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Experiences in Odder: 6 tips for you and the family

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Odder is at once surprising and completely traditional. Overlooked and familiar at the same time. Odder is pure idyll and full of experiences.

Sponsored post. This article is written in collaboration with Lars Haslev from Destination Coastal land, who is an expert in The coastal country around Horsens, Odder og Christmas memory. The pictures are provided by Destination Coastal Land and taken by Dennis Plougmann, David Jervidal, Jesper Rais and Melissa Villumsen.

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The experience city Odder

Along the country roads in Odder, small roadside stalls shoot up with fresh flowers, freshly dug potatoes, red rhubarb, sweet strawberries and green peas. Creative potters, galleries and flea finds from the barn mingle in the cityscape with whitewashed mansions.

In the deep forests, pheasants mill past, and by the beach crabs are caught on the bathing jetty. The soft hills lead up to spectacular views above The coastal country. Welcome to the experience city Odder!

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Tap fresh milk in Odder

The cows stand in the field and lazily slap flies away with their tails. At Vejlskovgaard in Odder, the cows munch around each other, the cats crawl past at home, and under the roof of the barn, swallows fly around in search of insects.

It is the scent of hay and animals that flows towards you when you visit the farm in Odder. Here, Morten Korch's farm idyll meets modern technology. Here you can pet the cats, watch the cows when they are milked by fully automatic milking machines and follow the milk's path from the cow's udder to ready-to-drink cardboard.

Right next to the stable you will find Vejlskovgaard Dairy, where you can drain fresh whole milk directly from the tank and take it with you on the trip. Bottles to fill are ready for you and you can even be allowed to put a label on so everyone can see that you are almost a farmer now.

The milk you tap at Vejlskovgaard is heat-treated so that food safety is observed, but otherwise it is served fresh and natural. Therefore, the milk does not taste the same all year round either. It changes in step with the passage of the seasons and the feeding of the cows. You can buy 1 liter of whole milk for 12 kroner. Agriculture contributes greatly to the good experiences in Odder.

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Do you have a treasure hunter hidden in your stomach?

Some of the greatest heroes in history are true treasure hunters who have made great discoveries on their many expeditions. Knud Rasmussen, Mylius Erichsen, Thor Heyerdahl and of course Tintin and Captain Haddock are well-known adventurers who give even us ordinary people the courage to sniff a little at life as a happiness hunter.

Take the whole family on a free treasure hunt through Odder for a few hours of fun with tasks, questions and big decisions when the treasure is to be found. If you succeed, you will receive a medal as proof of your courage.

And remember provisions! There is no treasure hunter who can cope with the hardships in Odder without juice in his bag, a few biscuits in his pocket and maybe a packed lunch that can be eaten while the next move is devised.

There is also a treasure hidden Tunø. Take the trip around Tunø - the car-free island in Horsens Fjord - to become the lucky treasure hunter who can proudly hang the 'Tunø medal' around his neck when the treasure has been found. Along the way, you may be lucky enough to spot spotted seals havet.

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From farm to fork - sustainable experiences in Odder

It is as if your nose is almost automatically sucked towards the small doorway when you move across the courtyard at Mrs Møller's. It is from here that the smell of freshly baked bread spreads. So finally follow your nose.

Behind the door are delicacies, jams, cheeses, freshly ground flour, freshly baked bread and cakes side by side, waiting for you to take it further out into the world.

In the butcher shop, the sausages hang from the ceiling, and behind the counter is lined liver pate and homemade meatballs. It is ready to pack in the picnic basket and eat in the beautiful nature around the farm. But before you leave Fru Møller's farm shop, you must also take a walk past the garden center, where you can harvest fresh flowers and vegetables for the basket. And you also have to just round the ice cream shop, which in addition to ice cream, waffles and sweets also has coffee on the jug.

Fru Møllers Mølleri is a very special place where the homemade delicacies are the focal point. The flour used for the bread and cakes is stone ground on site from grain from own fields, the vegetables are grown in the local area. Both jams and other jams are made in the old-fashioned way according to the Lady's own recipes - and of local ingredients of course. The meat from the butcher is also of own breeding, so when you shop here, you do not come closer to the idea 'from farm to fork'. It is sustainability in the very classic way.

With a bulging basket under your arm, it can get a little difficult to experience it all, so you should probably put it away from you somewhere. On a real farm, there are chickens, cows, pigs and sheep - and you can of course be allowed to meet them when you visit Mrs Møller.

There are also cats and dogs who want to be petted behind the ears by both large and small animal lovers. It is also possible to have brunch, lunch and dinner in the cozy restaurant or just grab a cup of coffee and a piece of homemade cake.

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Stretch your legs in Sondrup Bakker - active experiences in Odder

"It meanders in Bakkedal, it's called Sondrup Bakker". You will be easily tempted to hum the familiar stanzas from the national anthem - in a slightly rewritten version - when you lace up your hiking boots and move out on the paths in Sondrup Bakker. It is the ice age that has created the hills of the Coastal Country, which waves in the landscape. Although it can be hard to get to the top, the viewpoints over the valleys and Horsens Fjord are all worth it.

As far as the eye can see, the fields wave away, the islands lie like green spots in the blue water, and in the forests the game gathers in large flocks. The birds fly around between the trees, where squirrels crawl to the tops. And the woodpecker plays up to dance with its eternal 'roof-roof rhythm' in the poor tribes.

Remember a few bottles of water, some chocolate and a packed lunch so you can breathe out along the way and enjoy nature. There are several tables and benches on the trip, so you can sit down and gather new strength before you trot on on the marked hiking routes.

If you want to challenge your legs a little extra, you can take the 5,4 kilometer long hiking route through Uldrup Bakker. The landscape is known for its hilly terrain, and Blakshøj in particular gives tired legs a fight to the finish line. It rises 74 meters above sea level and is thus one of the highest points in the area. If you take the trip all the way to the top, you will in turn get a fantastic view as a reward for your endurance. It may not be the highest mountains in the world, but they can be felt.

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Beach, water and wind - southern experiences in Odder

Blue water, white sandy beaches and sun from a cloudless sky. Who just lay on Saksild Beach. It sounds almost too good to be true, but nonetheless, Saksild Strand in Odder is known as one of the best bathing beaches in Denmark.

Here, both locals and tourists gather at the water's edge to relax, build sand castles with shells and stones, swim a walk and catch crabs from the bathing jetties. A little further inland, Ishuset Saksild entices with cold ice on hot days. If the packed lunch has become a bit boring after a few hours in the sun, there is also real food on the menu.

Once the stomach is full and the sweet tooth has gotten a little delicious, it's time to move on. Saksild Beach is 8 kilometers long and you can walk all the way to the ferry town of Hou, which has ferry connections to boats Tunø og Samsø.

You can also settle for a stroll past Strandshoppen. Here you can both rent and buy beach equipment, paddle boards and kayaks and set course for the water and test the balance of the blue waves.

Denmark's oldest mini golf course is not many minutes walk from the beach. Are you ready to compete against family and friends in an exciting battle for honor? The courses are original and there are enough challenges for both big and small.

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Good old-fashioned gastronomy on Alrø

There is a green spot in the fjord in the middle of the coast. It does not look like much on the map, but when you zoom in, you will find that Alrø is more than just a dot on paper.

Between fields with grain swaying in the wind, grazing animals and a church whose bell can be heard several kilometers into the Coastland, exciting stories emerge. This is where Morten Korch gathered inspiration for the novels that would later shape the classic Danish film treasure. Then it will not be much more arch-Danish and idyllic.

Although it is many years ago that the films flew over the big screens in the country's cinemas, the feeling of rural idyll lingers in Alrø. It would therefore hardly surprise anyone if Poul Reichhardt or Ib Mossin came cycling past and eased on the hat.

But even though Alrø seems calm on the surface, you will find plenty of activities by the water. Here, the kitesurfers are sent away with the wind at their backs, and the anglers throw the line out to pull the day's catch home. If there are no bites, they take the trip past one of the island's many eateries - and you should follow. There are tartlets, star shoots and apple cake with whipped cream and macaroons on the menu when you settle down in the old barn at Møllegården.

Møllegården and Bakkegården are the most famous farms in both Morten Korch's authorship and Danish film history. Both places still exist on Alrø. When you sit down at a table at Møllegården, it is therefore also a small piece of cultural history that you are served.

Bakkegården, which you can recognize on the boulders, you will find 100 meters east of Alrø Church. You meet Møllegården on the corner of the village street and Strevelshovedvej.

Read more about Kystlandet here

Odder and the surrounding area is as Danish and idyllic as it can get. Here the family can be allowed to be family and you can really recharge your batteries with both fresh walks, relaxation on the beach and of course excellent culinary experiences. Or simply good food, good time and good atmosphere.

Have a good trip to Odder!

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