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Hedensted attractions: 6 hot highlights

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Hedensted is wonderful! Here you have horsepower, manor, garden idyll and history in the fun way. Here are 6 hot highlights.
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Sponsored post. This article about sights in Hedensted is written in collaboration with Lars Haslev from Destination The coastal country, who is an expert in The coastal country around Horsens, Odder og Christmas memory. The pictures are provided by Destination The coastal country and taken by Jens Kjær and Per Bille.

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Denmark - Hedensted - Kystlandet - Map - Travel

Welcome to Hedensted

Hedensted's ice age landscapes lie in the middle of history and in the middle Horsens og Vejle, and the waves wash in on the beaches of the peninsula between the two fjords.

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An oar cuts through the clear water of the river Gudenåen and puts rings in the water surface. Up on land, hiking trails meander over the flowering hills. Small local gastronomic gems flash around the cape with ice houses, cafes and restaurants.

There are lots of sights in Hedensted.

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Denmark -Palsgaard - Juelsminde - travel

Palsgaard Slotspark - one of many attractions in Hedensted

You sense it as soon as you see the whitewashed buildings in front of you: here majesties in large robes, nobles in flor light suits and counts or countesses have walked around and left their mark on the history of the area.

Palsgaard Castle has a long and exciting story hidden in the masonry. Since 1275, the castle has been located in the scenic surroundings five kilometers north of Juelsminde, and with a castle park of 21 hectares you can explore one of the country's largest manor parks and feel the history in the air.

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The old trees rise meter-high, large bushes wreath edges and paths, and on your way through the park you come past six smaller lakes where water lilies and ducks float around. Even seasoned gardeners can learn new things on the walk through the park; many rare trees have been planted since the 1800th century, but fortunately there is money to be made.

At each tree you will find a sign that tells you which variety you are facing, so you do not have to be able to see the difference in advance.

The coastal path Snaptun-Juelsminde makes its way past Palsgaard. Here you can walk along the manor alley and further out into the castle park. It is not only garden lovers who have to take the trip to Palsgaard. In the park you will also find works of art, small romantic nooks and beautiful, old buildings, which just help to emphasize the idyll.

Every summer you can also take a picnic basket with you to the park and experience the Palsgaard Summer Games, where great musical hits flow from the outdoor stage. And you are welcome to sing along.

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Denmark - uldum mill- Juelsminde - Travel

Uldum Mill Museum - From grain to flour in the old-fashioned way

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The miller slings the large grain sack over his shoulder to carry it into the grinder. A hot, dry and dusty air spreads in the room when the turbine blades start to spin. It is far from the first time the mill's forces have been set in motion, for since 1895 it has ground flour for the farmers' bread.

Today, Uldum Mill is a working museum, where you can come right into the engine room and look the miller over the shoulder. Here you put your fingers right into the story that we are all rounded off by.

You can also explore the exhibition and hear the story of the bog from the Iron Age, which appeared in Uldum Kær in 1877.

Uldum Mill is the first wind turbine of its type. When you visit it, you can experience the three grinders and get all the way out on the swallow passage, where you can clearly see the 23 meter long wings. If you feel like baking bread from the freshly ground, organic flour, you can buy a bag or two to take home from the store. Find sweets, honey and mead on the shelves and take it with you on the trip. Then there is some energy to continue on.

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Denmark - Rhododdendon - Hedensted Attractions - Travel

Rhododendron Garden - not just for you with green fingers


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Wow! It is easy to get excited when you move through the Rhododendron Garden in Tørring, which is one of the many attractions in Hedensted. Here has the family Jørgensen for two generations planted eight acres densely with rhododendrons from most of the world. In spring, the flowers unfold in full bloom, and one magnificent bush after another throws cascades of scents, impressions, colors and lushness at you. Here's something good for all the senses at once.

You are met by the southern exotic skies right in the middle of the cool, Nordic climate, because you get far and wide on your way through the park. Experience wildflowers in one place, then turn the corner where you are met by natural landscaped paths, lakes and rock formations, between which rhododendrons grow under the conditions we can offer them. Here nature and culture meet in wonderful union.

Rhododendron-Haven has more than 1000 different varieties in the plant, and many of them you can buy in the associated nursery in connection with your visit. The first rhododendron flowers usually bloom in late February and March, but if you really want to get the most out of flowering, visit the garden in the second half of May.

Denmark - Hedensted - Glud museum - Glud - travel

Glud Museum in Hedensted: Meet Hedensted's cultural history at the open-air museum

The fishing net flutters in the wind in front of the fisherman's home, and a kitten crawls around the milk boy in the courtyard in front of Rasmus Thomesøn's farmhouse. It has been a long time since people lived in these houses, but still it is as if no more than a few hours ago, someone got up from the alcove, fired up the wood stove or ate food here at the worn wooden table.

At Glud Museum in Hedensted, you can dive into history when you open the door to half-timbered houses and homesteads in the village. Here you are taken on a time travel that takes you from the hard work of the 1600th century to the more modern means of the 1950s. A visit that entertains both large and small family members.

During the holidays you may be lucky enough to meet the artisans who would like to tell you how people lived in the village 350 years ago. You can also meet the blacksmith, the tree turner or learn to trip away on stilts across the courtyard. The village gives you cozy family activities: Old games from when grandpa was a boy, carving workshop, batik dyeing and a lot more. It is history in the fun way, and one of the famous sights in Hedensted.

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Denmark - Hedensted Attractions - Ferguson Museum - Stourup - Travel

Get in the tractor sky - experience the world's largest Ferguson collection in Hedensted

It coughs easily, the old Ferguson, but otherwise starts without problems. The humming sound from the engine makes the nostalgia rotate in the air. There's something special about a Ferguson.

On the farm Ankerslund, one tractor was not enough, so today 250 lines are lined up in a row. In fact, it is the world's largest collection of Ferguson tractors that you can experience here just outside Hedensted. When the machines made their entrance into Danish agriculture in 1917, they were revolutionary, and almost every farm owner had a Ferguson standing in the barn until the mid-1970s.

At the tractor museum you can follow the development, from the first models sent on the market to the time of greatness ended, and it gives you a very special picture of Hedensted and the agricultural history. At the tractor museum you will actually find a 12 meter high sculpture where 28 tractors are stacked on top of each other to form a pyramid. You do not see it anywhere else but here.

Do you want to replace the smell of diesel with the smell of animals? In the barn, 200 cows walk around and you can be allowed to meet them up close. When hunger strikes, settle down in the shade of the trees and eat takeaway food or drink a cup of coffee before you might just have to take a trip past the tractors one more time. It's serious horsepower that's at stake.

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Denmark - Sights in Hedensted - Blueberry Garden - Hedensted - Travel

Without food and drink… Taste Hedensted's local gastronomy

Without food and drink, the hero does not do well, says an old saying. And that is entirely correct. Therefore, do not deceive yourself to take a bite of the local gastronomy when you visit Hedensted and The coastal country.

At Juelsminde Fisk, the smell of freshly smoked fish mixes with the salty gusts of sea air. Can a fish meatball tempt you for lunch or maybe a few scrub fillets to take home for dinner? It can be hard to choose what to put your teeth in when you walk in the door, but surely it is that the fish is fresh.

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When the shopping net is full of fish, you can drive on towards Barrit Dairy. The cheese hole, is the name of the small shop where you can supply yourself with more than 75 different delicious cheeses. You can probably persuade the dairyman for a taste test before you decide which of the homemade cheeses you simply can not do without on the dinner table.

On Hjarnø the summer potatoes are worth a visit in themselves. Hjarnø potatoes grow healthy and tasty in the lush soil nearby havet on the island's south-facing slopes. Stop by Hjarnø Kartofler yourself and take a few bags home with you. On Hjarnø there is also a real mill with a cozy farm shop. With Vestergaard Mølleri you can buy organic flour and lamb from the farm's own Ertebøllefår. Then it does not become much more local and island-romantic.

In the end, just a little fresh fruit is missing before the menu is finished, and you will find it at Blåbærgården. Here you can pick different blueberry varieties and experience the difference in taste on your own tongue. When you pick and taste a ripe berry from the bush, the difference in taste is without comparison with the berries from the fridge. You must try it.

At the same time, it feels completely southern to walk around between the rows of blueberries, and the fact that the farm is located in the slightly overlooked natural gem Uldum Kær, only makes the experience even more special. Come by in July, August or September while the berries are in season. 

Nearby you will find the aforementioned Uldum Mill, which in addition to the experience of seeing a restored mill from 1895, offers lots of organic flour ground on old-fashioned stone grinders, which you can take home.

Have fun, good trip and not least good appetite. Welcome to Hedensted!

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