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The coastal country

Wonderful experiences in the coastal country

The coast is the beautiful and somewhat secret region to the south Aarhus in East Jutland. Here you will find Denmark's highest mountains, longest river and most exciting city. And beautiful nature with activities for everyone.

The focal point for Kystlandet is Denmark's eighth largest city Horsens, which has developed into a cultural city with experiences you won't find anywhere else. Not least on the concert front, Horsens has made a strong mark.

Odder south of Aarhus is charming market town idyll, semi-secret coziness and formidable family holiday. The city also has Saksild Beach, which is a world-class child-friendly beach. Here you get Denmark under your skin.

The seaside town Christmas memory is perfect for anglers and harbor enthusiasts. Here you will find excellent fishing grounds and the Harbor Museum. Get a sea trout on the hook and enjoy the view over the Danish waters here, where the Lillebælt, Vejle Fjord and Horsens Fjord become the Kattegat.

In the Kattegat you can get island coal the good way on the cozy islands of Endelave and Tunø. On Tunø you can experience one of Denmark's only car-free islands, and Endelave is known, among other things, for medicinal herbs and spice schnapps. Both islands are a world apart.

The coastal region is where Denmark's longest river Gudenå has its source. This is also where you will find Yding Skovhøj, which with its three Bronze Age mounds is Denmark's highest point. So find the canoe and the climbing equipment – ​​or just the hiking boots and the bike – and get your heart rate up.

The coastal region is truly the land of extremes - in the Danish context - and at the same time there is plenty of space to be free in peace and quiet either alone or with the family.

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