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Denmark Jutland The coastal country

Holiday homes in Jutland: Denmark's own holiday paradise

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Jutland offers a sea of ​​delicious and cozy cottages. We guide you to where you can find both modern and traditional holiday homes, and what you should experience in Jutland.

Holiday homes in Jutland: Denmark's own holiday paradise is written by Cecilie Saustrup Kirk.

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Holidays in Denmark are popular like never before

If there is one thing the Danes have learned, it is that our own small country hides a myriad of experiences and hidden treasures. Holidays within Denmark own borders have exploded and interest in holiday homes has increased in line with it.

Holiday homes in Jutland is among the most coveted and with good reason. Here we have beautiful nature, nice cities and rural idyll. But what kind cottage should it be now? Should it be a modern one of a kind with pool, fireplace and sauna, or an old-fashioned traditional fisherman's house that is like taken from an old romantic movie? And where exactly are you finding the best cottage areas? We review a handful of them here.

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Holiday homes in Skagen

When we talk about vacation in Denmark, we can hardly get around Skagen. The well-known gem at the top of Denmark is a hugely sought-after holiday home area. Here is a cozy center, relaxed atmosphere and a sea of ​​sights.  

The nature is fabulous here in the northernmost part of Denmark with sandy beaches, dunes, heathlands and plantations. And if you go all the way out to Grenen, as the sand tongs at the tip of Jutland are called, you can have a whole unique experience. Here the two "gardens" meet the Kattegat and the Skagerrak, and the waves crash against each other, creating a beautiful and special natural phenomenon.

It is strictly forbidden to bathe here, as the two seas form a violent undercurrent, which can be directly life-threatening to move into. sea.

Skagen has long been a popular holiday destination, and you can still find lots of old buildings where the elite of the past took on summer holidays. People today still love Skagen, and a lot of new buildings have sprung up that can satisfy even the most modern wishes for a holiday home.

If you are going to have a summer holiday in Skagen, you should be aware that the city is especially sought after in week 29 - also known as "Hellerup week". Around week 29, it abounds with tourists from the fashionable Nordsjælland, and the festivities can be an attraction in themselves. However, it can be almost impossible to get your fingers in a cottage at that time - at least if you do not want to pay a small fortune for it.

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Blåvand and Hvide Sande - holiday homes with pure idyll

At Denmark's westernmost point you will find Blåvandshuk with its well-known landmark Blåvand Lighthouse. From the top of the 39 meter high tower you get a great view of Vesterhavet, Horns Reef and the offshore wind farm.

The lighthouse is part of the town of Blåvand, which is among the Danes' most favorite holiday areas. Here you will find child-friendly beaches, good restaurants og cafes, unique nature and cozy shops with applied art.  

The number of cottages has kept up with demand, so there is plenty to choose from. However, you have to be quick, as it is not only Danes who love the area. Every summer, tourists to the area abound from especially Germany, then you will find a good offer, it is with turn on immediately.

Further north you will find Hvide Sande, which is also a popular cottage area. Hvide Sande is especially coveted by surfers because of the good weather conditions, and every year a big surfing festival is held under the name Waterz. The place is particularly suitable for water sports because you can surf in Vesterhavet on one side of Hvide Sande, and on the other side you can kite, wind and SUP surf in Ringkøbing Fjord.

Hvide Sande is an old fishing village, so here you will find the classic and romantic holiday homes, which many just associate with Danish holiday homes. But in step with the city's popularity, there have also been several newly built holiday homes that meet the requirements for a pool, fireplace and sauna.  

The North Sea coast is generally a good choice for a holiday home trip with good towns along the coast such as Ringkøbing, Esbjerg and Ribe. In addition, you will also find some of Denmark's best holiday islands Nearby: Mandø, romø og Fanoe.

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Saksild - Jutland's best beach

Scissor fire is among the smallest cities on this list but certainly one of the nicest. The city has only 800 inhabitants, but in the summer months the city grows rapidly. People make a pilgrimage here for perhaps the finest beach on Jutland's east coast.

Soft sandy beach, child-friendly bathing water without high waves and undercurrents as on the West Coast, good toilet facilities and good parking facilities make it a favorite holiday destination for Danes. In summer you will find both lifeguards on the beach and the Blue Flag, which is a guarantee of good bathing water.

The area is also perfect for cycling enthusiasts with good bicycle routes and beautiful nature. You can also go down and play a game of mini golf on Denmark's oldest mini golf course, which dates back to 1947.

You may be lucky enough to find an old fisherman's cottage, but primarily it is delicious, new cottages that are found here. The city is beautifully located in The coastal country in the middle of Aarhus og Horsens and only 5 kilometers from Odder, so there is plenty of opportunity to combine city and country on your holiday. You can also put on island hop, as some of Denmark's most beautiful islands, which Samsø og Tunø, is just off the coast and Hjarnø and Alrø in Horsens Fjord.

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Country and city meet in Vejle

If you really want to combine new and old, country and city, then you should go to Vejle and Vejle Fjord.

Vejle is among Denmark's 10 largest cities, and here you are surrounded by breathtaking nature. In addition, the city is right next to the beautiful Vejle Fjord. Vejle does not have an awful lot of holiday homes in the city itself, but the city is close to holiday home areas, which have houses galore, eg Hvidbjerg, Høl and Mørkholt.

The three holiday towns are close to each other and all offer fine flat beaches, varied nature and cozy village atmosphere. In Hvidbjerg you will find the protected Hvidbjerg Kilt, which extends 27 meters above sea level. From the top of the large sand dune you get a fantastic view of the forest at Trelde Næs and Vejle Fjord.  

Around the fjord you will generally find a wealth of beautifully located cottages; both the old-fashioned ones and the new state-of-the-art cottages. They exude peace and idyll, and when you need a little more city life, Vejle is close by.

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South Jutland holiday homes

If you go to the southernmost part of Jutland, you will find the perfect holiday area. With a cake table, South Jutland friendliness and mojn around the clock, your trip to the holiday home can only be good.  

There are lots of beautiful new cottages, which have all the facilities that one could dream of. Look for them in Gråsten, Christiansfeld and along the west coast of Jutland.

Try to plan your vacation so that it coincides with one of the famous ring riding festivals. The "official" national sport in Southern Jutland is an event that you just have to experience - then there is guaranteed fun for the whole family.

The more active and nature-loving family will certainly also appreciate both Vade National Parkhavet and the phenomenon of 'black Sun'. The phenomenon occurs when the starlings gather in the thousands to take off in the spring and fall. Here the migratory birds form beautiful formations in the sky and "hide" the sun - hence the name black sun.

If you want to see more birds, take a hike down to Vadehavet. Here, on certain days in the south-west corner called Saltvandssøen, there can be over 100.000 waterfowl. The Danish part of the Vadehavet is recorded on UNESCO World Heritage List, and the whole area is definitely worth a visit.

If you want more nature experiences, then you have to go for it Mandø, which is a real natural paradise. Head out to the sandbank Koresand, where you may be lucky enough to gather amber and experience seals. Are you moving on to romø, you can see Northern Europe's widest beach - here there is plenty of space to build sand castles.

Whatever then has Jutland lots of cottage rental and experiences ahead - have a good holiday!

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About the author

Cecilie Saustrup Kirk

For Cecilie, the world is her playground, and the more often she gets out there, the better.

She has traveled most of her life and experienced everything from the romantic streets of Paris to Tokyo's electronic neon signs and Accra's scenic game parks.

She loves to look for the hidden gems in culture, experiences and food, and always prefers the local food stall and the authentic performances, rather than the international chain stores.

She has lived in South Korea for half a year, and is determined to live in another country again sometime in the future.

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