost rainforest-like atmosphere, but just a few hundred meters from here you will find an at least as fantastic - and less visited - area, namely Nøddedalen.

The trip into Nøddedalen starts on a bare field, where there are open expanses on all sides, even with an absolutely fantastic view of Vesterhavet, as you stand right up on top of Lien. And there, in the middle of the open landscape, stands a cluster of trees which hides the entrance to Nøddedalen. It's hard to imagine what awaits you when you go in there - it's a bit like stepping into another world.

You go down, down, down and clearly feel that the climate is changing rapidly and becoming humid, almost subtropical, and the ferns are sprouting everywhere from the forest floor. The temperature changes and it's cooler down here than out in the open country and it's like walking around inside a big, secret cave.

Bulbjerg, North Jutland

4: Bulbberg

Bulbjerg - Jutland's only cliff - is definitely worth a visit on your trip around North Jutland. It lies in between Hog's claw and Hanstholm, in the northwesternmost Jutland.

The 47 meter high cliff makes one feel quite small. Whether you take the trip down the stairs from the car park and look at the majestic cliff down from the beach, where it towers directly down from the water or whether you take the trip up to the top and be impressed by the wild views from up there.

It will be even better if you visit Bulbjerg in windy weather. That way you really get the feel of the forces of nature. Both by leaning up against the wind and being "carried" by the wind up on top of Bulbjerg. But also for the foot of the cliff.

The enormous waves thrown against the cliff side help one to understand why Skarreklit, the 16 meter high limestone rock, which once stood like a giant fang in havet off Bulbjerg, finally had to succumb to the forces of nature 40 years ago.

You can also see a three meter high sculpture of Skarreklit in the local trading town Fjerritslev.

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North Jutland, Denmark, Lighthouse

5: Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

It is probably too much to say that this last place on the list belongs to the "less visited places" in North Jutland. With up to 200.000 visitors annually er it is therefore one of the places that other tourists also make pilgrimages to when they are in the region and which you therefore most likely not get for yourself.

Nevertheless, the lighthouse has been allowed to have a place here in the article, due to the absolutely magnificent nature that surrounds the lighthouse.

Already from a long distance, you can clearly see the huge sandbanks that surround the lighthouse, and only become even more impressive the closer you get. And which, at close range, form rock-like formations from the lighthouse and directly down to havet.

How nature can create something so impressive is completely unimaginable.

Once you have seen these 5 beautiful places, you can appropriately take the ferry Læsø, and experience Denmark's sunshine island, or to Fur og Livo in the Limfjord.

Have a good trip to North Jutland - there is plenty to see!


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