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5 obvious reasons why you should visit Horsens

Prison - Horsens Rejser
Denmark is full of underrated holiday destinations, and Horsens is one of them. Museums of international format, cozy city life, charming islands and lots of wild rabbits. You will take the enriched home from Horsens - we promise.

Sponsored post. This article is written in collaboration with Lars Haslev from Destination The coastal country, who is an expert in The coastal country around Horsens, Odder og Christmas memory. The pictures are provided by Destination The coastal country and taken by Jesper Rais, Dennis Plougmann, Jacob Friis-Holm Nielsen and Peter Marczak.

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Map - Horsens Travel

Horsens in the center of the experiences

You probably already know the country's eighth largest city Horsens, but have you ever experienced the city's and area's many attractions? Otherwise, there is plenty to get started with. Here you can be inspired for your next visit to Horsens and the beautiful The coastal country around the city.

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Horsens - prison - Travel

Behind bars in Horsens

"Where there is a will, there is also a way." This is what was written on the somewhat unusual Christmas greeting, Horsens State Prison received on Christmas Eve in 1949. The note hung over the entrance to an 18-meter-long underground tunnel. The tunnel led from prison to freedom, and the note was written by Carl August Lorentzen. 

He had been released from prison after digging a tunnel on the other side of the walls for almost a year. Every single night, quite a few inches at a time and with one goal in mind: Freedom.

This story may remind you of the movie 'A World Outside' - or Stephen King's novel of the same name. But this edition is Danish and 100% genuine. You can visit the award-winning Prison Museum in Horsens and experience the real thing; a real breakaway story with Danish Carl August Lorentzen in the lead role.

In addition to this wild story, the Prison Museum contains a unique insight into life as a prisoner. It is an overwhelming experience to see cells, corridors, church, visiting rooms and inpatient ward stand exactly as when the prison closed in 2006. It is always more fun to be in prison when you know you can get out again the same day.

At the entrance to the exhibition, you as a visitor choose the identity of a real prisoner or prison officer, from whom you get 'companionship' on the tour, which makes the communication both relevant, informative and extremely personal. Your companion will show up along the way and tell you about his own personal experiences in prison.

So it's also pretty creepy. Especially if you move down to the basement of the new exhibit The underworld, which is about the prison's dark past and strict punishment systems. In fact, the prison movie R with Pilou Asbæk in the lead role recorded here.

If you want to experience the feeling of prison on your own body, you can spend the night in a prison cell in the old ward. It is an experience that definitely makes an impression. And you should probably be shut out again.

The prison atmosphere is still in the walls, in the slatted doors, in the radio, which still works, and in the graffiti on the wall painted by former inmates.

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Horsens - Denmark - bridge

The Rediscovered Bridge at Gudenåen

Do you know the story of 'The Rediscovered Bridge'? And have you experienced the fantastic nature along Denmark's only river, Gudenåen? Otherwise, it's time.

The Rediscovered Bridge was until 2014 buried and almost forgotten for 85 years. Now it is again dug free and you can see it in its entirety. It is a wild story and, to say the least, an impressive construction, which is beautifully located in a clearing in the forest and with Denmark's largest and only real river, the river Gudenåen rushing 15 meters below it.

You will find the most beautiful and jungle-like part of Gudenåen just 20 km west of Horsens. The adventurer Hakon Mielche already called it decidedly adventurous in 1935: "Here begins our most adventurous voyage through a wonderful landscape. […] there the Gudenå flows cozily with trees, which form a Gothic cathedral vault over its waters [...].”

He talks about the stretch from the village Voervadsbro to Klostermølle by Mossø. Klostermølle is, by the way, an interesting place in itself, and so is the hill Sukkertoppen right next door; one of Denmark's 'mountain peaks' with a magnificent - and extremely Instagram-friendly - view. 

The Rediscovered Bridge is located 10 km from Sukkertoppen and towers over one of the low parts of the Gudenåen. This whole natural area is protected and is absolutely wildly beautiful.

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Horsens - art - travel

Meet Horsens' own son Michael Kvium at the art museum

Horsens Art Museum has quietly become one of Denmark hidden gems in terms of art and art communication. You get a really nice and varied selection of modern and experimental Danish and international art. An entire hall at the museum is dedicated to works by the city child Michael Kvium, whose thought-provoking works have gained wide fame both in Denmark and internationally.

Horsens Art Museum is located on top of Horsens in a nice park, where also the magnificent Bjørn Nørgaard sculpture called 'The Human Wall' welcomes you.

The museum's light is fantastic, and once you have stepped inside and walked through the museum's various bright spaces, it's not hard to understand why the artists love to exhibit right here. Both the permanent and changing exhibitions are great art experiences, and you definitely get something to take home with you.

The art museum is still a bit unknown, so now is the time to visit it before everyone else gets their eyes open for it. If hunger strikes, you can have an organic lunch overlooking the park.

At the Art Museum you can take a free guide to street art and sculptures around the city. The guide is updated every year. It is a huge recommendation for an inspiring city walk.

Endelave - rabbit - travel

On the trail of wild rabbits

The island Endelave is also called 'Rabbit Island', and for good reason. The small holiday island has since the 1920s been populated by wild rabbits with very long ears to the great delight of fans of cute and adorable stuffed animals.

The wild rabbit is just as cute and tousled as the domestic rabbit, and it is a nice sight to see a large rabbit colony jumping around the edge of the forest, even though they may not want to be petted.

Follow the marked hiking route 'Kaninoen' - Endelave's version of Camino At 21 kilometers, where you get around the protected parts of the island and see all the rabbits' favorite habitats. 

The chances of rabbit spotting is very early in the morning and at dusk.

In addition to cute rabbit safaris, the island offers raw island nature with good chances to spot guinea pigs - of the dolphin-like kind - and seals, a cozy marina, a street pond, fine old farms and a church from the 1400th century. Go on board the menu with a classic shooting star or mussels at Endelave Kro & Gæstgiveri and feel free to take an overnight stay with you, now that you are there; then you also have a better chance of seeing the rabbits the next morning.

If you want to move around a bit, you can rent bikes at the harbor and see the island on two wheels, and during the holidays, the islanders arrange free outdoor activities such as yoga, hiking, crossfit and much more.

To get to Endelave you can take along the fjord from Horsens to the small fishing village Snaptun and sail from here to the island. The crossing takes an hour. If you leave the car standing, you can actually get back and forth with the ferry for just $ 49 in the low season.

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Horsensfjord - travel

Idyllic island hop in Horsens Fjord

In the East Jutland Archipelago, the waters off Horsens, you will find a number of small islands, which make the area something very special.

A fjord usually has a mouth havet, from which you typically cannot get over without getting wet toes. But in Horsens Fjord you can get to the other side via the islands Alrø og Hjarnø, which are connected by a small ferry.

The cozy bicycle ferry with room for just 12 people sails across the fjord all summer, and the Hjarnø ferry sails from Hjarnø to Snaptun, where you can also take a ferry to Endelave. It allows for one mini island hop on the fjord and maybe a bike ride all the way around with a little relaxation on the ferries on the way.

The author Morten Korch has lived on Alrø, and it has certainly inspired his books, which are full of lovely Danish nostalgia and idyll. Alrø is precisely the pure idyll. Here you should try your hand at the famous giant tartlets or throw yourself into kitesurfing, sailing or kite flying, which have the optimal wind conditions right here.

The neighboring island Hjarnø houses, among other things, the country's second smallest church, and you can walk around the entire peaceful island in a few hours.

Then it will not be much more Danish and nice - welcome to Horsens and The coastal country!

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