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Experiences in the Coastal Country: This is what you need to see

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Kystlandet is the beautiful and somewhat secret region south of Aarhus in East Jutland. Here you will find Denmark's highest mountains, longest river and most exciting city.
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Experiences in the Coastal Country is a sponsored post. This article is written in collaboration with Lars Haslev from Destination Coastal land, who is an expert in The coastal country around Horsens, Odder og Christmas memory. Some photos are provided by Destination Kystlandet and taken by Jacob Friis Holm Nielsen and David Jervidal

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Experiences in the Coastal Country - now with the cultural city of Horsens

I The coastal country you will find Denmark's eighth largest city Horsens, which has developed into a city of culture with experiences you will not find anywhere else. Not least on the concert front, Horsens has made a strong mark. You will also find exciting historical culture in Odder, Hedensted and Juelsminde.

When looking for experiences in The coastal country, it is also worth exploring the beautiful and different nature. Take an active bike ride on the nature trail, sail a kayak on Denmark's longest river, Gudenåen, or go hiking in Denmark's highest mountains. Then find the canoe and climbing equipment - or just the hiking shoes and the bike - and get your heart rate up.

Visit the small islands in the East Jutland archipelago off the coast of Kystlandet, where you can, among other things, go to a festival at Tunø or go to 'Kaninoen' End low. The islands' cozy secrets are ready to be discovered.

The coastal country is really the land of extremes - in the Danish context at least. At the same time, there is plenty of room to be free in peace and quiet either alone or with the family.

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Horsens - art - travel

Culture and shopping in the Coastal Region


The largest city in the Coast is Horsens, where you can see big concerts at the stadium or in the old state prison. In the prison you will also find Europe's largest prison museum with the world's largest collection of prison objects. If you dare, you can spend the night in prison, where you can book a room and sleep as a 'luxury prisoner' - and be locked out again the next day, of course.

If you are into world-class art, visit the Horsens Art Museum, which has a large and varied selection of modern and experimental Danish and international art. An entire hall is dedicated to works by the famous Danish painter Michael Kvium, who comes from the city.

When you need a slightly different kind of culture, go shopping in Denmark's widest pedestrian street, which you will find in Horsens.

Christmas memory

In the coastal town of Juelsminde you will find the harbor museum. The city is perfect for both anglers and harbor enthusiasts. Get a sea trout on the hook and enjoy the view of the Danish waters here, where the Little Belt, Vejle Fjord and Horsens Fjord become the Kattegat.

Juelsminde is perfect for families with children, as you can fish for crabs, play mini golf or laze by the beach with a waffle ice cream from the ice house in hand. The perfect combination for the family on holiday.


Uldum Mill Museum in Hedensted is today a working museum where you can come right into the engine room and look the miller over the shoulder. You can also explore the exhibition and hear the story of the bog from the Iron Age, which appeared in Uldum Kær in 1877.

There is the opportunity to shop a bit in the shop by the museum, where you can find sweets, honey, freshly ground flour and mead on the shelves. So take some goodies home or on the trip around the Coast.

Meet Hedensted's cultural history at the open-air museum in Glud. Here you can dive into history when you open the door to half-timbered houses and homesteads in the village.

Here you are taken on a time travel that takes you from the hard work of the 1600th century to the more modern means of the 1950s. A visit that entertains both large and small family members.

Also experience the world's largest collection of Ferguson tractors on the tractor mouse, located on the farm Ankerslund by Hedensted.


At Mrs. Møllers Mølleri in Odder there is a slaughterhouse, dairy, restaurant and a farm shop. In the shop, it is possible to buy handmade goods based on raw materials from own agricultural production.

Flour, cheeses, jams and muesli are sold. In the ice cream parlor, they offer handmade ice cream and homemade waffles. If you are more into the salty kitchen, you can buy handmade sausages and freshly minced meat in the slaughterhouse.

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Nature and outdoor experiences in the Coastland

Owner Bjerge

Here you will find the highest mountains in Denmark. However, you do not need climbing equipment, as Denmark's highest point at Møllehøj is only 170 meters above the earth's surface. The third highest point in the country can also be found in Ejer Bjerge, because it is on Ejer Baunehøj. Enjoy the beautiful view from both hills when you have reached the top.


Denmark's longest river, or rather river, Gudenå, can also be found in the Coastal Country. Here you can take your family or friends on a canoe trip. Along the river there are good opportunities for renting canoes and equipment. It is also possible to stay overnight and buy food and drink along the water, so you do not have to pack all the survival equipment from home.

Saksild beach

On the coast off Odder you will find the eight kilometer long Saksild beach, which is known as one of the best bathing beaches in Denmark. Here, both locals and tourists gather at the water's edge to relax, build sand castles with shells and stones, swim a walk and catch crabs from the bathing jetties.

A little further inland, Ishuset Saksild entices with cold ice cream on hot days, and if the food package has become a little boring after a few hours in the sun, there is also real food on the menu.

The nature trail from Horsens to Silkeborg

Take a bike ride in the hill country on the over 61 km long nature trail, which stretches from Horsens to Silkeborg. The bike ride will take you over the railway bridge Den Genfundne Bro, where there is a beautiful view of the river Gudenåen.

There are shelters along the way that allow you to stay overnight if you are not in a hurry to get to the finish line. Do not be afraid of the ride, even though you may not be the most experienced rider, because the terrain is actually flat and can therefore be done by everyone.

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Oil life


On Tunø you will find the Tunisian version of Grenen by Skagen and a miniature version of the mountain Moens Klint. Tunø is perfect for family-friendly walks as the whole island is car-free.

There is also a treasure hidden on Tunø. Take the trip around Tunø to become the lucky treasure hunter who can proudly hang the Tunø medal around his neck when the treasure has been found. Along the way, you may be lucky enough to spot spotted seals havet. Tunø is also known for its annual music festival, which draws many people to the island, especially from Aarhus.

End low

On the island End low you can walk the 'Canoe', which is a marked hiking route of 21 kilometers. The route has been dubbed 'The Rabbit', as Endelave due to the island's many wild rabbits is called the rabbit's island, and the route passes several of the places where the rabbits prefer to live.

Also taste the famous local spice schnapps that is made at Endelave.


There is a green spot in the middle of Fjordlandet. It does not look like much on the map, but when you zoom in, you will find that Alrø is more than just a dot on paper. Get the feeling of rural idyll on Alrø.

Although Alrø seems calm on the surface, you will find plenty of activities by the water, where the kitesurfers are sent off with a fresh breeze in the back, and the anglers throw the line out to pull the day's catch home.

Take a trip past one of the island's many eateries. There are tartlets, star shoots and apple cake with whipped cream and macaroons on the menu when you settle down in the old barn at Møllegården.


On the small island Hjarnø there live about 100 people. There is lovely peace and a unique unity among the islanders, but at the same time it is not very far to the big city life in Horsens.

On Hjarnø the summer potatoes are worth a visit in themselves. Heart potatoes grow healthy and tasty in the lush soil nearby havet on the island's south-facing slopes.

Stop by Hjarnø Kartofler and take a few bags home with you. On Hjarnø there is also a real mill with a cozy farm shop. With Vestergaard Mølleri you can buy organic flour and lamb from the farm's own Ertebølle sheep. Then the menu is gradually in place.

Good appetite, good fun and good trip to Horsens, Odder, Hedensted and the rest of The coastal country!

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